Ale Jordão Mickey Chair

Mãos Contemporary Art Studio is a collection of installation pieces, artworks and quirky design objects by visual artists and designers Alessandro Jordão and Kiko Sobrino. Part of their current collection includes this spectacular Mickey Chair designed by Ale Jordão and made to order at a cost of around £3000.

Black Pus - 1000 Years

Black Pus is Brian Chippendale, who has toured the world as the drummer/singer of noise rock titans Lightning Bolt and Mindflayer as well as forging a name for himself through his numerous gallery exhibitions, publishing dozens of his own comic books and hosting a comic book critic blog called Marvelous Coma.

For this new Black Pus track, '1000 years', Brian has combined his musical and illustrative talents in the flip book style animated music video you see below...

Andy Rementer & Honet for Lacoste

Illustrators Andy Rementer and Honet have released two fun, quirky animated spots for Lacoste LIVE both promoting t-shirts designed as part of Lacoste's Spring/Summer 2013 capsule collection. Both using Lacoste's iconic alligator logo as inspiration Andy’s spot 'Gator Behaviour' focuses around a shade-wearing, graffiti-spraying alligator cruising around in his car. The second animation, by Honet, 'The Story Behind The Mask' features a slide show of cleverly-illustrated tribal scenes which also celebrates the famed Lacoste alligator logo.

Loopdeloop: Sports

It's been a while since we posted about the Loopdeloop monthly animation challenge, but seeing as the February 'Sports' theme is already yielding some great results we though we'd share a couple here:

'One With Nature'by Jelena Oroz

'Mr. Putter' by John Paine

'Tea Ballin!' by Scott MacDonald

Chintis Lundgren: Mysterious Swamp

Estonian animator Chintis Lundgren has featured on the Animated Review twice before, both times for animated music videos. This time she appears with a delightful short film titled 'Mysterious Swamp' ('Müstiline Raba'). The production of the piece was supported by The Animation Workshop (Denmark), the Estonian Cultural Endowment and also through crowd-funding via Hooandja.

The Looney Tunes Show Kinder Toys

Kinder Surprise, the kids confectionery line from Ferrero, have teamed up with Warner Bros. to create Looney Tunes character toys in the past... just Google "Looney Tunes Kinder" and you'll see a whole variety of ranges released over the years. This latest collaboration is with the newest incarnation of the characters, 'The Looney Tunes Show', which is now in it's second series on Cartoon Network.

Kinder Surprise’s new partnership with 'The Looney Tunes Show' ties in with the shows DVD release in spring ensuring it’s front of mind with shoppers. Levi Boorer, customer development director, Ferrero said:

“We know that partnerships can be highly effective when there is real brand synergy.... We are confident that our link up with Looney Tunes will be popular with shoppers and therefore beneficial for retailers, because like Kinder Surprise, the show is a family favourite, which stimulates the imagination and can encourage quality time between parents and children.”

One in five single Kinder surprise eggs will feature a Looney Tunes character toy, while one egg in each three-pack will contain a character. Shoppers will be surprised with characters like, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Taz, Sylvester & Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and Porky Pig.

Christa Vi - Your Heart

Luke George and Alex Hancocks are an animation director team based in the UK. They're work is predominantly (but not exclusively) stop-motion, as is the case for there latest music video. Created for singer/songwriter Christa Vi's debut single 'Your Heart, the video features a triangular orange shape travelling through a papercraft world before being reunited with the rest of Christa Vi's geometric logo.

Reinis Petersons: Ursus

We posted the trailer for Reinis Petersons' 'Ursus' back in June 2012, after a tour of over 70 festival and picking up quite a few awards, the full film is finally up online.

"'Ursus' is a story about a bear who works as an acrobat-motorcyclist in a travelling circus during the day, but yearns for wildlife and forest at night, where his true happiness seems to dwell. One day, the bear decides to leave everything and takes off to the forest."

