Michael Aubtin Madadi: Sefton's Dream

Michael Aubtin Madadi animated this cleverly devised dream sequence by photographing hand painted cels, made using inks on acetate, in front of a TV screen depicting stills digitally created with a SEGA graphic board. The result is a rather unique blend of fluid ink illustration and glitchy pixelated backgrounds complete with 'refresh rate' anomalies cause by photographing a TV screen. Head over to Michael’s website to see some fascinating behind the scenes photographs and even purchase some of the original cel paintings from his online store.

Gary Baseman: The Buckingham Warrior

'The Buckingham Warrior', a tale inspired by Gary Baseman's father Ben Baseman who survived the holocaust, fighting the Nazi invasion in Ukraine's birch tree forests for almost 4 years. Baseman and Director David Charles transformed his father's harsh reality into a whimsical story of survival and hope, which was animated by Peter Markowski and set to the track 'Never Le Nkemise1' by South-African duo Die Antwoord.

This video was created on the occasion of the exhibition 'Gary Baseman: The Door Is Always Open' which explores the influences of Baseman’s Jewish family heritage and American popular culture on his exuberant, boundary-defying art. Organized by the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, 'Gary Baseman: The Door Is Always Open' is on view now through till August 18th, 2013.

Professor Soap - Spacetime Fabric Softener

Ryan Mauskopf is an illustrator, graphic designer, and musician living and working in New York City. His musical pseudonym Professor Soap has a new animated interstellar music video to accompany his latest release 'Spacetime Fabric Softener'. All of Professor Soap's music can be downloaded for free via his BandCamp page or head over to RyanMauskopf.com to download 2 bonus tracks, a HD version of the music video and storyboard artwork! You can aslo head over to Ryan's website to see his other animated projects.

Marianna Madriz: Marching Creatures

Marianna Madriz is currently studying an Illustration BA at the Arts University in Bournemouth. 'Marching Creatures' is her first ever animated short, which is quite remarkable. The piece took 10 brush pen cartridges, 560 drawings and a lot of cutting and pasting to achieve it’s distinctly Tove Jansson-esq menagerie of animated creatures. We look forward to seeing what other animated projects she may be working on.

Earl Of Lemongrab Lego


We've posted about Iain Heath and his incredible animation inspired LEGO creations on AR a couple of times already. This superb Earl Of Lemongrab sculpture is the latest piece we've felt compelled to share following on from his Studio Ghibli, Legend Of Korra and other Adventure Time sets.


Ross Hogg: Spectators Trailer

Ross Hogg is an illustrator, animator and film-maker studying at the Glasgow School of Art. His latest animated short 'Spectators', which is beautifully captured in his expressive charcoal on paper aesthetic, is an observational piece that inverts the expected focus of a football match. Usually lost within the masses of the crowd it explores the character subtleties and social interactions of the spectators as they watch the unseen spectacle of the game.

At the moment we've only seen this enticing short trailer, hopefully the full 4 minute short will be up online soon. We'll keep you posted.

The Animation Workshop: Short Short Films

Groups of first year students at The Animation Workshop in Denmark were tasked with creating "Short Short" films to include certain themes or objects and allow themselves to be visually inspired by stylistic traits of certain renowned animators and illustrators.

We've included a couple of our favourite "Short Short" films from the brief here, but you can watch all the projects over on The Animation Workshop Vimeo channel. It'll be interesting to watch the development of this already talented bunch of animators of the coming years.

Kids & Explosions - Swear Words

Kids & Explosions' website is mostly "kittens, pornography and offensive backgrounds." His album, 'Shit Computer' is jam packed with profanity and yet more kittens and pornography! Along with describing himself as "a boy who makes songs by stealing other people's songs and making them worse" should give you an idea of what to expect from the track 'Swear Words'.

The official music video for the track was animated by French agency Cumulus. They describe the piece as inspired by GIF's and about "the clichés of american antagonisms... Christian thought, homeland love and excesses of the USA."

