Steve Adey - Laughing

Whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art, Romanian born animator Oana Nechifor created this music video for Steve Adey and his track 'Laughing'. 'Laughing' is taken from Adey's new album 'The Tower Of Silence', released via Grand Harmonium on November 26th 2012. Steve says... "I was tipped off and told to check out Oana's work. I was attracted to the darker elements through her animation, juxtaposed against beautiful creatures (and other stuff)... I thought that contrast would fit the song meaning..."

Oana describes the piece as "a nice experimentation with both digital and traditional painting for animation... I wanted to create a sense of struggle within two people, trying to come together in a state of communion, facing fears and hopes until becoming one" She's also a painter and muralist and it's interesting to see her consistently apply her message and style across these different mediums. We'll certainly look forward to seeing more from Oana.

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