Iron And Wine - Joy

Director and animator Hayley Morris, who has a tendency to combine all sorts of artistic medium in creating her fantastical animated worlds, is behind this ingenious music video for Iron And Wine track 'Joy', taken from their new album called 'Ghost On Ghost'.

Hayley Morris: "When brainstorming ideas for possible narratives and visual interpretations of the song 'Joy' by Iron and Wine, I was drawn to one particular lyric. "Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess, I'm only calm when I get lost within your wilderness." This is what sparked my idea. 'Joy' is a song about love and taking a moment to realize how someone can vastly change how you perceive yourself and the world around you."

To visualise this abstract concept the woman Sam Beam sings about in the track appears in the plants, rocks, trees and other objects that occupy this world and changes them through bursts of colour, growth and transformation. The video was made by projecting sequences of hand-painted water colour animation into stop-motion landscapes. Watch the making-of also posted below to glean further insight into this fascinating process.

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