Pinkunoizu - I Chi

'I Chi' is taken from Pinkunoizu EP 'Second Amendment' released by Everbody's Stalking records and Full Time Hobby. The music video for the release was animated by the always brilliant Ewan Jones Morris...

Rovakada Books by Yuri Norstein & Franceska Yarbusova


Rovakada Publishing is a small San Francisco based independent publisher, founded in 2009. The company is dedicated to bringing the best to the world of children’s books. So far their range consists of three titles based on classic tales from renowned Russian literary figures and poets. In each case the stories were adapted for short animated films and illustrated by Franceska Yarbusova, an award-winning artist, the wife and collaborator of distinguished Russian animator Yuri Norstein (Norshteyn).

Yuri Norstein created a number of memorable and award-wining films. In 1984 his film ‘Tale Of Tales’ was named the Best Animated Film Of All Time in an event organised by the American Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences in Los Angeles. In 2002 this film was also named the Best Animated Film Of All Time in a Zagreb International Animation Festival poll. In 2003, an international film jury in Tokyo declared ‘Hedgehog In The Fog’ to be the Best Animated Film Of All Time.


Hedgehog in the Fog

Author: Sergey Kozlov & Yuri Norstein
Publisher: Rovakada
Release Date: 2010
Features: Illustrated by Franceska Yarbusova, 48 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0984586709

"‘Hedgehog In The Fog’ is an international hit which has already been published in many languages. This story is about the adventures of the philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear. Along the way Hedgehog enters into a mysterious fog in which he encounters a horse, a dog, an owl, and a fish. The book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches to the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein."


The Fox And The Hare

Author: Vladimir Dal
Publisher: Rovakada
Release Date: 2010
Features: Illustrated by Franceska Yarbusova, 48 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0984586717

"‘The Fox And The Hare’ is a Russian folktale retold by Vladimir Dal. This book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches to the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. This simple story is about the insidious Fox who takes over the little Hare’s house. Who is going to help the poor Hare?"



Author: Korney Chukovsky
Publisher: Rovakada
Release Date: 2011
Features: Illustrated by Franceska Yarbusova, 32 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0984586741

"‘Mishmash’ is the poem for little children about a funny mix-up that happened among the animals. Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches."

Below we’ve also posted the beautiful animated films on which these equally gorgeous books are based...

Reza Riahi: Turquoise

Iranian born Reza Riahi is currently studying Directing in Animation at La Poudrière école du film d'animation in Valence. His latest animated piece, titled 'Turquoise', themed around the brief of 'Exotic Travel' reveals a subtly beautiful illustrative style enhanced by the fantastic musical compostiton by Christophe Serpinet. Nice!

Vladimir Leschiov & Kaspar Jancis: Villa Antropoff

The beautifully animated short 'Villa Antropff' directed by Estonian animators Kaspar Jancis & Vladimir Leschiov in 2012 is finally up online for us all to enjoy.

"Once upon a time, there lived a man who had nothing besides himself. And a dream, a great big dream. But an immense and dangerous sheet of water spread out between him and his dream. The man set out. He arrived at his destination due to his courage and tenacity. But was that what he had been searching for?"

Melt Yourself Down - Fix My Life

Morgan Beringer, a philosophy graduate/video artist with a fascination for "unexplored conceptual space between still/moving image", directed this strobic music video for the rather excellent 'Fix My Life' by Melt Yourself Down.

Created purely with royalty free images taken from 'Geometric Patterns', published by Pepin Press, just goes to show you don't need a huge budget to create a fantastically appealing music video.

Studio La Cachette: Kairos

Studio La Cachette is a collective of several students (Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Julien Chheng and Ulysse Malassagne) who met at Gobelins school, where they co-directed 'Le Royaume' in 2010. Their latest animated project builds on the world of 'Kairos' first revealed by Ulysse Malassagne in comic book form.

Alexandra Levasseur - Playing With Fire

Artist and illustrator Alexandra Levasseur animated 'Playing With Fire', an unofficial music video for 'T-stirngs' by The Mole, during her first year of study at Mel Hoppenheim School Of Cinema on their Film Animation program.

