Happy Halloween

Auke de Vries' 'Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion' takes the humble hollowed-out jack o'lantern (all be it dozens of them) and puts them together to make a great Halloween animated short... or so we're lead to believe! Watching the piece over we suspect it's digitally created, at least in part. We’d love to see a ‘making-of’ video to see how the effect was actually achieved.

Auke graduated in 2011 from St.Joost Art and Design Academy in Breda, Netherlands. Since then he has worked as a Freelance Animator and Motion Graphics Designer whilst also working on personal projects such as this one.

Shepard Fairey Dope Homer Poster


The Simpsons ‘Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart’ episode, from season 23, premiered earlier this year on March 4th. In the episode, Bart is punished by Homer after causing trouble. He gets revenge on his father by spray-painting images of him with the word "DOPE" all over Springfield parodying Shepard Fairey's iconic Andre The Giant "OBEY" image. Fairey, who is a long-time fan of The Simpsons, also guest starred in the episode as himself alongside fellow street artists Robbie Conal, Kenny Scharf & Ron English.

Shepard Fairey has teamed up again with The Simpsons to reproduce the "DOPE" image seen in the episode as a poster, t-shirt, hip flask and iPhone 4 case, all now available exclusively through Urban Outfitters in the USA.


Erick Oh: Heart

Erick Oh is a Korean animation artist based in California and currently working at Pixar Animation Studios. We posted his animated short, 'How To Eat Your Apple' on AR in September 2011, 'Heart' actually precedes this, having been made in 2010. Since then the short has been on a lengthy festival tour before finally being released online.

Produced during his time studying at UCLA Animation Workshop, with the support of Matt Groening, 'Heart' presents questions through abstract metaphors and symbols, illustrated by the human heart. Erick describes the piece as "an exploration of transcendence."

Meanwhile Spooky Forest

Trunk Animation’s directing duo Alasdair + Jock, whose music video for Clinic featured on AR back in January 2011, have released a short animated snippet for Halloween titled 'Meanwhile: Spooky Forest'.

Miguel Jiron: Sensory Overload

Animated and directed by Miguel Jiron, 'Sensory Overload' was created as part of Mark Harris' and Marhsa Kinder's 'Interacting with Autism' project.

Due to launch in January 2013, 'IWA' have put together a team of filmmakers and artists all working to build an interactive, video intensive website that will focus on the best available treatments for autism.

Aardman For The Humane Society USA

The Humane Society Of The United States recently teamed up with Aardman director Sarah Cox to produce a 5-minute animated short, combining Aardman's classic clay-mation look with 2D elements, with the intention of highlighting how food gets to our tables and help end inhumane practices in factory farming. Here is 'A Pig’s Tail'...

Trick Or Treat


Last year we posted a selection of foolish looking adults dressed as various cartoon character for Halloween. This year we're having a laugh at some kids dressed in Warner Bros. terrible new range of off-the-peg character costumes. Classic!


Chris Wilson: Gagging Order Visuals

Chris Wilson via independent multi-disciplinary studio Object, illustrated over 70 Flash animated images to accompany Jimmy Carr's stand-up performance on his ongoing live tour, 'Gagging Order'. Posted below is just a small selection from this mammoth undertaking.

Jennifer Anne Haugan: Foxtrot

Jennifer Anne Haugan is a Norwegian/British animation student currently in her 3rd and final year at UCA, Farnham. This traditional 2D animation drawn with Copic marker pens and comped in After Effects is only from her 2nd year of study. After a recent screening of 'Foxtrot' at Bristol's Encounters Festival the short will be screened again in November at the 'This Is England' film festival in Rouen.

'Foxtrot' is so beautifully simple and wonderfully executed we can't wait to see what Jennifer turns out for her graduation piece. There is a little taster of what to expect over on Jennifer's Blog and we'll definitely be checking back to see what she has in the pipeline.

Felix Sputnik: Walks And Runs

Felix Sputnik, the guy behind the animated map sequences from Aardman's 'Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientist', has uploaded this collection of Flash animated walk and run cycles which he created just just to pass the time.