Dan LuVisi Popped Culture


In Dan LuVisi's 'Popped Culture' series of illustrations he takes well known Disney characters gives them a dark and disturbing back story and draws these hyper-realistic portraits to accompany the narratives.

Mike Wazowski, blinded in a fatal fight with Sully, banishes himself to the human world where he's forced to beg to stay alive. Eve leads a robotic uprising against the humans ala Terminator, Wreck It Ralph bludgeons his way through the realm of 'Street Fighter' to rescue Vanellope whose been kidnapped by Bison and Buzz Lightyear is sucked into an alternative dimension where he's trapped as a child's toy!

image name image name

Lkan - ¿Qué Pasó con los Dinosaurios?

Illustrator and animator Emo Diaz animated this music video for Spanish pop band Lkan, and their single '¿Qué Pasó con los Dinosaurios?'. We've no idea what the songs about but the video sure is exciting!

Itzá!: Amigos Locos

Jules Guérin aka Itzá! was asked by his friends at LVL Studio to create this short animation based on some characters they designed. The piece will be projected on a wall during an upcoming exhibition of their work in Paris.

Jiho Jang: GIFTY Camera


Designed and built by Jiho Jang as part of his college thesis, The GIFTY camera allows the user to capture a series of images and then turn those animated GIFs into a series of printed images which can easily be assembled into a flipbook!

As the video demonstrates GIFTY prints the series of images instantly like a Polaroid onto instant Z-ink paper and multiple reprints of a sequence can be assembled together to give a looping effect.

At the moment the only existing prototype sits in Jang's room. Hopefully he'll get it onto a crowdsourcing platform soon, we'd buy one!

Amanda Visell's Ren & Stimpy


We've featured Amanda Visell's 'Wood Idol' pop culture inspired creations on the Animated Review before.

This latest group of wooden sculptures was exhibited as part of the 'It's The ShizNICK!' Nickelodeon themed group show at LA-based gallery iam8bit and features five individual pieces based on characters from 'Ren & Stimpy'.

Priced at $2,200.00 through the iam8bit online store it's currently still available, but considering she usually retails single figures at around $900 its quite a bargain and sure to sell soon.

The Abe Chang And The Sea - SUN SET SUN

Yoshiharu Abe's solo project, The Abe Chang And The Sea, is set to release a series of three Ep's titled 'R', 'G' and 'B'after the RGB colour model. 'SUN SET SUN' is the first track released of the 'R' Ep and features a suitably colourful music video directed by Masanobu Hiraoka...

Alan Dalby: Kevin Print


Inspired by Disney Pixar's 'Up' Alan Dalby's 'Kevin' print is on sale and raising money for Art V Cancer.

Limited to just 15 copies each Giclee print is hand signed, embossed and numbered by the artist. Priced at just £20 a print these are sure to sell quickly and it's for a good cause, so what are you waiting for? Head to www.artvcancer.com and buy a copy now!

Thea Glad: Pretty Little Things

Thea Glad is a Norwegian national currently studying Illustration & Animation at Kingston University in London. 'Pretty Little Things' is her 2nd year major project about discrimination and harassment of women in the workplace.

Earth Design Works: The Memory Of Fountain

Korean based Earth Design Works practice a wide variety of design mediums including graphic design, branding, illustration and animation. Their latest animated piece, 'L'uomo d'acqua e la sua Fontana' ('The Memory Of Fountain'), is based on Ivo Rosati & Gabriel Pacheco's book of the same name (published by Zoolibri) and directed and animated by Kim, Young-jun & Kim, Ji-su.

Lara Zombie: Moby Dick

Lora Zombie is a young self-taught artist from Russia whose multi-disciplinary talents are evident in the diverse work found in her portfolio, which is invariably influenced and inspired by music and literature. Her latest animated piece is a homage to Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick' played out through a goldfish and a cat in a space helmet.

Malika Favre For TOTO

It was only recently we posted the animated teaser for Malika Favre's 'KamaSutra' print exhibition at Pick Me Up and she's already back on AR! This time Malika's brought her gorgeous illustrative style to an animated spot for the Japanese lifestyle brand TOTO.