Louis Vuitton Presents The Game Parade

Louis Vuitton love board games... Gaston-Louis was a known collector of games, jugglers demonstrated yo-yo's in the store window in 1930, various games including chess, dominoes, cards and games of skill were edited with the colours and style of the Maison for special occasions. Even as recently as 2008, Louis Vuitton chose to open a game playing area by creating a range of monogram cases and chests for poker, backgammon, dice and even mahjong.

It's no wonder that for a second time Louis Vuitton have released an animated promo focusing on games. French artist and illustrator Honet takes viewers on a psychedelic journey with a pool ball as a guide. In one continuous spiralling thread the graphic composition features many of the board and table games Louis Vuitton once created, ranging from the pool table to the classic chess board.

We've also posted the first instalment in their game focused series animated by Ill Studio.

It's The ShizNICK!

Image Hosted by

To celebrate Nickelodeon's lasting appeal and cultural influence, LA-based gallery iam8bit is hosting 'It's The ShizNICK!' where over 60 contemporary artists have come together to pay tribute to their favourite Nickelodeon shows and characters.

Artworks vary from painting to prints and sculptures to toys from an eclectic range of illustrators and artists. A full list of all the contributors can be seen below along with a selection of some of the works on show.

The exhibition opening night on Friday, April 19th will also include live tunes by DJ Lance (from Yo Gabba Gabba!), an "animated GIF theatre", a "photo playset" and lots of green slime!

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Wassim Boutaleb: Sauvage #1

Wassim Boutaleb has featured a couple of times recently on the Animated Review and with his gorgeous illustrative style he's fast becoming one of our favourite artists.

His latest animated treat is a Henri Rousseau-esq short entitled 'Sauvage'. Rather excitingly the short is billed as "episode one" with episode two scheduled for release in the next few weeks. We can't wait!

Atlas Genius - Trojans

Following on from Tyler Nicolson's claymation adaptation of 'Trojans' by Atlas Genius comes this animated paint splatter interpretation by Eric Funk.

Given just one month to complete the music video, Eric devised and animated this single-handedly from scratch being entirely hand drawn using markers and ink throughout!

Marlyn Spaaij: Stupid Monkey

Marlyn Spaaij animated 'Stupid Monkey' whilst studying a masters course at AKV/St. Joost in Breda.

In the short a hungry ring-tail lemur is after delicious fruits... Unfortunately for him so is a pesky humming bird! Like Mondo Media's 'Happy Tree Friends' the cartoon is drawn in a simplistic style and combines cute forest animals with extreme graphic violence.

Nadín Ospina Sculpture


Nadín Ospina is an award-winning Colombian artist who was inspired to create his famous pop culture Pre-Columbian style statues and artefacts after unknowingly buying fake Pre-Columbian pieces.

Some of Ospina's most noted works combine cartoon characters from pop culture with Latin American and Pre-Columbian artistic traditions. We've hand-picked a selection of our favourite sculptures from his impressive body of work.


Iron And Wine - Joy

Director and animator Hayley Morris, who has a tendency to combine all sorts of artistic medium in creating her fantastical animated worlds, is behind this ingenious music video for Iron And Wine track 'Joy', taken from their new album called 'Ghost On Ghost'.

Hayley Morris: "When brainstorming ideas for possible narratives and visual interpretations of the song 'Joy' by Iron and Wine, I was drawn to one particular lyric. "Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess, I'm only calm when I get lost within your wilderness." This is what sparked my idea. 'Joy' is a song about love and taking a moment to realize how someone can vastly change how you perceive yourself and the world around you."

To visualise this abstract concept the woman Sam Beam sings about in the track appears in the plants, rocks, trees and other objects that occupy this world and changes them through bursts of colour, growth and transformation. The video was made by projecting sequences of hand-painted water colour animation into stop-motion landscapes. Watch the making-of also posted below to glean further insight into this fascinating process.

Philip Watts: Bless You

Philip Watts' primary line of work is as a film and television editor based in Melbourne. Since the early 90's he's been producing animated motion graphics for the TV industry and also worked as a freelance cartoonist. Recently he's started to combine these two sideline interests by creating his own animated shorts.

Philip's third and latest film sees a real developmental leap in terms of creativity, style and narrative. Beautifully combining tilt shift photography of Melbourne's skyline and some wonderfully simple 2D animated characters, 'Bless You' tells the story of an omnipotent architect in the sky tire of his creation...