Thundercrap Vinyl Toys


Kuso Vinyl's 'Thundercrap' vinyl figures take a humorous spin on the characters from 'Thundercats'. So far, the super limited toys have only been available via their website and various toy/anime conventions and fairs.

Designed by Rotobox in collaboration with Nakanari's Spiki figure - each box set contains three 4" tall 'Thundercat' inspired figures: 'Evil Lion-oh really', 'Siberian Tigrowl' and 'Cheatarah'/'Goldigger Cheatarah'. Limited to just 300 sets worldwide, they retail for US$45 per box. Of those 300 sets only 100 of them contain the super limited 'Goldigger Cheatarah'.

Rather tantalisingly the box hints at other character we may also see released, Snarf looks great!


Bastien Belvaux: Arcane

A slew of animation from EMCA students has been making its way online in the last few weeks. The best of which to date has to be Bastien Belvaux's dynamic, vibrant and colourful graduation short called 'Arcane'. Head over to Bastien's blog to see some equally impressive behind the scenes illustration and development for the short.

48-Hour AniJam At Encounters Festival

Encounters Film Festival in partnership with Show Me The Animation challenged five teams in Bristol to create animated shorts on the theme of "Jam" in just 2 days! The teams hammered away for 48hrs to create the five fabulous shorts you see below. Watch all the films here, pick your favourite and then head over to AniJam.co.uk to help decide the winner.

'Wizard's Magic Jam' created by Jamie Stanton & Liam Tate

'An Unexpected Jam' created by Sam Shaw, Chris Bowman, Sophie Marsh & Cathryn Gamble

'Just Another Movie' created by Nicole Anderson, Lauren Kerr, Alexander Lowrie & Crawford Davidson

'Robin Of Cockhampton' created by Tim Ruffle, Spencer Cross & Tom Parkinson

'Kill Me Now' created by Harry Slinger-Thompson, James Hatley & Oliver Hamilton

Christian Borstlap: Louis Vuitton I

We posted Christian Borstlap's collaboration with The Ambassadors DNA for the launch of Louis Vuitton's balloon bag charm last December. Around the same time Christian was also commissioned by NOWNESS for the Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

The vibrantly animated film celebrates the founder of the world’s most recognizable luxury label and their beginnings in 19th century Paris.

We missed it at the time but the short recently won the Golden Eye prize for best project at the Dutch Design Awards 2012, giving us an excuse to post it now.

Jack Teagle: Muscle Homer

We recently posted about the Simpsons Drawing Club where UK based illustrators come together to recreate their favourite Simpsons characters. Set up by Jack Teagle and his friends the site has been slowly filling with fantastic artwork. We felt that the most recent edition, 'Muscle Homer' by Jack himself, was worth a mention as the original drawing is also up for sale via his online store!

Together: Typesetter Blues

'Typesetter Blues' is a 3-minute animated short starring a likeable monster named Harold. In this melancholy love story, Harold falls for a new coworker, who unfortunately falls harder for someone else.

The short is the first chapter in an animated collection of silly rhymes called 'Beastly Bards' and the inaugural project from animator Hector Herrera and writer/producer Pazit Cahlon as Together: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture.

The second installment, 'Half-A-Pantaloon' (that warns the viewer of the perils of wearing shorts in professional situations), is due for release in December... we'll keep you posted.

Ron English: Cartoon Colored SpongeBob


Ron English's online retail store, ‘POPaganda’ have been releasing a limited edition print on the third Thursday of every month. This month sees Ron take it to another level with the 'Cartoon Colored SpongeBob!'

The piece is a limited edition screen print with a photographic background and a black and white line drawing of a swelled SpongeBob which has then been hand coloured by Ron himself. With the print limited to 60 copies, signed, numbered and with the hand finished touch it is accordingly priced at just under $300.00!


Death Grips - True Vulture

'True Vulture' by director/animator Galen Pehrson is kind of a music video for experimental rap outfit Death Grips... It's more of an audio visual collaboration than a music video, the track certainly doesn't feature on Death Grips new album 'The Money Store', either way both the music and animation combined are like a hallucinatory sublime drug induced trip.

The Green Ruby Lantern

The first of our 2012 Halloween themed posts couldn't be more fitting.

