Burt Sampson Zine


If you're a regular visitor of the Animated Review you'll know we like slightly off-kilter illustration of iconic cartoon characters, especially those of 'The Simpsons'.

In recent memory we've posted about DR.ME's 'Art Simpson' zine in which various artist re-drew Bart Simpson from memory and the creations loving collected in a fanzine format, Barber Filth's 'El Barto' riso-print and the hugely popular 'Simpsons Drawing Club', curated by Jack Teagle.

This 'Burt Sampson' zine, created by artists Jonathan Campolo & Alexander Lezzi, contains a collection of Bart Simpson inspired doodles and a commemorative fold-out poster all drawn in a single evening. Unfortunately we missed this one upon its release over a year ago and it's now long sold out, but when we heard about it we couldn't pass up the opportunity to post it here and add to our collection of bizarre Simpsons illustration.


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