Anam An Amhráin DVD

Just in time for Christmas, Cartoon Saloon have released their 'Anam An Amhráin' DVD. Available to purchase for around £20 through their online store.

'Anam An Amhráin' is a collection of well know traditional Irish songs, sung by celebrated musicians, brought to life through Cartoon Saloons stunning animation. Originally conceived to accompany a 5 part series for a TG4 music series, in which award winning singer Iarla Ó Lionáird takes a trip to meet friends and introduce us to new interpretations of old Irish songs. The series first aired in December 2009, so this DVD's been a long time coming, but well worth the wait.

We've posted a couple of excerpts from the DVD here, but you should buy yourself a copy or get it on your wish list to Father Christmas.

'An Poc ar Buile'
Directed & Storyboarded by Tomm Moore
Design: Tomm Moore & Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Fabian Erlinghauser, Sean Mc Carron, Tomm Moore, Patrick Semple & Andrew Murray

'Oró, Sé Do Bheatha Abhaile'
Directed & Storyboarded by Roxanne Burchartz
Designed by Roxanne Burchartz & Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Fabian Erlinghauser, Roxanne Burchartz, Sean Mc Carron, Patrick Semple & Andrew Murray

'An Sean Duine'
Directed & Storyboarded by Nora Twomey
Design: Marie Thorhauge
Animation: Frederick Villumsen, Louise Bergholt, Fabian Erlinghauser, Nora Twomey & Tomm Moore

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