Conkerco & PES For Oxo

When this advert for Oxo first appeared on our TV screens a couple of days ago the similarities to PES' 'Western Spaghetti' and the Oscar nominated 'Fresh Guacamole' were immediately obvious. Our initial though was that, as is often the case, PES' concept had been ripped off by some ad-man to simply sell stock cubes! Thankfully the agency responsible, JWT London, worked alongside PES as a creative consultant and the directing duo Conkerco which has resulted in the spot being as slick as PES' other films and not some bog standard bland imitation.

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Anonymous said...

The idea that ad creatives are paid to come up with original ideas is wrong. We (and I am one) are paid to find ideas already out there which are perfect fits for the product. That's the art really :-)