'The Green Ruby Pumpkin' is fun VXF laden short film that captures the magic and enchantment of Halloween. Ex-Digital Domain Senior VFX artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma created this labour of love as a personal project, entirely shot in their living room and dense with digitally crafted elements, the piece must have been a massive undertaking.

Watch the 'making of', also posted below, to really appreciate the vast amount of work that has gone into creating this wonderful piece.

Animated Gotye Music Videos

Multi-instrumental musician and singer-songwriter Gotye always has beautifully animated music videos to accompany his tracks, several of which have been feature on AR in the past. Recently a few more tracks have gone up online with yet again outstanding animation to visualise them.

'Dig Your Own Hole', a B-side from the album 'Making Mirrors' was directed/animated by Saiman Chow and produced by Blacklist.

'Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver' was directed, designed and animated by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp at Rubber House. Additional animation was provided by Neil Sanders, Gavin Mouldey, Alex Grigg, Peter Lowey and Jérémy Pires.

Herself Magazine Issue 3


We've finally got round to picking up a copy of the 3rd issue of the fully illustrated fashion magazine 'Herself'. The previous two issues have both featured "fashion shoots" with various Disney princesses and we were expecting more of the same with the latest issue too. Although Mulan does feature in an article called 'The Shanghai Girl' we were delighted to see Sailor Moon and friends appear also.


Art & Graft Idents

London based studio Art & Graft, as a way to keep their creative juices flowing and allowing them to experiment with new animation techniques, have periodically released self-initiated idents. The first called 'Factory' was released over a year ago but a few more have recently been added to their Vimeo channel including this one, which has got to be our favourite so far:

Susan James - Wandering

We've posted a couple of music videos from Ové Pictures on the Animated Review before, their latest mixed media masterpiece is for the song 'Wandering' by Susan James from the album 'Driving Toward The Sun' due for release in 2013.


Last week at the New York Comic-Con LEGO announced an exciting line of licensed ranges coming up in 2013. Taking full advantage of their first official appearance at NYCC, alongside the unveiling of various Hobbit, Marvel and DC sets, was the first look at the new Nickelodeon 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' range.

The first set to be revealed is 'The Shellraiser Street Chase' pictured below. As a LEGO spokesman put it the TMNT range "is sure to be nostalgic for grown-up fans while keeping today’s youth at the edge of their seats!"

If this wasn't exciting enough, prior to NYCC, LEGO sent out promotional gifts to the press to build rumour and hype. The set sent out was a LEGO kit of an individual pizza slice just hinting at what was to be announced. Genius!


Leeyongil Media LAB: Scale Guilt Court

Direct by Yongil Lee of Korean based studio Leeyongil Media LAB, this animated fable of judgement called 'Scale Guilt Court' is an impressive directorial debut.

The animated short tells the story of when Dikē the Greek goddess of moral justice and fair judgement is replaced by a grain seller simply because he possesses a similar looking set of scales. Animated in a faux documentary interview style with the grain seller combined with a picture book aesthetic, the story unfolds as the grain seller is clearly out of his depth.

As well as the animated version posted here, 'Scale Guilt Court' can also be enjoyed in the form of an ebook here: 'Scale Guilt Court Storybook'

Aindri Chakraborty: Understanding Our Oceans

We recently posted a couple of fishy themed animated shorts highlighting the dangers of over fishing and the benefits of sustainable fish markets. Aindri Chakraborty has now added to the our collection with a beautiful animated snippet on the destructive method of bottom trawling.

Jon Klassen Book Trailers

Jon Klassen, who studied animation and graduated from Sheridan college in 2005, has gone on to have a rather successful career writing and illustrating children's pictures books. Notably Jon created animated short 'An Eye for Annai' with Dan Rodriques (one of our favourite shorts) as well as working on 'Coraline' and 'Kung Fu Panda' before embarking on his publishing venture.

Unsurprising Jon's books are usually accompanied by animated book trailers and seeing as we just picked up a signed copy of his latest release 'This Is Not My Hat' we thought we'd share them here.

We can't stress enough how fantastic both of the books featured below are, they're instant classics and will easily endure the same success and longevity as the works of Maurice Sendak.

