Robert Milne: Crow's Nest

Robert Milne's 'Crow's Nest' is a simple tale told without dialogue. In the short two love rival crows compete to win the affections of a lady crow by constructing the best nest. One steals the others nest and ultimately wins the heart of the female. Nature is cruel!

Aardman for Trunki

Trunki are dedicated to designing products that make travelling for kids fun and exciting, from holiday air travel to trips to the swimming baths. Trunki took the opportunity to unveil their new PaddlePak range with their first ever national TV ad campaign. With Trunki being a Bristol based company it's no wonder that the job went to Aardman and 2D animation director Tim Ruffle. Check it out...

Atlas Genius - Trojans

Tyler Nicolson, whose 'No Noodles' animation appeared on AR nearly a year ago, is back again. This time working his plasticine magic on a music video for the Atlas Genius track 'Trojans'.

The band partnered with Vimeo to produce four new unique music videos with some of their favourite directors on the platform. Tyler's creation for 'Trojans' is the first of the four releases with videos by Celia Rowlson-Hall, Eric Funk and Pot's N' Pans to follow.

Patrick Jean: Motorville

In Patrick Jean's latest animated short a map of an american city goes on a quest across the world to find oil in order to feed its growing body. 'Motorville' was initially a commission by the American broadcaster Showtime Channel, but after Jean submitted the film, Showtime decided not to air it presumably because of its touchy subject matter.

Nick Cross: Perihelion

Nick Cross has been busy beavering away on his one-man feature 'Black Sunrise' for ages, so he decided to take a sneaky break and make a short film just to flex his creative muscles. 'Perihelion' is the resulting short, described by Nick as an "animated tone poem... an impression of a story...without a beginning, middle or end!"

Visually inspired by the work of a number of German painters from the early 20th Century including Otto Dix, Richard Oelze, Ingrid Griebel-Zietlow, Rudolf Schlichter, Max Ernst and Francisco Goya, 'Perihelion' is a series of looped nightmarish images reflecting the Fascism and impending war experienced by these artists, which informed their work in such a distinctive way.

Those who appreciate fine art, particularly German Expressionism and Surrealism, will enjoy spotting the numerous references to the artists mentioned above. Here are a couple of the more obvious ones...


Leslie Murard: Pollop

Supinfocom student Leslie Murard animated this little 1 minute Maya short highlighting the pitfalls of taking rabbits on a long haul sea voyage...

Saki Iyori: Hug

Saki Iyori's wild music video for Pokepoke Pocket track 'Ohayo Carotene' appeared on the Animated Review last December and we've been eagerly awaiting her next release ever since.

'Hug' is her graduation short from Tama Art University, Information Design & Arts course and we're already looking forward to her next release and seeing what she create outside the constraints of her university course, It should be pretty amazing!

Stan Lee Cole - Separated

Mark Borgions is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Antwerp, Belgium. His work has featured in numerous books, CDs, magazines and animated shorts both individually and as part of the illustration collective called StuffMakers. This music video for Stan Lee Cole track 'Separated' is Mark's latest animated piece.

Creative Review Animation Issue


The April issue of Creative Review presents the work of three young animators and animation teams to watch. All connected by having studied the Illustration and Animation BA at Kingston University and having formed collectives with their fellow students, there are articles on the Layzell Brothers (also on the cover), Becky & Joe of THIS IS IT collective and Julia Pott.

Alongside the usual excellent content there is a sprinkling of other animation themed pieces including the secrets of viral ad's, a review of Thames & Hudson's forthcoming 'Animation Sketchbooks' and Jason Bruges' interactive LED animated mural at Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Wriggles & Robins for The Book Club

Commissioned to promote the life-drawing classes at east London’s Book Club, Wriggles & Robins devised this short stop-motion film in which a life model is drawn and then dances across various easels.

Created by setting up 10 easels in a life drawing class, each capturing a different angle of the model, the artists were filmed sketching the model and the film them subsequently edited together merging each drawing into the next, moving around the circle of easels.

An exquisite reminder of the beauty of both life drawing and filmmaking!

Michael Frei: Not About Us

Swiss animation artist Michael Frei recently wrapped up the festival run for his short film 'Not About Us', which included screenings at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Platform Animation Festival, International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Platform Animation Festival and the Krakow Film Festival to name a few.

Frei graduated of from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, but produced 'Not About Us' during an exchange year at the Estonian Academy of Art under the mentorship of filmmakers Priit and Olga Parn. Frei kept this development blog during the production of the short.