Evan Red Borja: Black Magic

Evan Red Borja featured in last years Cartoon Brew annual Student Animation Festival with his animated short 'Otzi'. Evan's latest piece is a hilarious animated fragment set to the lyrics of 'Black Magic' by Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross. Awesome!

Spray Gang - Feeling Off Colour Pink Panther Print


Following on from 'Cider Panther' released in 2011 and the subsequent gold variant later that year, Spray Gang has now release the 'Feeling Off Colour' variant based on the 1980's Andrews Adverts and the classic 'Pink Punch' episode from 1966!

The two colour Risograph print is limited to an edition of 30 signed and number copies and available now via the Spray Gang online store for just £20 plus shipping.

image name image name

Martin Allais For Oreo

Martin Allais last featured on the Animated Review around this time last year with the excellent animated advert he illustrated and directed for Winning Moves' Top Trumps.

Since then he's been busy working on this rather special and "Wonderfilled" campaign celebrating 100 years of Oreo cookies. Apparently the project went through a lot of ups and downs almost being shelved several times, but thankfully the spots are finally making it onto our TV screens and further surprises will be revealed over the coming months.

So far we've seen two spots both featuring the same characters, scenario and bouncy song provided by Owl City, but animated in different styles.

Nicolas Ménard: Le Petit Néant Ident

This is the second animated video ident for Dutch illustration journal 'Le Petit Néant' we've presented on AR.

The first ident, that coincided with the magazine launch, was created by Peter Millard. This new ident, animated by another Royal College of Art student Nicolas Ménard, is being used as a call for submission for issue two.

Renaud Hallée: Les Horlogers

In this experimental animated short from Renaud Hallée, we travel inside a mysterious mechanism made up entirely of revolving gearwheels, triangles and lines. In this whirling, hypnotic world, dozens of tiny gymnasts leap, somersault and twist through the air. Their spirited acrobatics trigger both narrative and musical sequences that are mesmerising and, at times, dizzying. Half-figurative and half-abstract, 'Les Horlogers' ('The Clockmakers') is a playful creation that is sure to captivate and dazzle its audience.

Becky & Joe: Tallest Heights

The excellent Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling are back! This time they've directed a short animated piece as part of the 'Hello, Again' series presented by the Lincoln Motor Company, in which film-makers are asked to re-imagine the familiar into something new.

Inspired by the drawn-on film pieces by Norman McLaren, Len Lye and Man Ray, Becky & Joe collaborated with musicians Delicate Steve to create 'Tallest Heights'. The animation was made from a combination of ink, paint, bleach and scratching into the film itself. The final images are high-res scans of super 8, 16mm and 35mm film strips and acetate sheets. Watch the making of also posted below for further insight into the process.

Nicolas LeBorgne: Annuit Coeptis Print


After the first print release 'Born To Be Bender' (see below) long sold out, Sergeant Paper collaborates once again with Nicolas LeBorgne aka Odo and releases a new art print entitled 'Annuit Coeptis'. The print, which takes it name from a Latin phrase on Great Seal of the United States, features the pyramid and eye motif of the seal alongside a warped image of Disney's Mickey Mouse.

The Giclee printed is limited to just 30 copies, each signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Grab yours here before they disappear forever.


PANPAN NO TOU - Ongaku Wa Tomatta

Saigo No Shudan ('The Last Resort') is a collective of audio visual artists based in Japan. Founded in 2009 the collective consists of Ayumu Arisaka, Ren Kohata and Oitama.

The three met during their studies at the Tokyo National University Of Fine Arts And Music, and since their graduation in 2010 they've mainly worked together on music videos and short films. Occasionally they do a bit of graphic design, play their own music and host VJ-ing club nights on the side!

Their latest primitive yet strangely appealing music video was created to accompany the track 'Ongaku Wa Tomatta' by PANPAN NO TOU.

Guillaume Kurkdjian: Bisous Les Copains

Guillaume Kurkdjian dabbles in illustration, graphics, photography and animation. His latest project, titled 'Bisous Les Copains', is a series of beautifully simple and subtlety humorous animated gifs.

