Sickboy Carafanzine #3


Continuing to document his obsessive caravan painting, street artist Sickboy brings out his latest instalment in his 'Carafanzine' series – a unique hand-finished, full colour, 52-page printed fanzine publication documenting his graffiti work.

'Carafanzine #3' is Sickboy’s highest quality self-publication to date, full of photographs taken on his caravan travels. Produced on 100% recycled paper stock and in a limited edition of 75, the 52-page fanzines are individually hand-finished with ink colourings and spray paint. This particular release is of interest to us at the Animated Review as each collectible zine also comes with an 80-page signed and numbered 'Temple Caravan' Flip Book, which animates images of Sickboy daubing up his classic temple logo onto the side of a caravan.

Sickboy's work is becoming increasingly popular, with wheelie bins sprayed with his iconic temple logo fetching up to £50,000, this zine pack limited to just 75 copies and priced at £50 is sure to sell pretty quickly. 'Carafanzine #3' was released right at the end of 2012, so you should head over to Sickboy's website to pick up a copy whilst they still last.


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