BUCK For National Geographic

BUCK were asked to animate a 15 second TV ident for the National Geographic depicting the American experience in the 1980s, and discuss how certain events helped shape our cultural values and behaviour moving forward. A big ask for a 15 second blast of visuals.

Telling the story of the U.S.A. chant, conceived during a hockey match that in turn inspired a barrage of patriotic behaviour in pop culture, government and economic sectors, BUCK certainly pulled it off! Beautifully illustrated in a typical 80's style with pencil, ink and watercolour just to make it extra Rad!

The Line: Everything I Can See From Here

The Line are an animation collective based in East London consisting primarily of Wes Louis, Tim McCourt, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Sam Taylor, James Duveen and Jonathan Topf. Their amazing anime-inspired music video for 'Easy' by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson only appeared on AR last month and they're back already with some more superb animation.

Their new short, 'Everything I Can See From Here', was directed by Sam Taylor & Bjorn Aschim, working over the last two years in the evenings, weekends and days off with no budget but lots of help from their talented friends. A whole host of contributors and links to their websites can be seen here.

"A game of football turns deadly as an uninvited player joins in..."

Aardman DC Action Figures


Around this time last year Aardman animated a series of shorts for Cartoon Network's DC Nation block of programming, bringing their inimitable style and oddball sense of humour to Superman, Batman, Robin, Catwoman and the Joker.

Unsurprisingly the hilarious shorts were a huge hit and as a result this amazing 5-piece collectable set of action figures, designed by Rich Webber and sculpted by Phil Ramirez, is scheduled for a September 2013 release with a price tag of around £50!


The Batman figure was previously available as a single figure, released by DC collectibles at the 2012 New York ComicCon. Priced at £17 on his own the full set of 5 figures priced at £50 seems quite reasonable

Drawnimal App

Lucas Zanotto conceived, designed and animated the wonderful 'Drawnimal', an iOS app that encourages kids and parents to think outside the box/device. 'Drawnimal' teaches the alphabet, motivates the children to draw and encouraging them to leave the digital screen with a simple physical interaction. It shows the children how to draw the main features of animals and with a tap of the screen a funny animated surprise is revealed.

“The idea was born while my daughter and I played with an alphabet book. This book showed us how to build an origami-animal out of a paper letter. I wanted to bring a similar analogue and funny learning experience to our daily digital devices.”

All you need to get started is a pencil, some paper and the app, which can be purchased here: itunes

We Think Things: Eye Candy

We Think Things is a design collective consisting of Pascal Monaco & Felix Meyer, two freelance motion graphics artists based in Hamburg, Germany. They've featured on AR several times in the past with their cutesy and graphically simple animation and now they're back with their latest animated film, 'Eye Candy', which is a little darker than what we're used to seeing.

'Eye Candy' has been a little side project for We Think Things for a while, working on it from time to time between other project. Now it's finished and up online for us all to enjoy...

Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill (Record Store Day Animated 10" Picture Disc)


Saturday April 20th sees the 6th annual Record Store Day in the UK. Record Store Day is the one day that all the independently owned record stores come together with musicians to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases along with various promotional products are made exclusively for sale on the day. For the third consecutive year Kate Bush is releasing a special 10" vinyl single as part of the celebrations.

This years release, a double A-side featuring 'Running Up That Hill' (2012 Remix) and 'Walk Straight Down The Middle' is of particular interest because of is zoetropic picture disc design. The side featuring 'Running Up That Hill', which was a UK number 6 hit for Kate in 2012 after it was prominently featured at the London Olympic closing ceremony, has a bizarre animated sequence of a fish-headed man jogging round the centre label. The 10" is limited to a merge 2500 copies in the UK and as with all Record Store Day releases it's sure to sell out quickly. Even if you're not a fan of the music it's worth picking up a copy as an animated optical curio. Check it out...


Malika Favre: KamaSutra

Malika Favre is a French graphic artist and illustrator working in London. Her approach to illustration is all about paring objects down to their bare essentials by using as few lines and colours as needed to convey the essence of the subject matter and as a result her style lends itself well to animation. It's no wonder then that with each upcoming exhibition she commissions animated teasers, usually in collaboration with animator Maki Yoshikura.

