I Love Dust: Cartoon Network 20th Birthday

On the 1st of October Cartoon Network turned 20 years old! They made their debut on American television sets back in 1992, with a vast classic cartoon library at their disposal. Including shorts from Hanna-Babera, MGM and Warner Bros. Just two year in they founded Cartoon Network Studios and expanded into creating their own original programming starting with 'Space Ghost Coast To Coast'. Since then their back catalogue has vastly expanded and to celebrate this wealth of creativity Cartoon Network asked ILoveDust to create an original music video commemorating 20 years of animated cartoons by squeezing as many of their characters into a 2 minute short.

ILoveDust relished in the challenge and filled the piece with nearly every character Cartoon Network has aired over the past 20 years. We can't see a few of our favourites like 'Squirrel Boy' and 'Time Squad' although they may be in there somewhere, but needless to say they've achieved something rather special.

The two minute spectacular, which features original music from Mad Decent, is certainly a suitably grand way to celebrate Cartoon Networks 20 year legacy.

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