3D Joe & Max: TMNT Street Painting


3D Joe & Max are the creative team behind some really spectacular and clever street painting illusions. Their most recent creation sees London's Southbank crack open to reveal the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ bursting their way out of the sewers below. The piece, created using a combination of paint & chalk, took over 50 hours to complete and was commissioned to promote the new ‘TMNT’ series on Nickelodeon. The piece attracted quiet a crowd and we love these shots of people interacting with the artwork.

image name image name
image name image name

Mary Oldlife: Eau Vive

Made in 3 months at La Poudrière, based on a brief to create an animated short from a child's point of view, here is a 30 second excerpt from Mary Oldlife's 1 minute film 'Eau Vive'. You can head over to Mary's website to watch the film in its entirety.

MovieBrats For Orion

Berlin based studio Moviebrats have produced this cheeky spot celebrating 50 years of the erotic store chain 'Orion'.

The Disneyland Memorial Orgy Skateboards

Click To Enlarge

Counterculture artwork featuring Disney characters is fairly commonplace in contemporary art circles, but back in the 60's Paul Krassner (founder and chief of underground newspaper 'The Realist') lead the way and published Wally Wood's 'The Disneyland Memorial Orgy' illustration as a centrespread in the magazine.

The colourised version of 'The Disneyland Memorial Orgy' we be available again as a pair of limited edition hand screen printed skateboard decks, beautifully housed in a nice wooden collector’s box. Limited to just 50 units worldwide and available now via Boom-Art for approximately £220.00

The Real Bears

Advertising guru Alex Bogusky, whose former clients list includes Coca-Cola partnered with The Centre For Science In The Public Interest to launch an animated public info project called 'The Real Bears' highlighting the negative effect soda has on our health.

Parodying the classic series of Coca-Cola adverts the film tells the story of family of polar bears for whom sugary drinks have gone from an occasional treat to an everyday, every-occasion beverage with dire consequences to their health.

The film - produced by Marty and Adam Butler of The Butler Bros., and directed by Helsinki-based animator Lucas Zanotto - features an original song, 'Sugar', by Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz.

Jilli Rose: Sticky Trailer

Australian animator Jilli Rose has just started production on an animated short called 'Sticky'. It's an animated documentary telling the amazing story of the stick insects from Lord Howe Island... "A love song to evolution, uniqueness, life and the little creatures underfoot."

You can follow the production on Facebook here: facebook.com/StickyShortFilm and in the meantime enjoy this beautiful looking trailer.

Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc - Time To Go

'Time To Go' by Wax Tailor (feat. Aloe Blacc) isn't really our kind of music but this wonderful animated music video by Oh Yeah Wow, which stars a crotchet quadropus, who journeys throughout the land turning things blue, sure is!

KAWS Original Fake 'Astro Boy' Vinyl Toy

The latest animation icon to be immortalised as a vinyl figure in KAWS inimitable style is Osamu Tezuka's 'Astro Boy'.

The KAWS 'Astro Boy' vinyl toy will be released at 9am on October 27th for ¥18,090 JPY (approximately £145.00) via the Original Fake store in Aoyama. Limited stock will also be available through selected retailers and KawsOne at a later date and will no doubt sell out ridiculously quick.

Imbue - Artwork-A-Day Update

Imbue's Artwork-A-Day project has now come to an end after 50 consecutive days of one-off original artwork sales.

When we last posted about the project several Disney inspired pieces had gone up for sale, including the neon pink Thumper image we purchased ourselves. Since then one more Disney inspired screen print was added to the series, and seeing as we'd shared all the others it would be a shame not to post this last piece too. On day 45 Imbue released the Goofy image you see above.

Now the Artwork-A-Day has come to an end we look forward to seeing what Imbue turns his hand to next.

We Show Up On Radar - Sadness Defeated

Andy Wright aka We Show Up On RadaR, whose melodious acoustic pop vaguely reminds us of Quasi, has celebrated the launch of his new album 'Sadness Defeated' with this sweet animated music video courtesy of Joe Hardy.