Annette Jung: LEGO Dance

Talking Animals Animation Studio in Berlin is a collective of young talented individuals (all graduates of the animation class at HFF "Konrad Wolf" in Babelsberg). Alongside their commercial work they like to create their own short films and animation experiments like this Michael Jackson dance sequence created from LEGO by director Annette Jung.

Jim Stoten: Music Promo

Illustrator Jim Stoten has lead a secret double life writing and recording his own music for the last 10 years. Today he decided to release his entire back catalogue, a full 5 albums, and this rather excellent animated promo to accompany their release. Jim isn't new to music he's performed and recorded with fellow illustrators Andrew Rae, Nick White and Owen Gildersleeve collectively as Owen & The Eyeballs, so why it has taken so long for him to release his solo material is a mystery.

James D Wilson: Flying Eye Books Promo

We posted a teaser trailer from James D Wilson (aka JamBonBon) last October, in which he brought to life the beautiful animal illustrations of Ben Newman. At the time very little was revealed about the project but we had a sneaking suspicion it would in some way be tied into Nobrow Press. This London based independent publishing house has released work by Ben in the past including a role of packing tape featuring the same series of animal illustrations.

Nobrow launched a new website for their new children's publishing arm called Flying Eye Books yesterday and the completed animated short you see below was what greeted visitors on the home page. We're huge fans of Nobrow Press' superb books, having even featured Jesse Moynihan's 'Forming' on AR in the past, so we're really excited to see they've finally branch out into children's books. Flying Eye Books have also set up their own Vimeo account which suggests animation may play a part in some of their subsequent publications... we can't wait.

Kabo Lam: Tasty Shake

Kabo Lam an animator, illustrator and motion graphic designer based in the Netherlands has released her short film 'Tasty Shake' online, in which a little girl discovers the disgusting secret ingredient of a popular milkshake.

Bat For Lashes - Lilies

Mixed media director and stop motion specialist Peter Sluszka was drafted in to direct the music video for 'Lilies', the 4th single to be released from the Bat For Lashes album 'The Haunted Man'. The video features a menagerie of life-size puppets, a flock of 2D spirits, miniature landscapes and morphing polygons, all swirling around lead singer Natasha Khan to create an animated universe in constant flux.

"The Bat For Lashes lyrics become a chanted incantation, unleashing a trio of curious puppets, torrents of wax and paper ocean, and numerous other animated spectacles. Pulsing cloud contraptions, blasting lightning and energy initiate Natasha's otherworldly transformations."

Animade: War Child

Animade created this animated tear jerking sequence to illustrate the work of the wonderful War Child charity. It was shown during th 2013 BRIT awards as they received the Special Recognition Award for 20 years of incredible charity work.

To support their cause visit

Jeppe Carlsen: 140 Game Trailer

We don't play many computer games at the Animated Review, or post about them that often either, but this trailer for 140 (an upcoming platform game independently developed by Jeppe Carlsen) already has us begging to play it.

The game is described as a "minimalistic platformer", using electronic music to create synesthesia as the player manipulates their avatar, a character that can take on several basic geometric shapes, through levels in time to the music. Carlsen described the gameplay as like "an old school platformer", but where the challenge is "in syncing up your moves and jumps to the music-controlled elements"; as the player progresses through a level, the music will change reflecting the difficulty of the platforming elements.

Spray Gang Guilty Duck Print

This particular artist has gone through many aliases since his first appearance on AR. Recently he's been releasing work under the names Spray Gang and Bob Too...

Whatever he want to call himself there is no denying his fantastically irreverent artwork has lasting appeal.

This latest A3 Risograph print, titled 'Guilty Duck', is currently available in a signed and numbered edition of 10 via the Spray Gang online store for just £25. The gradiated Donald Duck silhouette with white star detailing would sit beautifully alongside the 'Melt' Mickey Mouse print released back in 2005.

If you're as keen as we are at the Animated Review, you'll be delighted to know a small selection of original artwork has also gone up for sale via Street Art Anarchy under the name Bob Too. This Pink Panther watercolour titled 'Panther' is priced at a very reasonable $90!

