Mark Prendergast: The Inevitability Of Isolation

Mark Prendergast was obviously hugely influenced by the works of Al Jarnow in the conception of this animated short, part of the larger body of work, he created during his illustration studies at the University Of Brighton. Much of Marks work is explorative and open ended focusing on a particular facet of the human condition: 'The Inevitability Of Isolation'. Also the title of his most recent work, 'The Inevitability Of Isolation' investigates the idea of creating something that makes sense both as an animated film and a printed physical object when the content is exactly the same in each.

Much like Al Jarnow's 'Cubits' the film is as much about the making of the animation as it is the printed image of floating heads upon which the film is based. The film works by laying out a mathematically derived grid of film stills with the four heads is various states of rotation, shooting close-up sequences across different axis' of the grid yields different patterns of rotation. Clever combinations of vertical, horizontal and diagonal pans result in even more complex rotations. The film explores the direct relationship between the physical printed object, the animation procedure and logical numerical operations.

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