Gregory Barsamian: The Trap

Gregory Barsamian's kinetic constructions are a clever elabortion on a tradition Phenakistoscope or Zoetrope. His uncanny animated sculptures, assisted with a strobe light, bring the surreal images taken from dream worlds to jerky eerie life!

'Die Falle' ('The Trap') was constructed in 1997, but exhibited recently at the London Kinetica Artfair 2013, where The Creators Project took the opportunity to talk to Gregory about his work. 'The Trap' sees dreaming disembodied heads release shapeless blobs that turn into human forms, and gives the illusion that they’re gliding up a spinning steel armature, turning into cogs and then back to humans before being snapped up by mouse trap beds.

You can check out stills and videos of all Gregory's spectacular sculptures over on his website here:

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