The Pirates! Sainsbury's Exclusive DVD

Aardman's superb stop motion masterpiece 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists' was released on DVD today.

We opted to purchase this, the 2 Disc special edition exclusively available through Sainsbury's for a limited time only. The second disc contains 4 additional bonus features not included on the standard one disc edition available everywhere else. The additional features include 'The Pirate Captain: The Man, The Beard, The Legend', 'Shiver Me Timbers: The Pirate Ship Builders', 'The Voices Behind The Pirates!' and 'Meet The Animators'.

This is the second "supermarket exclusive" DVD promotion for 'Pirates!' with the all new animated short 'So You Want To Be A Pirate!' being released exclusively with Tesco stores last month. This DVD also boasted an impressive selection of bonus features!

Along with the 4 special feature included on the standard DVD (‘Mr. Bobo’s Flash Card Challenge’, ‘Filmmaker’s Commentry’, From Stop To Motion’ and ‘Creating The Bath Chase’) you get a whole host of exciting additional fun and behind the scenes making-of insight.

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