Snap up what you want now, this stuff never lasts long!


Boozoo Bajou - Jan Mayen

Boozoo Bajou have collaborated with visual artist Michael Fragstein, the perfect partner to create beautifully abstract visuals to harmonise with their music, on their latest track 'Jan Mayen'.

The track is taken from Boozoo Bajou's upcoming EP released via Apollo Records and was inspired by the volcanic island of the same name. The sound of a fire crackling away in the background of the music and Michaels lava-esq visuals really bring this concept to life.

To This Day

We recently posted about the 'To This Day Project' on the Animated Review as fragments from the various contributors started to appear online. It's taken a few days but all these fragments have now been edited together and presented as the whole piece you see below.

The 'To This Day Project' is an animated collaboration based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan called 'To This Day', to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual. Various animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to allotted 20 second segments that have since been threaded together into one fluid voice.

'To This Day' is an amazing collaborative effort from a whole host of talented individuals all brought together through the Vimeo community and their passion to create quality animation for a good cause.

Sonni Studios: Forever Young

Sonni Studios is a multidisciplinary studio formed to provide high quality Animation, Illustration, Branding, IP development, and Fine Art services to Dreamers, Thinkers, and Doers. Founded by Sonni, an accomplished graphic designer with many years of experience working with major brands in both Argentina as well as the USA, their work is always bright and playful.

To accompany a recent Pictoplasma presentation, Sonni teamed up with Argentinean animation house Studio Ronda to create 'Forever Young' a celebration of childhood memories and their favourite toys.

Joseph Pierce: The Pub

After a long and rather successful festival run, Joseph Pierce's 'The Pub' was finally posted online today. You may recognise Joseph's name and distinctive rotoscoped style from his previous animated shorts 'Family Portrait' and 'Stand-Up', his graduation piece.

This latest work, draws us into in the murky slipstream of a North London pub. As the booze flows the line between who belongs behind and in front of the bar becomes increasingly blurred. Inspired by his time living above a pub in Camden, Joseph has this to say about the piece:

“The first two are very much about repressing emotions, bravado and that ‘stiff upper-lip’ culture that is still very British. 'The Pub' is in part a work of self-loathing, living above a pub in Camden as I did at the time delivers some of the more extremes in our culture.”

Certainly darker than his previous short, 'The Pub', highlights the less than pleasant personalities brought to the surface by drink, exposing the patrons in their weakest and most emotionally unstable state.

Brittle: Beast Trailer

Greek Graphic & Motion/Broadcast designer, Constantinos Chaidalis aka Brittle, has released a great looking teaser trailer and poster for his latest animated short, 'Beast'.

Beast tells the story of a little girl who doesn't quite fit in. When she finds herself pulled into a dark and mysterious world full of dangers she understands that it is hard to get back home, when no place feels like home.

To be kept up to date on screenings and online debut visit the 'Beast' Facebook page or

Invader: Pink Panther

Parisian street artist, Invader, created this pixelated Pink Panther during his latest wave of public installations.

(Photo via Gustavo_Luz1 & Juxtapoz)

Chelsea College Of Art & Design (2nd Year Graphic Design Communication): One Minute Experimental Animation Films

In response to a brief set by moving image artist Max Hattler, the master of other worldly abstract narrative-free films, the second year students on the Graphic Design Communication course at the Chelsea College Of Art & Design created this spectacular array of one minute experimental animated films.

