Spray Gang Guilty Duck Print

This particular artist has gone through many aliases since his first appearance on AR. Recently he's been releasing work under the names Spray Gang and Bob Too...

Whatever he want to call himself there is no denying his fantastically irreverent artwork has lasting appeal.

This latest A3 Risograph print, titled 'Guilty Duck', is currently available in a signed and numbered edition of 10 via the Spray Gang online store for just £25. The gradiated Donald Duck silhouette with white star detailing would sit beautifully alongside the 'Melt' Mickey Mouse print released back in 2005.

If you're as keen as we are at the Animated Review, you'll be delighted to know a small selection of original artwork has also gone up for sale via Street Art Anarchy under the name Bob Too. This Pink Panther watercolour titled 'Panther' is priced at a very reasonable $90!

Snap up what you want now, this stuff never lasts long!


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