Alfred Steiner Bleeding Afro Exhibition


We posted some of Alfred Steiner’s disturbingly wonderful watercolours when we first came across his work in the 'Bitches Brew' exhibition last year. His works are so detailed they look more like collaged photography where he brings together an abundance of meticulously selected objects that weave in and out of each other and in their optical wizardry they become cartoon characters or other recognisable characters from pop culture.

Alfred recently sent us an email telling us his new exhibition, 'Bleeding Afro', opens at the Poulsen Gallery in Copenhagen tomorrow night. The show features yet more familiar animated characters comprised from surprising elements. The image of the usually cute and cuddly Pikachu is constructed from primarily masculine components such as ties, cigar, penises and Viagra pills! This juxtaposition in Steiner’s artworks challenges and plays tricks on us. We alternate between zooming in on the individual parts and viewing the character they comprise, it's virtually impossible to see the two perspectives at once.
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