Here is a breakdown of the films, time jumps and students featured in the video:

'The Three Stooges' - 00:08 - Tobais Bschorr, Tabrez Pathan & Alex Howell
'New Angle' - 01:24- Sophie Devine, Richard McDonald & Hannah Nicholls
'Untitled' - 02:38- Jo Lee, Will Ellison & Nikita Andrianova
'Lucid' - 03:53 - Liam More, Lara Al Hadeedi & Kaila Smithen
'Rhombus Days Night' - 05:07 - Holly Madeline, Jack Hardiker & Phoebe Beasley
'Amorphous' - 06:18 - Jake Hollands, Lucy Powel & Ben Jacobsen
'Occipital' - 07:31 - Tshilli Ndou, Josiah Jones & Claire Sinyor
'Hypnotic' - 08:45 - Art Boddington, Oliva Chan & Saori Masuda
'_Dash' - 10:00 - Sophie Devine, Andy Cole & Katherine Jenkins
'Mirorim' - 11:15 - Arun Gogna, Calvin Hayes & Kayo Takahashi
'Slides' - 12:29 - Safwaan Motara, Adam Waldron & Emily Perrin

Felix Sputnik: Muybridge Leapfrog

Michael Schlingmann aka Felix Sputnik has combined the cleverly looped hat-swapping leapfrog sequence from 'Spinning Away' and the sexy nakedness of 'Walks And Runs' into one Eadweard Muybridge inspired animated sequence.

Tanlines - Not The Same

Design agency OKFocus have created a totally unique HTML5 music video experiment for Tanlines new single, 'Not The Same'. Which is, well... Not the same as your typical music video.

OKFocus, who specialise in the latest social web applications and have already worked for the likes of Google, Smirnoff and MOCA, we're an obvious choice to develop such a mind-bending concept to fruition. The website works as an Alpha Channel HTML5 experiment that mimics the Photoshop interface. Using the tool bars you can add or remove band members, swap instruments, alter backgrounds and generally customise the video to your hearts content. It's pretty addictive, we spend hours messing around, you have been warned!

Wanda Productions For Valege Lingerie

A pair of breasts are reunited in this fantastically weird series of CG spots created by Wanda Productions on behalf of the French lingerie company, Valege.

Mark Weaver: LEGO Vines

In the short time since its conception, New-York based art director, designer, and illustrator, Mark Weavers LEGO Vine project has quickly been gaining momentum and interest. This new Tumblr project combines the versatility of the humble LEGO brick, stop motion animation and Twitters video platform Vine to awesome effect.

Here is our brief selection of the most creative efforts so far...

Motionlab: Freitag

South Korean motion graphic studio Motionlab animated this promo for the Swiss recycled truck tarpaulin bag manufacturer, FREITAG.

FREITAG started in 1993 when graphic design students, Markus and Daniel Freitag developed a messenger bag using old truck tarpaulins, used bicycle tires and seatbelts in the living room of their shared apartment. The old tarps were washed in the bathtub, then hand cut in the space between the sofa and the television and sewn into the first FREITAG messenger bags on Mum’s sewing machine. Even today, every bag is handmade and unique. Today, the companies aesthetic and environmentally sound fundamentals remain the same, but have expended their assortment to over 40 different models including the original messenger bag.

Animated Valentines Treats

Here is a trio of animated Valentine treats...

'Valentine's Day Massacre' by Exit 73 Studio

'Leon Valentines' by Animade

'Love' by Bran Dougherty-Johnson

The Blue Umbrella Poster

This promo poster for ‘The Blue Umbrella’ is the perfect image to share on Valentine’s Day.

'The Blue Umbrella' is a short six minute animated Pixar film directed by Saschka Unseld. The story is set in a bustling city, where two umbrellas fall in love with each other. We recently posted a sneak peek clip of the beautiful looking short, which if you haven't already viewed should do immediately.

This equally stunning minimalist poster was given out to the audience who attended a Q&A with Unseld at the films premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

Imbue Corporate Identity Prints


AR favourite, Brighton based street artist Imbue, has released a new print set titled 'Corporate Identity'. This set of 2 screen prints featuring Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse is available in a short run edition of just 30 pairs. Each print is hand finished with watercolour details and signed and numbered in pencil. Screen printed onto 300gsm Fabriano paper the prints measuring 11×11 inches square are available via Imbues online store for just £35 a set! That’s TWO hand finished screen prints from an incredible artist for just £35! These are going to disappear quickly!


