Louis Vuitton Presents The Game Parade

Louis Vuitton love board games... Gaston-Louis was a known collector of games, jugglers demonstrated yo-yo's in the store window in 1930, various games including chess, dominoes, cards and games of skill were edited with the colours and style of the Maison for special occasions. Even as recently as 2008, Louis Vuitton chose to open a game playing area by creating a range of monogram cases and chests for poker, backgammon, dice and even mahjong.

It's no wonder that for a second time Louis Vuitton have released an animated promo focusing on games. French artist and illustrator Honet takes viewers on a psychedelic journey with a pool ball as a guide. In one continuous spiralling thread the graphic composition features many of the board and table games Louis Vuitton once created, ranging from the pool table to the classic chess board.

We've also posted the first instalment in their game focused series animated by Ill Studio.

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