LNWC: Ghost Stories Teaser Trailer

The mysterious Late Night Work Club appeared on the Animated Review back in November 2012 when they released this teaser trailer promoting their secretive collective of indie animators who work late into the night producing animated shorts just for pure enjoyment.

The collective is comprised of a whole host of talented individuals, some of which you'll recognise from earlier AR posts... Eimhin McNamara, Charles Huettner, Scott Benson, Louise Bagnall, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny, Sean Buckelew, Conor Finnegan, Alex Grigg, Tom Hunter, Caleb Wood, Christen Bach, David Prosser, Daniella Orsini, Joe Orton & Eamonn O'Neill are all rumoured to be involved.

Since November they've been pretty quiet, presumably beavering away on their first release 'Ghost Stories', which is due sometime in Spring. This teaser trailer for 'Ghost Stories' hints that this first release will be an anthology of spooky animated shorts showcasing the work of Charles Huettner, Eimhin McNamara, Eamonn Oneill, Sean Buckelew, Dave Prosser, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny, Alex Grigg, Daniella Orsini, Joe Orton, Conor Finnegan, Louise Bagnall, Christen Bach and Scott Benson.

The artists involved in this fantastic collaboration are working for the love of their medium not for any cash incentive, however if you want to help support the LNWC make sure to regularly check their blog for DIY-DVD downloads and other goodies. The forthcoming 'UNCANNY MYSTERY PACK', beautifully illustrated by Charles Huettner (seen below), is especially intriguing.


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