Takeshi Nakatsuka: Cold Passion

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Takeshi Nakatsuka's solo output and his first release in 3 years. 'Lyrics' continues his organic Jazz theme, with all the singing, piano playing, orchestral arrangements and electronic programming handled by the man himself. This latest release is his most sophisticated to date, and takes his music to new outstanding heights. This beautifully crafted music video was directed by Hironori Sugie to accompany the release of the track 'Cold Passion'.

Revolution (Life Cycle Of A Drop Of Water)

'Revolution (Life Cycle Of A Drop Of Water)' depicts the revolutionary nature of the life cycle of a droplet of water and its cyclical journey. The project was a three-fold collaboration between photographer Chris Turner, animator Jess Deacon and paper engineer Helen Friel. From the original idea, the year long creative development and the single shot continuous take, the project brought together their individual skill sets to accomplish this rather stunning short.

Mickey Mouse Moleskine


Moleskine meets Disney's best-loved character, Mickey Mouse!

Jump for joy with the all-new for 2013 Moleskine Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Notebook series. A favorite of all ages, the classic and famed mouse is right a home on a Moleskine notebook, playing and creating with Moleskine's reading and writing tools. Decorated inside and out with Mickey Mouse's iconic image, this notebook even includes a drawing guide so you can create your own Mickey!

The classic black cover is debossed with an image of Mickey Mouse and the themed flyleaves evoke the fun of Mickey Mouse's adventures. With an inner expandable rear pocket for loose papers and drawings.

Available in a large and pocket format, as well as with plain and ruled pages, you can pick up yours now over at the official Moleskine website.


To This Day Project

Giant Ants' 'To This Day Project' asked a whole host of animators to contribute to an animated spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan. Each artist was assigned a 20 second excerpt from the poem, which Shane wrote about his experiences with violence in school and to further explore the profound and lasting impact that this bullying had on him as an individual. The deadline for submitting each 20 second fragment was yesterday (10th February), and some of the keener artists have already posted their contributions online. We can't wait for Giant Ant to edit together the final result and we'll be sure to share it here when they do.

Steven Wilson: The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)

The official promo video for Steven Wilson’s new album, ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)’, was directed by Jess Cope and Simon Cartwright who also made the stunning video for Storm Corrosion’s 'Drag Ropes' last year.

The album is now available to pre-order in a variety of different formats via Burning Shed, with a scheduled release date of February 25th.

Minkyu Lee: Adam And Dog

We posted the trailer back in January 2012, now nominated for an Academy Award Minkyu has posted the whole 'Adam And Dog' short online.

Minkyo Lee had this to say about the film:

“This is a short film that me and a group of my close friends made. It was put together by artists who work at various studios, including Disney Feature, Dreamworks and Pixar; The animation is done by myself, Jennifer Hager, James Baxter, Mario Furmanczyk, Austin Madison, and Matt Williames. Glen Keane also helped by being a consultant on the film, and also doing some visual development. It is a completely independent film without any major studio involvement. We are really excited for people to see it, and wanted to share.”

Rony Hotin: Le Vagabond de St Marcel

Created as part of the Audi Talents Awards project, set up to support emerging young talents in Design, Contemporary art, Short film and Music with image, Gobelins graduate Rony Hotin has released the bitter sweet animated short, 'Le Vagabond De St Marcel'.

Goutte d'Or Trailer

Six years in the making, 'Goutte d’Or' ('Drop of Gold') is a story about a dead pirate captain, an octopus, a pretty lady, sword fighting and above all love. The Animation Workshop team, lead by Christophe Peladan, merged stop-motion animation with CGI environments to create this fabulous look. 'Goutte d’Or' is intended for a long, and we expect rather successful, festival run so it might be some time before the full film goes up online. In the meantime here’s the trailer:

PES Het Klokhuis Title Sequence

Whilst we all wait to see how PES’ 'Fresh Guacamole' performs at the Academy Awards on Feb 24, we can enjoy his latest project: the title sequence for 'Het Klokhuis' ('Apple Core'), a classic Dutch kids’ educational TV series which has been running since 1988. The show has chosen stop-motion in the past to re-envisage their title sequence, including AR favourite Johnny Kelly which was released in 2010.

