Evan Viera: Caldera

After a substantial run on the festival circuit, Evan Viera (director/composer/co-Writer) and Chris Bishop (co-writer/animation supervisor/story artist) have just released their wonderful CG short 'Caldera' for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Evan Viera: “‘Caldera' is inspired by my father’s struggle with schizoaffective disorder. In states of delusion, my father has danced on the rings of Saturn, spoken with angels, and fled from his demons. He has lived both a fantastical and haunted life, but one that’s invisible to the most of us. In our differing understanding of reality, we blindly mandate his medication, assimilate him to our marginalizing culture, and entirely misinterpret him. ‘Caldera’ aims not only to venerate my father, but all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.”

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