Ben Barrett-Forrest: The History Of Typography

The history of typography is long and complex, but fortunately for us graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest has condensed it's key developmental stages into a five minute animated lesson to explain it all!

Ben hand cut a staggering 291 individual paper letters and took 2,454 photographs to create the piece.

Jake Fried: Raw Data

'Raw Data' is the latest in Jake Fried's series of "hand-drawn experimental animations" utilising ink, gouache, white-out and coffee in their composition.

Crush For Woodland Park Zoo

Toronto based studio Crush devised this cute paper-cut-out inspired spot for Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. The look of the animals was developed by Crush designer Jullian Ablaza and children's book illustrator Ashley Barron with more than a nod to the work of Charley Harper, an American Modernist artist best known for his highly stylised wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations.

Eoin Duffy: Encounters

Eoin Duffy's 'Encounters' beautifully illustrates hilarious territorial responses by varying North Atlantic species. We especially enjoyed Neptune's interaction with a lighthouse!

Ray Harryhausen (29/06/20 - 07/05/13)


Visual effects artists, film maker and stop motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen died in London on Tuesday, May 7th at the age of 92.

Whilst the films that featured his work weren't the best in terms of dialogue and acting Rays ability to single-handedly bring to life a menagerie of monsters and mythical creatures inspired innumerable directors, VFX artists, animators and actors working today.

After the official announcement from The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation via Facebook and Twitter the Internet was alight with tributes and admiration for a true legend in the world of stop motion animation!

Banopt Chainwong: Another

Inspired by the title of John Mason's self help drivel 'You Are Born An Original, Do Not Die A Copy', 'Another' is Banopt Chainwong's graduation short.

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament - Henrietta Maria

Darren Hayman of Hefner released a special four-track EP for Record Store Day (Saturday April 20th) entitled 'Four Queens', available as a limited edition coloured vinyl 10″. The EP follows on from his critically acclaimed album, 'The Violence', released on Fortuna POP! last year, which was spawned by an ongoing fascination with English history.

As the EP title suggests the release features four songs about a quartet of English Queens. The standout track, which also featured on 'The Violence', is ‘Henrietta Maria’. Sung from the perspective of King Charles I as he serenades his French Queen, ‘Henrietta Maria’ is beautiful and touching, and somehow Hayman manages to indulge in a brief history lesson without ever compromising his musical integrity.

The track was released along with this animated promo directed by Daryl Waller in October 2012 to announce the release of the album and it's recently re-surfaced online to promote the Record Store Day EP release too.

Sang Yup Kim: Zombie Survival 101

Sang Yup Kim animated this motion graphics piece about how to survive a zombie apocalypse as his senior thesis during his studies at the Otis College Of Art & Design and their BFA in Digital Media.

David Kamp's Sound Creatures

We've already posted a few of the amazing 'Sound Creature' collaborations from David Kamp, a recurring name in musical composition within the world of contemporary animation, on the Animated Review.

The latest collaboration is with designer/illustrator/animator James Wignall and too good not to share here.

Sophie Diao: As Small As A World & As Large As Alone

Sophie Diao has features a couple of times on the Animated Review during the course of her studies at CalArts, having featured both her 2nd year film 'Quiet' and 3rd year film 'After Leaving A Forest'.

She has just posted a couple of animated shorts made during her final CalArts semester online. The first film, 'Eyes Big Love - Crumbs', sees a frog yearn for true love and his first kiss and the second film, a more ambitious afair titled 'As Small As A World & As Large As Alone', sees a magical miniture parade take place at the foot of a tree.

Madeline Sharafian: Omelette

We posted Madeline Sharafian's 1st year CalArts film 'The Mew-sician' in May last year and since then we've been patiently waiting to see more.

Madeline has stuck with her beautifully simple character designs to maximise the effect of the expressive performance she captures from her creations. 'Omelette' centres around the importance of food in a family dynamic and cooking for those you love. Madeline says: "My family's lives practically revolve around cooking for each other," and that deep attachment to her own life really translates into this new short to make it more personal than last years offering, plus it's exceptionally sweet and cute!