'KamaSutra' is the sexy teaser for her upcoming show at Pick Me Up in London running from the 18th to the 28th of April. As an additional bonus we've also posted the teaser for the Hide And Seek exhibition at Kemistry Gallery from last September.

Pictoplasma Festival 2013 Opener

Pictoplasma, the world’s leading festival of contemporary character culture, is back on in Berlin. The festival is a dense marathon of inspiring conference lectures by more than 28 outstanding artists, illustrators and designers pushing the edge of contemporary character visualisation, animation screenings, 25 character walk exhibitions and 4 club nights.

This is the official opening sequence for the festival animated by Dante Zaballa and Leo Campasso.

James Curran: A Year And A Day

James Curran, who received a lot of attention in 2011 for his unofficial 'Tintin' title sequence, has created a short tribute to MCA set to the Beastie Boys track 'A Year And A Day.'

The tribute features sequences for 35 different Beastie Boys tracks each represented by three animated picto-graphics. In addition to the animation 35 individual framed prints (one for each track highlighted) will be on show in Berlin during Pictoplasma 2013 from April 10th at Galerie Torstrasse 161, and subsequently sold at an event in London with all proceeds going to a charity for cancer care and support.

Visit the 'A Year And A Day' Tumblr for the print images and follow James Curran on Twitter for further updates.

Alessandro Conti: Inhuman Anatomy


Italian artist Alessandro Conti has illustrated these frightening anatomical drawings of what lies underneath the skin of classic Disney characters. His 'Inhuman Anatomy' series so far includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy.


Evan Viera: Caldera

After a substantial run on the festival circuit, Evan Viera (director/composer/co-Writer) and Chris Bishop (co-writer/animation supervisor/story artist) have just released their wonderful CG short 'Caldera' for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Evan Viera: “‘Caldera' is inspired by my father’s struggle with schizoaffective disorder. In states of delusion, my father has danced on the rings of Saturn, spoken with angels, and fled from his demons. He has lived both a fantastical and haunted life, but one that’s invisible to the most of us. In our differing understanding of reality, we blindly mandate his medication, assimilate him to our marginalizing culture, and entirely misinterpret him. ‘Caldera’ aims not only to venerate my father, but all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.”

Anton Bogaty: Steamy The Train

Thomas The Tank Engine has been renamed 'Steamy The Train' in this animated fragment by Anton Bogaty so not to inadvertently disturb millions of children. A yardmaster has a slight accident when cleaning steamy face...

Conor Whelan: Windows

'Windows' is a stunning piece of animation by Conor Whelan. His aim was to capture "that weird feeling of happy loneliness you get when travelling alone." Which he's beautifully captured by the flickering light through the windows of an aeroplane, car, train and boat. We only wish the journey was longer.

David O'Reilly: Adventure Time

When we first heard that David O'Reilly was writing, directing and producing an episode of 'Adventure Time' we naturally assumed it was one of his numerous online hoaxes. Even the shows creator Pendleton Ward got in on the joke trying to quell the rumours...

As it turned out it was all true and David's episode 'A Glitch Is A Glitch' premiered on April 1st, a suitable date given David's preoccupation with pranks and online japery.

The episode sees the Ice King unleash a computer virus to delete everyone in Ooo except himself and Princess Bubblegum. The virus is hidden in an video email (a floppy disc tied to a breeze block) sent by the Ice King to Finn and Jake. The disturbing video of a girl gagging herself with her own hair was released as a cryptic teaser through David's Vimeo channel a few days prior to the Cartoon Network premiere with no hint it was from the looming 'Adventure Time' episode.

Whilst 'A Glitch Is A Glitch' isn't our favourite episode (although it is pretty amazingly weird) it's great to see a show like 'Adventure Time' and a channel like Cartoon Network get behind an awesome visual artist like David O'Reilly a let them run wild. The entire episode, even a re-working of the opening titles, was crafted in O'Reilly's inimitable glitchy style with his intentionally crude lo-fi digital imagery and dark sense of humour which may not appeal to your typical Cartoon Network viewer. Whilst the episode might not be to everyone's taste, this off-beat experiment is a real treat for animation fans and hopefully the start of future collaborations between the show and other guest directors who can put their own unique stamp on subsequent episodes.

