Sehsucht For MTV EMA 2012

Sehsucht worked in partnership with MTV, for the 19th annual MTV European Music Award, broadcasted live from Frankfurt last Sunday. As part of the show package they worked on is this GCI animation based on a fast-moving zoetrope carousel.

It’s an incredibly complex design, since the complete 'zoetrope' is a virtual scale model, nothing is faked, it still had to work like an actual zoetrope would. Therefore, everything had to work in loops built in 24 single 'sculptures'. The perfect execution of this technique, combined with the incredibly realistic 3D render, means you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for an actual built sculpture.

The animated sequence is a journey of a band living the American Dream. We see the ascent of a basement musician to stardom across the horizontal zoetrope layers. They move from the underground scene to stardom with the help of their fans and social networks, finally reaching the top of the carousel (the pinnacle of their career) and perform at the MTV EMA. The fact the 'zoetrope’s' silhouette resembles a mushroom cloud symbolising the bands 'explosion' into music stardom is also a nice touch.

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