"A game of contrasts – light and darkness, black and white, a man and a woman... This symbolically approached film by Michael Frei invites us to think – do contrasts attract or not? If we have a counterpart in a parallel world, can we meet and become entwined in another world? Or are we supposed to maintain the universe in balance? The film is perfectly compact with minimalist sounds and music"

Gregory Barsamian: The Trap

Gregory Barsamian's kinetic constructions are a clever elabortion on a tradition Phenakistoscope or Zoetrope. His uncanny animated sculptures, assisted with a strobe light, bring the surreal images taken from dream worlds to jerky eerie life!

'Die Falle' ('The Trap') was constructed in 1997, but exhibited recently at the London Kinetica Artfair 2013, where The Creators Project took the opportunity to talk to Gregory about his work. 'The Trap' sees dreaming disembodied heads release shapeless blobs that turn into human forms, and gives the illusion that they’re gliding up a spinning steel armature, turning into cogs and then back to humans before being snapped up by mouse trap beds.

You can check out stills and videos of all Gregory's spectacular sculptures over on his website here:

Alphabets Heaven - Birthday

Brighton-based producer Alphabets Heaven returns to King Deluxe Records with his newest release, the 6-track, 30-minute long ‘Siamese Burn’ EP. The track 'Birthday' is taken from this new release and features this wonderful music video by Polish illustrator and animator Renata Gąsiorowska.

Chez Eddy for Boehringer

Chez Eddy directing duo U-and-JeanJean (aka Nicolas Hu & Jean Jean Arnoux) are behind this campaign for pharmaceutical company Boehringer.

Each spot in the campaign focuses on a particular heath risk to women representing the dangers through a reinterpretation of a classic horror movie. This first spot in a series of four clearly references Hitchcocks 'Psycho'! we look forward to seeing which other cinematic classics receive the same superb animated adaptation by U-and-JeanJean.

Untreed Studios 90's Cartoon Posters


Rob Getek is a freelance graphic designer and the driving force behind Vermont based web design and development company Untreed Studios. Alongside his professional work Rob also creates personal projects like this series of 90's Cartoon Posters. The 12" x 18" posters are digitally printed to order and available now for $20 a piece via the Untreed Studios online store. If you like these Rob had also designed a series of 'Lion King' typography themed prints and a series featuring the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' weapons of choice.


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Travis Barker & Yelawolf - Funky Shit

Devin Flynn (Y'All So Stupid) has teamed up with musical duo Travis Barker & Yelawolf on their music video for 'Funky Shit'. The track is taken from the 'Psycho White' EP released last November.

Devin pays the bills by animating for the likes of Adult Swim and Vice magazine, but this music video in more akin to where his animation career started. In high school he started creating his own flip books of cats being killed by mice, dudes doing skateboard tricks, subway graffiti, and other ruder subjects! This music video looks like the kind of bizarre school book doodlings he would have drawn as a young nine year old boy.

Headless Productions: Strange Oaks

Barcelona-based Headless Productions studio are back with more of their lovably quirky characters, this time translated into a slick GCI aesthetic, in this latest teaser, a witty commercial parody for a new project called 'Wicked Night.'

Komboh Ghibli Poster


KOMBOH is Michael W. Mateyko and Hans B. Thiessen who design for print alongside an active illustration practice. Branding, promotional pieces, editorial work & publication design constitute their main body of work. Alongside their own projects they sometimes work on a freelance basis for other studios in need of a helping hand as well individual commissions.

This Ghibli poster, featuring many of the studio famous creations, was designed for the Calgary Comic Expo, 2013.

Printed to order in a variety of sizes on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using an advanced digital dry ink method to ensure vibrant image quality via the KOMBOH Society6 online store.

Andy Baker for Markus Lupfer AW2013

Andy Baker (part of the THIS IS IT Collective) animated this inspired promo for fashion designer Markus Lupfer and his Autumn Winter 2013 collection. The piece was co-directed with Rose Blake who also provided the illustrations. Nice stuff all round!

Sander Joon for Tallinn Music Week

Sander Joon animated this cute spot for Estonia's Tallinn Music Week 2013 featuring woodland animals discovering their warped musical talents!

Easy - Mat Zo & Porter Robinson

The Line are an animation collective based in East London consisting of primarily Wes Louis, Tim McCourt, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Sam Taylor, James Duveen and Jonathan Topf, all of whom contributed to this awesome anime inspired music video for Mat Zo & Porter Robinson track 'Easy'.

The Line have a new website with further information and some rather nice development sketches of the two lead characters Maki Yatto and Evander (the weird blue Pikachu-esq creature.)

Teddyman Regular Show Custom Toys



Guillermo Pérez's (AKA Teddyman) Regular Show custom toys are pretty amazing! Both Mordecai & Rigby are based on a 3" Dunny figure, Teddyman said that he "decided to build on the head of a Dunny to develop the characters". These guys aren't available to buy, but Guillermo is taking commissions and still has plenty of other custom toys to choose from in his online store.


