Mélanie Tourneur: Animal Teaser Trailer

'Animal' is the latest animated short film in production from Mélanie Tourneur. As well as this beautifully animated teaser trailer you can head over to the 'Animal' production blog and browse a whole host of character designs and development artwork. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to see the full short.

'Animal' tells the story of a young fox boy and a little owl girl. In a dark forest, the two children are getting to know each other. They start to play but will their wild animal instinct be too strong for this game of hide and seek?'

Mélanie typically works as a background artist for animated movies and TV shows whilst also working on her own projects like 'Animal'. You may have guessed from the look of this latest short that Mélanie held an internship at Cartoon Saloon working on the pilot of Disney production 'Rikki Doom' and other projects. There is an undeniable similarity in style between Mélanie's 'Animal' and Cartoon Saloon's 'The Secret Of Kells'. In addition she has also worked on Hefang Wei's short animated films produced by Folimage in France, which are also worth taking a look at.

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