Glasswork For TalkTalk (Again)

We posted the TalkTalk 'Homes Within Homes'campaign advert, with 3D post production done at Glassworks, in June last year. The advert saw animated characters living in a doll’s house, snow globe, model railway village and cuckoo clock enviously watch real characters enjoying the benefits associated with TalkTalk. The animation ends with the characters rushing to their own computers and mobiles as loved ones make contact.

This new advert is a continuation of this premise, but set in a model village. As the attraction closes to the public we see the miniature residents make their way home to their families and the comfort provided by TalkTalks digital services.

'Model Britain' is rich with visual humour with highlights of the piece including the snail slowing down traffic on the motorway, the monstrous squirrel peering in through the windows of a tiny house and the street sweeper despairing at the giant leaves falling to the ground.

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