Mark Prendergast: The Inevitability Of Isolation

Mark Prendergast was obviously hugely influenced by the works of Al Jarnow in the conception of this animated short, part of the larger body of work, he created during his illustration studies at the University Of Brighton. Much of Marks work is explorative and open ended focusing on a particular facet of the human condition: 'The Inevitability Of Isolation'. Also the title of his most recent work, 'The Inevitability Of Isolation' investigates the idea of creating something that makes sense both as an animated film and a printed physical object when the content is exactly the same in each.

Much like Al Jarnow's 'Cubits' the film is as much about the making of the animation as it is the printed image of floating heads upon which the film is based. The film works by laying out a mathematically derived grid of film stills with the four heads is various states of rotation, shooting close-up sequences across different axis' of the grid yields different patterns of rotation. Clever combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal pans result in even more complex rotations. The film explores the direct relationship between the physical printed object, the animation procedure and logical numerical operations.

Layzell Bros: Future Travel

FOX Network's Animation Domination High Def (ADHD)channel has collaborated with the Layzell Brothers to bring us the hilarious 'Future Travel'. The Layzell Bros. have featured several times on the Animated Review with numerous cool projects, like 'Chicks With Cheeks' and the Adam Buxton music video, and here they doing more of what they do best... brightly coloured puerile animated fun!

The opening chat up lines “If I were a dog would you let me bury my boner in your back garden?” and "My cats dead. Can I stroke your pussy?" set the tone for the rest of the short.

Wood Wood Blotter T-Shirt


Copenhagen based Wood Wood was set up by a trio of designers back in 2002 specialising in their own graphic prints and a variety of collectable items such as books, clothing, toys and trainers. The clothing collections typically blend high-end fashion, classic streetwear looks and playful graphics, and the 'Blotter' tee from their latest collection is no exception.

The SS13 collection of Wood Wood Tees are inspired by the 'Summer of Love', a concept that was first associated with the Hippie movement in 1960's San Francisco and later the UK Rave/Acid House Scene in 1988-89. Dubbed the '3rd Movement', Wood Wood's SS13 collection is an extension of the Summer of Love phenomenon with excellent Hippie/Acid inspired graphic prints.

The rather excellent 'Blotter' tee, depicting a sheet of Acid tabs featuring a pseudo Felix The Cat/Mickey Mouse hybrid, is available now via the Wood Wood online store for approximately £45.00.

Also from the SS13 collection are the equally superb 'Melix' and 'Acid Maus' Tees, which are also available now!


Felix Colgrave: Man Spaghetti

Whilst exploring the concept of immediate matter regeneration Felix Colgrave created the jaw-droppingly freakish 'Man Spaghetti'.

Colgrave, “When I made this film, I was exploring the idea of how living things are made of matter, and when we die and rot and we’re returned to the earth and yadda yadda, and then that matter then goes on to build other living things. Basically I cut out the middle man, and made the matter reorganise itself into new things the moment the consciousness died. Then I put them in onesies and gave the whole thing a silly name.”

Kobi Levi Disney Villain Shoes

Israeli designer Kobi Levi, who specialises in footwear design and development, has feature on the AR once in the past with his Olive Oyle inspired high heels. Kobi treats the shoe as a canvas and each of his designs as pieces of art, often referring to them wearable sculptures.

His latest range of footwear draws inspiration from 3 classic Disney villains. Levi said of the collaboration, “My choice to work with Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen was an easy one. I always loved them. Although they are all stereotypes, each one has her uniqueness and a distinct character and temperament.” Each of those characters uniqueness has been cleverly incorporated into each of the hand-crafted leather shoes, all of which feature the villains’ faces hand-painted onto the insole!

The Evil Queen is a heel-less peep toe that frames the queen’s face whilst the upper part of the shoe serves as her crown. The peep toe itself is cleverly designed so that red nail polish on your toes completes the Queens necklace.


The Ursula shoe is a sling-back sandal that represents her Octopus-like body. The front of the shoe is designed to look like the top of her dress so from a front view it looks as though she is wearing it.


Lastly Maleficent’s face is framed in this pair of scaly, shiny and black pointy-toed shoes whilst her horns wind their way up your legs.