Leon - An Emotional Flipbook

Andy Voda's Optical Toys Company is devoted to producing a unique array of pre and proto-cinematic toys including a superb selection of flipbooks. Amongst their range is a collection of Thomas Edison flipbooks showing seven experimental film sequences shot by Edison Laboratories in the earliest days of motion pictures, a similar range for Eadweard Muybridge's animal sequences and the 'Gestation Animation' flipbook in which obsessive photographer Karl Baden documented his wife’s pregnancy.

Their latest release is 'Leon - An Emotional Flipbook' which takes the flipbook concept to new extremes. The idea behind 'Leon' is that the 200 individual flipbook pages depicting various states of emotion can be reconfigured to create surprising results! If you want to depict joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, surprise, anticipation, optimism, disappointment, anger, aggression, longing, pride, envy, irritation, rage, love... sort the cards into their various sets (perplexed, longing, torment, suffering, affection and love) and just pick out the combination of cards you need! Needless to say the complexities of such a project meant, after the initial concept for the flipbook in 2005, its taken 6 years before completion and its release in August 2011, with stock only recently finding its way to shops in the UK.

On a rather geeky side note, if you were to use all 200 cards for each flipbook combination, you could make


different flipbooks... apparently! That's not bad for the $14.00 it costs to buy a copy.

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