Wood Wood Blotter T-Shirt


Copenhagen based Wood Wood was set up by a trio of designers back in 2002 specialising in their own graphic prints and a variety of collectable items such as books, clothing, toys and trainers. The clothing collections typically blend high-end fashion, classic streetwear looks and playful graphics, and the 'Blotter' tee from their latest collection is no exception.

The SS13 collection of Wood Wood Tees are inspired by the 'Summer of Love', a concept that was first associated with the Hippie movement in 1960's San Francisco and later the UK Rave/Acid House Scene in 1988-89. Dubbed the '3rd Movement', Wood Wood's SS13 collection is an extension of the Summer of Love phenomenon with excellent Hippie/Acid inspired graphic prints.

The rather excellent 'Blotter' tee, depicting a sheet of Acid tabs featuring a pseudo Felix The Cat/Mickey Mouse hybrid, is available now via the Wood Wood online store for approximately £45.00.

Also from the SS13 collection are the equally superb 'Melix' and 'Acid Maus' Tees, which are also available now!


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