We really can't wait to see what the future holds for this incredible talent.

A Boy And His Atom


Director Nico Casavecchia, production company 1stAveMachine, Punga animation studio and some IBM scientist have collaborated on animating the world's smallest stop motion film. Taking the official Guinness World Record, which no one is every going to top, 'A Boy And His Atom' was created by moving individual carbon monoxide molecules and photographing each frame with a Nobel Prize winning two-tonne atomic microscope, which magnifies the atomic surface over 100 million times. To give us an idea of this incredible minuscule scale an IBM scientist said... "if each atom was the size of an orange then an orange would be the size of the Earth!"

Obviously limited by the medium in which it's create 'A Boy And His Atom' isn't going to be the most exciting animated short you'll see this year. The narrative is simple... We see the eponymous boy befriending a single atom and going dancing, playing catch and bouncing on a trampoline, but it's not really about the story on the screen it's about the incredible technology behind it.

Andreas Heinrich, principle investigator, IBM Research, said of the film:

"'A Boy And His Atom' represents a unique way to convey science outside the research community."

"Moving atoms is one thing; you can do that with the wave of your hand. Capturing, positioning and shaping atoms to create an original motion picture on the atomic-level is a precise science and entirely novel."

"At IBM, researchers don’t just read about science, we do it. This movie is a fun way to share the atomic-scale world while opening up a dialogue with students and others on the new frontiers of math and science."

Incredible stuff!

Kirin Iced Tea Bottle Animation


We're not really sure of the connection between Iced Tea and these iconic Disney characters, but if you're going to add some superfluous character licensing on your packaging at least do something innovative and creative like Kirin have with their latest campaign.

On each bottle there are three different illustrations of a Disney character, these three pictures are also rather confusingly numbered. Once you've collected a few bottles you begin to realise these numbers actually relate to the ordering of a sequence of images and the three illustrations are actually individual frames of an animation!


Fortunately for us somebody has already gone to the trouble of collecting all 32 different bottles, photographing the images and editing them into their short animated sequences.


Nuisible Teaser Trailer

Watch the beautiful trailer for 'Nuisible' ('Pest'), the latest animated short by the incredibly talent directing duo Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku.

The 11 minute short film features music by Sacha Galperine, was produced by Cube Creative & les films d'Avalon with the support of Arte, CNC and SACEM and will be screened on Arte in June 2013.

Scott Benson: I Am A Nice Guy

Freelance animator Scott Benson (aka Bombsfall) has had a rough time of late.

His music video for Toh Kay track 'With Any Sort Of Certainty' is systematically being removed from the Internet by the record label involved as they pursue an ongoing issue with the musician. Thankfully the music video still remains viewable online and we urge you to take to opportunity to watch it here lest it disappear forever.

Following this his latest animated piece, an editorial cartoon about "the intersection of self-pity, entitlement, rape, territoriality, misogyny and fear of women", saw the animator on the receiving end of some rather nasty comments from misogynistic men's rights activists which have all since been removed.

Scott answered some questions, addressed some criticisms and wrote at length about why he was not going to engage in a comment-war over on his blog.

As if this guy wasn't busy enough he's got the Late Night Work Club to think about!

The Hungry Corpse Teaser Trailer

'The Hungry Corpse' is the latest film to come out of the Collabor8te film funding scheme, set up by Rankin Film Production in 2011 to support new talent. The film is a result of a fond collaboration between scriptwriter James Pout and Royal College Of Art alumni Gergely Wootsch and produced by the London based Beakus studio.

'The Hungry Corpse' is set in London’s bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square and centres around an ancient, rather hungry Corpse and… a Pigeon. Voiced by Bill Nighy and Stephen Mangan the film is a tale of companionship but also, "a textural imprint of a dark, monochrome London from the perspective of a still, solitary protagonist."

Expect to see 'The Hungry Corpse' on the festival circuit throughout the rest of 2013 and judging by the quality of this teaser trailer alone we expect it'll do rather well.