Milk & Cereal: Tina Trailer

Milk & Cereal are actually animation/illustration duo Wassim Boutaleb and Amélie Falière. This rather excellent trailer is for their yet unfinished short 'Tina', which depicts a typical day for Tina the stripper. It's take 2 years to get the project to this point with Wassim working on it between other projects, you may remember the trailer we posted for Wassim's 'La Migration' book back in January. Hopefully one day this will be developed into a full short, it looks brilliant!

Kim Taylor: Celestial Dynamics

Kim Taylor, a visual/motion-graphics designer based in London, animated 'Celestial Dynamics'. Inspired by the delicately rendered diagrams discovered in some old scientific text books found in his father's attic, 'Celestial Dynamics' takes us on a journey across the stars through antiquated astronomical schematics.

Denis Seleznyov for Tolo Toys

Graphic designer, photographer and now animator Denis Seleznyov has been creating short stop motion cartoons for Tolo Toys.

His first film was made just for fun, trying out stop motion animation with his camera. Co-incidentally his son had just received Tolo's 'First Friends House' as a present and as a result it became the subject of the test. The film was picked up on by Tolo and soon boxes of toys were being shipped from China so Denis could make these cartoons each promoting one of Tolo's 'First Friends' ranges Farm, Safari, Dinosaurs and Polar.

Tim Nolan: Finch 15 Logo

Interactive video designer Tim Nolan created this Canvas And Javascript driven animated logo for an ever evolving identity system for Finch 15, a company whose objective is to innovate brands in the digital space. The logo of a red finch morphs through it's different poses as you make the transition through each section of the Finch 15 website. Visit to see the logo in action.

Bill Plmpton: Drunker Than A Skunk Trailer

Bill Plympton recently released a trailer for 'Drunker Than A Skunk', his latest short film which is an adaptation of Walt Curtis's poem, 'The Time The Drunk Came To Town And Got Drunker Than A Skunk, Or So He Thought.', about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk.

Bill also made a new Simpsons couch gag, titled 'Film Noir', which is available to view online. Plympton also made a Simpsons couch can which we posted on AR last year.

Room On The Broom DVD


The 'Room On The Broom' film shown on the BBC over Christmas will be released on DVD on 18th March and available to download in standard and high definition format from 19th.

This enchanting tale of friendship and family has been beautifully adapted from Julia Donaldson's magical picture book by the same creative team that brought us 'The Gruffalo' and 'The Gruffalo’s Child'. 'Room On The Broom' is again produced by Michael Rose and Martin Pope of Magic Light Pictures ('The Gruffalo', 'The Gruffalo’s Child', 'Chico & Rita'), animated in the same textural GC style by the outstanding Studio Soi in Germany, directed by Max Lang (who also directed the original 'Gruffalo' special) and René Aubry has composed the music.

In addition to the animated short there is even more to discover with the DVD’s special features including:

'The Magnificent Broom' - an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of 'Room on the Broom'. Meet the creators of the film and learn how the story of the witch and her friends flew out of the pages of the popular book onto the screen.

'Live Stage Performance' - Watch a live performance of 'Room on the Broom' by author & Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson. As part of her 2012 nationwide tour Julia visited a library in Eastbourne, which has its own underground theatre – the perfect stage for storytelling!

'Art Gallery' - Take a peek at the film’s original colour concepts. Beautiful illustrations presented with music from the film.

The official 'Room On The Broom' website contains more information and a whole host of kids games and merchandise, including this rather adorable range of plush toys.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)

It was only a few short months ago that we were wowed by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling’s stunning plasticine music video for Tame Impala and they're back with a bizarrely dark puppet film. More like their earlier short 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' with THIS IS IT collective in style, This music video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra track 'Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)' is a modern day parable about life and loneliness.

Benny Box: Jazz That Nobody Asked For

Danish brothers Rune and Esben Fiskar (aka Benny Box) created 'Jazz That Nobody Asked For' as an ode to all those unwanted fragments of songs that get stuck in your mind. The track featured in the short is the amazing swing jazz tune 'Quaker City Jazz' by the long forgotten ‘Jan Savitt And His Top Hatters’. In 1937 they were the first jazz big band to feature an African American vocalist. Check out more at

Regular Show Vannen Watch

Vannen Watches recently announced a new partnership with Cartoon Network's excellent 'Regular Show' and after releasing a series of teaser images over the last few weeks the first collaboration has been unveiled.

