Caleb Wood: Ugly Man

Caleb Wood is an independent animator living in northern Minnesota, he's also a contributor to the rather exciting looking Late Night Work Club collective.

In his animated works he is most interested in the dynamism of the mundane and the overlooked abstract occurrences of day-to-day life. 'Ugly Man' sits comfortably in this description, but the project was cut short before its completion. Clearly not happy with its direction, Caleb posted an animated GIF and statement on his tumblr saying "uhhhhhhhh, I guess I'll upload this piece of shit to Vimeo soon." Caleb also invites people in his Vimeo profile to "check out to see all kinds of garbage"... maybe he's just lacking confidence in his own work, we thought 'Ugly Man' looked pretty good... definitely potential for a full short.

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