Michael Frei: Not About Us

Swiss animation artist Michael Frei recently wrapped up the festival run for his short film 'Not About Us', which included screenings at Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Platform Animation Festival, International Animation Festival Hiroshima, Platform Animation Festival and the Krakow Film Festival to name a few.

Frei graduated of from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, but produced 'Not About Us' during an exchange year at the Estonian Academy of Art under the mentorship of filmmakers Priit and Olga Parn. Frei kept this development blog during the production of the short.

"A game of contrasts – light and darkness, black and white, a man and a woman... This symbolically approached film by Michael Frei invites us to think – do contrasts attract or not? If we have a counterpart in a parallel world, can we meet and become entwined in another world? Or are we supposed to maintain the universe in balance? The film is perfectly compact with minimalist sounds and music"

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