Joe is clearly very modest of his achievements stating... "It's about a year since I made it so feels a little bit basic, but it exists and it's a nice song if nothing else!" A quick browse of Joe's website illustrates he's a multi-talented and creative individual. His other animated works are all worth checking out too.

'Sadness Defeated' was released on 8th October 2012 through Hello Thor Records - it is available from all sorts of download sites, including Bandcamp, and to buy on beautiful blue vinyl from good records shops and direct from Hello Thor.

Bad Days 1 - The Amazing Spider-Man

The first episode of Junaid Chundrigar's 12 part mini-series 'Bad Days' was released online last Monday to resounding success.

The Stan Lee's 'World Of Heroes' backed series premier of 'Bad Days' sees Peter Parker have the worst day imaginable. The teaser trailer we posted in July gives us an idea of which Marvel characters we're going to see in the coming episodes, but for now enjoy 'Bad Days - The Amazing Spider-Man.'

Monsters University College Website

Monsters University Website

What a great way to promote the release of 'Monsters University', the 'Monsters, Inc.' prequel which isn't due for cinema release in the UK for over eight months!

Pixar, whose level of creativity never ceases to amaze us, have launched a spoof college website for Monsters University dense with visual humour and detail. Our favourite visual puns are the "sold out" items in the MU store like the four-armed t-shirts and hooded tops in size XXXXXXXL! Don't worry there is plenty of other MU branded products you can buy.

Monsters University Hooded Top Size XXXXXXXL

CRCR For Lowdi

French animation studio CRCR, comprised of Gobelins graduates Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Nicolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires, have created this great new online spot for a wireless speaker company called Lowdi.

Joyrich X Simpsons World Tokyo Collection

Joyrich and Matt Groening’s Simpsons have team up for a collaborative fashion collection consisting of caps, bags, key rings, t-shirts, jackets and about every other piece of apparel you can imagine. All the items are emblazoned with either an angelic or hip-hop styled Bart in either large prints or stitched emblems.

These limited pieces are to be released through a pop-up store in Harajuku, Tokyo tomorrow (9th Oct.) If you aren't already in Japan you'll probably miss out!

We've posted a small selection of images here, head over to the Joyrich blog for the full range.

Lucrece Andreae: Cocon

Lucrece Andreae recently uploaded some recent work to her Vimeo channel including her student animated short 'Cocon' made at 'La Poudrière' in 2011.

'Cocon' is a paper-craft stop motion animation dealing with a young girl's fear of growing up. The film shifts between sweet dreams and nightmares as a way to illustrate the girl’s anxiety about the transition to adolescence.

James D Wilson: Animal Parade Teaser

Here is a sweet work in progress teaser trailer for Ben Newman's 'Animal Menagerie' which is being animated by the extremely awesome, JamBonBon (aka James D. Wilson).

Not much is being given away by Ben or James on the project, but the teaser features all the same illustrations Ben created for some Nobrow packing tape back in 2011.

Kikuchi Ryouta - Dissimilated Vision

This beautifully simple, minimalistic and mesmerising piano piece from Kikiuchi Ryouta, entitled 'Dissimilated Vision', has a perfectly harmonious animated music video created by Katayama Takuto.

David Elwell & Gareth Hughes: Gloam

In this atmospheric short from David Elwell & Gareth Hughes we see a wonderfully animated CG character wandering a dark forest alone with only it's curiosity to lead the way.

'Gloam' is beautifully animated, but we'd love to have seen more.

Fishy Animation

A couple of animated pieces have recently been uploaded to Vimeo along a similar fishy theme so we thought we'd share both of them here:

The first is an animated promotional piece by Nico Uthe on behalf of 'Followfish', a new campaign for sustainable fish markets. The beautiful illustration used in the short was created by Veronika Kieneke.

The second piece was animated by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Daniel Chester, David Prosser, Matthias Hoegg, Mikey Please, James Hatley, Kristian Andrews, Daniela Negrin Ochoa, Matthew Frost & Ifor Ashton via Moth Collective on behalf of a new WWF campaign promoting a petition regarding the current fishing regulations.

