Imbue - Artwork-A-Day

Brighton based artist Imbue, who's Disney inspired artwork has featured several times on the Animated Review, has undertaken a fun new personal project allowing him to really experiment with his painting and printing techniques.

The 'Artwork-A-Day' project sees Imbue create an original piece every day. Released for sale at 6.00pm GMT each day, they are always the same size (30cm x 42cm), always the same price (£50), but each piece is built up with layers of paint and hand screen printed making each one totally unique and highly desirable. We're now on day 41 of the project and so far each piece has sold in a matter of minutes, with no end date specified we suggest buying a piece whilst you still can!

We would have shared this project with our followers sooner, we've been watching it since day one, but for purely selfish reasons we've waited until we were able to grab one for ourselves first. We were lucky enough to pick up the Thumper piece you see above earlier today. We've also shared some images of the other Disney pieces sold so far to give you a taster of what you've been missing out on. We'll be sure to keep an eye on the project to see what get released next, you should too!

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