Joseph Pierce: The Pub

After a long and rather successful festival run, Joseph Pierce's 'The Pub' was finally posted online today. You may recognise Joseph's name and distinctive rotoscoped style from his previous animated shorts 'Family Portrait' and 'Stand-Up', his graduation piece.

This latest work, draws us into in the murky slipstream of a North London pub. As the booze flows the line between who belongs behind and in front of the bar becomes increasingly blurred. Inspired by his time living above a pub in Camden, Joseph has this to say about the piece:

“The first two are very much about repressing emotions, bravado and that ‘stiff upper-lip’ culture that is still very British. 'The Pub' is in part a work of self-loathing, living above a pub in Camden as I did at the time delivers some of the more extremes in our culture.”

Certainly darker than his previous short, 'The Pub', highlights the less than pleasant personalities brought to the surface by drink, exposing the patrons in their weakest and most emotionally unstable state.