Nicole Emmons: The Wing Eater

In 'The Wing Eater' Nicole Emmons utalises numerous worlds within worlds illustrated by her mixed media brilliance! The piece combines live action, stop motion and puppetry to bring these worlds together. Unsurprisingly Nicole sights Jiri Barta and Jan Svankmajer amongst her biggest influences/ sources of inspiration for this film.

"Reality and the veiled land of fantasy meld, in this exploration of a woman's post trauma consciousness. Submerged in an isolated state, Saorsa is unsure if anything she sees is real. She is beckoned into a mysterious and terrifying inner world, where women are birds who must fight to keep their wings."

Bottle Of Smoke Simpsons T-Shirt

'Bottle Of Smoke' is a T-Shirt label based in Bristol with a fixation on smoking reefer and creating high quality apparel with unashamedly irreverent imagery.

Their latest release, 'The United Colours Of Springfield', sees Homer Simpson and Apu (with swapped skin tones) kissing and captioned with the word "UNhate". The T-Shirt listing in their online shop taunts their potentially put-off customers asking "What's the matter, are you some kind of racist homophobe?"

Johnny Kelly: NB Studio Why Us?

When we saw that the fantastic animator Johnny Kelly had teamed up with illustrator James Graham on a spot for the London based NB Studio we knew we were in for something special even before we hit the play button.

The charming piece sets out to illustrate to potential clients why NB Studio are one of the best, friendliest, most informed and forward thinking branding/communication agencies in London.

Nina Paley: This Land Is Mine'

It's been a while since we saw anything new from animator/director Nina Paley, she did the excellent 'Sita Sings The Blues' back in 2008, but she has just released a new animated short online. 'This Land Is Mine' is a brief history of the land called Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant. There is a rather handy guide to who's-killing-who on Nina's blog.

Animade: Excerpts From The Wikiman

Animade, who are fast becoming a daily feature on the Animated Review, are at it again... They've got together with Moth Collective and created a wonderful piece of animation we had to share, The piece brings to life Rory Sutherland's favourite behavioural anecdotes, which have been lifted directly from 'The Wikiman' book, a collection of the creative director’s musings, blog posts and insights.

Julia Pott: The Event

To our delight Julia Pott's latest animated short, 'The Event', premiered last night on Channel 4's 'Random Acts'.

Julia's illustrative style of hand drawn pencil animation motion tracked to live action footage, which gives the film a really textural aesthetic we're used to seeing in her work, combined with the masked off geometric screen shapes all adds to the stories surreal disorientation. The narrative is an apocalyptic love story with amputated limbs based on a Tom Chivers poem.

As with 'Belly', previously posted on the Animated Review, 'The Event' has blown us away and set the bar for subsequent animation on ‘Random Act's’ unbelievably high.

Haisuinonasa - Dynamics Of The Subway

'Dynamics Of The Subway' is the new single from Haisuinonasa's debut album 'Animal Bodies', which was released back in May. The track's music video, directed by Keita Onishi, starts off as a square grid of monochromatic geometric shapes each representing a different instrument. As the tune builds these shapes move in sync and becoming increasingly complex. The video is stunning in its bold simplicity.

Pedro Conti: One More Beer

There is an outstanding level of subtlety and detail in 'One More Beer', a one-minute blast of character animation from Sao Paulo director/animator Pedro Conti.

The Simpsons Drawing Club

In a similar vein to the DR.ME 'Art Simpson' zine we posted earlier in the year, 'The Simpsons Drawing Club' have been asking their UK arty friends to come together and draw Simpson’s characters. The Tumblr collection is still in its early days, but they've already posted sketches from some great contributors. So far they've featured artwork from the following people: Sam Taylor, Isaac Lenkiewicz, Benjamin Wright, Jack Teagle, Donya Todd, Kelly Walton, Olivia Lorne, Sam Rennocks, Ben Aslett and Liam Barrett.

Animade: Full Secs For All

Animade launched their 'Full Secs' channel on Vimeo with a handful of their own animated shorts, which we posted in September.

Since then the 'Full Secs' channel has been taking outside submissions provided they adhere to the 'Full Secs' rules: 1 full second of animation, 2 second title and end slates, sound throughout and no looping, simple!?