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan DVD

Gilles Penso's documentary 'Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan' will be released on DVD in early March by Arrow Films. The remarkable career of the movie industry's most admired and influential special-effects and stop motion auteur is brought to life through interviews with not only Ray himself, but the numerous famous filmmakers who today push the boundaries of special effects movie-making that have been inspired by Rays amazing body of work. Randy Cook, Peter Jackson, Nick Park, Phil Tippet, Terry Gilliam, Dennis Muren, John Landis, Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and many more pay tribute to Ray and the films that enthralled them as children and inspired them to become filmmakers in their own right.

If you're a fan of Ray Harryhausen then it's unlikely you'll hear anything new in this documentary. Ray has talked often and openly about his work and many of the famous contributors have also paid tribute to him in the past, most notably in the made for TV, Leonard Nimoy narrated, 'The Ray Harryhausen Chronicles'. Another disappointment is that the film has a definite feel that it was made on the fly with opportunistic interviews, prime examples being Peter Jackson has clearly been hijacked at a press junket for 'The Lovely Bones' and likewise for John Lasseter and 'Cars 2'. We can't help but feel somebody as revered and influential as Ray Harryhausen should have a less scrappy homage to his name. Nevertheless Rays fascinating work and the enthusiasm he still holds for the stop motion process along with the plethora of bonus material makes 'Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan' worth a watch, it's just a shame it wasn't just a labour of love from Penso and the end result was a much slicker finished product that people unfamiliar with Rays work might also be tempted to watch.

Overture: Ludic Chase

Animating due Jason & Aya Brown, collectively known as Overture, only recently featured on AR with their superbly trippy music video for The Kleenrz. This animated short is an older work, but after a short festival run the film is finally up online for us all to enjoy. Drawn in their usual consistent style, "born out of practicality and an attempt to develop a coherent world", 'Ludic Chase' tells the story of Gunnar, who toys with danger as he makes his way home from work and encounters the spirit Oyami.

Yamasuki - Yama Yama

'Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki' was released as a pseudo-Japanese concept album in 1971 by French pop composers Jean Kluger and Daniel Vangarde as the Yamasuki Singers. The duo learnt Japanese before recording began and even enlisted the aid of a renowned black-belt Judo master to introduce the tracks, which were all sung in Japanese by a school choir. The result is theatrical, epic, freaky and exotic J-pop that absolutely defies categorisation. It's fantastic to think that the album was so avant-garde its acquired cult status and still resonates with music lovers today, being a highly sought-after source of bass and drum samples.

Tokyo based Animation Filmmaker & Mask Designer Shishi Yamazaki decided to create this beautiful music video for the track 'Yama Yama' in her own gorgeous signature style to introduce this wonderful music to a whole new audience.

Hem - Tourniquet

Created for Hem's latest single 'Tourniquet', this music video features a magical menagerie of quirky critters including foxes, badgers, and bears. Directed by Jordan Bruner and animated by Jordan and Greg Lytle, its cute illustrative style is a must for all lovers of animation, animals and great music.

On a side note Jordan and Greg recently teamed up for an animated spot promoting Linda McCartney Foods, which is also worth checking out.

Rumpus Animation: Stoney Tony

Rumpus Animation bring to life the awesome madcap illustration of Matthew The Horse in this hilarious parody of that god awful Glade advert.

Melissa Morin Disney Minuscules


Since our last post about Melissa Morin and her animation inspired 'Minuscules' creations she has launched her online store and crafted these superb Disney pieces. The Stitch and Winnie The Pooh Minuscules have both already sold, but Mickey and the gang are all still available individually for about £14.00 each.