The limited edition watch, which features the greatest band that never was... Mordecai And The Rigbys!, has been released for sale via the Vannen online store. The timepiece retails at $75, is limited to 300 hand numbered units and as an extra special bonus, a random selection of packaging also come signed and doodled on by the show creator, J.G. Quintel. These are sure to be snapped up quick so if you fancy one for yourself act now!


Geskia! - Constract Contrast

Graphic Designer and Artist Buna recently created this wonderful music video 'Constract Contrast' by Geskia!

Buna frequently works in the music industry having designed numerous album sleeves for a whole host of artists, including the new Geskia! album 'Silent Of Light' and when he paints it's often abstract compositions created live to a DJ set. As a result he's developed an undeniable talent in sublimely matching graphically strong visuals and sound. It's no wonder his first foray into motion graphics has turned out so slick.

Kali, The Little Vampire Flipbook

Animator Regina Pessoa has released a rather spectacular flipbook to accompany her most recent short film 'Kali, The Little Vampire.' Regina seems to have a fascination with traditional optical toys having released a boxset kit to construct your own Thaumatropes, Folioscopes, Phenakistoscopes, Zoetropes & Flip Books alongside her 2005 film 'Tragic Story With Happy Ending.' With this new release she's taken flip books to a new level of optical trickery. Depending on where you hold the flip book and utilising cleverly shaped pages, the book displays six different scenes from the short. Available now via Frolimage, the animation studio that represents Regina, for approximately £7.00!

Leisure Society - Fight For Everyone

Brighton's Persistent Peril Studio (directing duo Garth and Ginny Jones along with producer Sam Bourner) play God in this animated music video for Leisure Society and their new track 'Fight For Everyone'.

Starting with the creation of the universe, then focussing on Earth, a giant hand assembles different landscapes with ease. As things progress and the landscapes are populated the hand struggles to keep things running smoothly, before the fickle deity finally loses his temper and destroys its creations.

Max Hattler For Amnesty International

Max Hattler's latest kaleidoscopic animation, 'Stop The Show', was created on behalf of Amnesty International in association with Contrapunto BBDO agency. Utilising design elements lifted from the flags of several states Max beautifully illustrates Amnesty's latest campaign in support of a United Nations treaty to regulate the arms trade between countries.

Conkerco & PES For Oxo

When this advert for Oxo first appeared on our TV screens a couple of days ago the similarities to PES' 'Western Spaghetti' and the Oscar nominated 'Fresh Guacamole' were immediately obvious. Our initial though was that, as is often the case, PES' concept had been ripped off by some ad-man to simply sell stock cubes! Thankfully the agency responsible, JWT London, worked alongside PES as a creative consultant and the directing duo Conkerco which has resulted in the spot being as slick as PES' other films and not some bog standard bland imitation.

Asami Ike: The Cloudy Dog

Asami Ike is currently studying animation at the Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine arts. 'The Cloudy Dog' embodies all the cute cuddly companionship dogs bring to our lives and thanks them for the unconditional love they give.

Mickey Mouse Moleskine Promo

We posted about the new limited edition Mickey Mouse Moleskine notebooks last month and as customary with Moleskines limited collaborations a rather nice animation has been released to promote the range. You just need to take a look at their YouTube channel to realise how much these guys love their animation.

The promo for the Mickey Mouse range was directed by Gerardo del Hierro and animated by Vando Studios. In the piece we see a hand draw another hand that in turn draws a new one... a page-by-page stopmotion journey through one of the new Moleskine notebooks.

Emo Diaz: Keep Running Mr. Postman

Spanish illustrator and animator Emo Diaz is back with a second short featuring his lovable Mr. Postman character. Following on from 'Run, Run Mr. Postman' he's returned to deliver more love notes in 'Keep Running Mr. Postman'. If you want to send your own love letters a limited edition set of Mr. Postman postcards are available via Emo's online store.

Moniker Mighty Mouse Print

'I Wish I Was Super' by graffiti artist Moniker was released for sale yesterday (February 28th 2013) via the Slack Candy online store at a cost of $50. The print features an image of Mighty Mouse in spraypaint, ink and acrylic with each being hand finished every one of the edition of 25 is a unique original.

Sebas & Clim: Life

The London based animation due Sebastian Baptista and Climent Canal, simply known as Sebas & Clim, have been releasing visually appealing, conceptually interesting and thought-provoking work for a year now. 'Life' was created as "something to have fun with and explore a new style in design, edition and animation" as well as being a celebration of their 1st anniversary.

Delphic: His Palette Jim Carrey

Korean animation studio :Delphic created this homage to Jim Carrey titled 'His Palette'. This is the third film from their series of self promotional shorts following on from 'De:Light' and 'We Are Delphic!'

'His Palette' races through the variety of roles Jim Carrey has played from 'Ace Ventura' to 'Bruce Almighty...