This Animade project is quickly picking up steam and we've seen some great contributions recently added to the channel, so we thought we'd share a few more and urge to pull your finger out and submit your own.

'The Dark Knight Rises' by James D Wilson

'Bad Date' by Aaron Lampert

'Apocalypse' by James Doherty

'Balloons' by Nicole Tan

I Love Dust: Cartoon Network 20th Birthday

On the 1st of October Cartoon Network turned 20 years old! They made their debut on American television sets back in 1992, with a vast classic cartoon library at their disposal. Including shorts from Hanna-Babera, MGM and Warner Bros. Just two year in they founded Cartoon Network Studios and expanded into creating their own original programming starting with 'Space Ghost Coast To Coast'. Since then their back catalogue has vastly expanded and to celebrate this wealth of creativity Cartoon Network asked ILoveDust to create an original music video commemorating 20 years of animated cartoons by squeezing as many of their characters into a 2 minute short.

ILoveDust relished in the challenge and filled the piece with nearly every character Cartoon Network has aired over the past 20 years. We can't see a few of our favourites like 'Squirrel Boy' and 'Time Squad' although they may be in there somewhere, but needless to say they've achieved something rather special.

The two minute spectacular, which features original music from Mad Decent, is certainly a suitably grand way to celebrate Cartoon Networks 20 year legacy.

Imbue - Artwork-A-Day

Brighton based artist Imbue, who's Disney inspired artwork has featured several times on the Animated Review, has undertaken a fun new personal project allowing him to really experiment with his painting and printing techniques.

The 'Artwork-A-Day' project sees Imbue create an original piece every day. Released for sale at 6.00pm GMT each day, they are always the same size (30cm x 42cm), always the same price (£50), but each piece is built up with layers of paint and hand screen printed making each one totally unique and highly desirable. We're now on day 41 of the project and so far each piece has sold in a matter of minutes, with no end date specified we suggest buying a piece whilst you still can!

We would have shared this project with our followers sooner, we've been watching it since day one, but for purely selfish reasons we've waited until we were able to grab one for ourselves first. We were lucky enough to pick up the Thumper piece you see above earlier today. We've also shared some images of the other Disney pieces sold so far to give you a taster of what you've been missing out on. We'll be sure to keep an eye on the project to see what get released next, you should too!

image name image name

image name image name

Darlingside - The Ancestor

Darlingside are another indie band with a persuasion towards commissioning awesome and often animated music videos. 'The Ancestor' is their second collaboration with Brooklyn-based Keith Boynton and Mike Lavoie’s Crazy Lake Pictures, but their first time working with San Francisco-base Chinese Takeout.

Chinese Takeout represents the Pixar employee producer/editor Timothy Hahn and writer-director Abraham Dieckman who was also the lead animator on the project.

Glasswork For TalkTalk (Again)

We posted the TalkTalk 'Homes Within Homes'campaign advert, with 3D post production done at Glassworks, in June last year. The advert saw animated characters living in a doll’s house, snow globe, model railway village and cuckoo clock enviously watch real characters enjoying the benefits associated with TalkTalk. The animation ends with the characters rushing to their own computers and mobiles as loved ones make contact.

This new advert is a continuation of this premise, but set in a model village. As the attraction closes to the public we see the miniature residents make their way home to their families and the comfort provided by TalkTalks digital services.

'Model Britain' is rich with visual humour with highlights of the piece including the snail slowing down traffic on the motorway, the monstrous squirrel peering in through the windows of a tiny house and the street sweeper despairing at the giant leaves falling to the ground.

Bianca Meier & Daniel Leyva: Klops

German students Bianca Meier and Daniel Leyva, studying at the Animation School Hamburg, directed 'Klops'. In the short they imagine what an annoying Cyclops might do at a 3D movie screening.

Ron English - Homer Simpson's Cartoon Colored Creationism TOTT Jigsaw

This Ron English jigsaw from Tools Of The Trade, featuring artwork from the original Ron English painting 'Homer Simpson's Cartoon Colored Creationism', has been available for quite a while, but we've only just stumbled across it.

At under $20 I think I’ll be adding one to my Christmas wish list.