Scott Benson: I Am A Nice Guy

Freelance animator Scott Benson (aka Bombsfall) has had a rough time of late.

His music video for Toh Kay track 'With Any Sort Of Certainty' is systematically being removed from the Internet by the record label involved as they pursue an ongoing issue with the musician. Thankfully the music video still remains viewable online and we urge you to take to opportunity to watch it here lest it disappear forever.

Following this his latest animated piece, an editorial cartoon about "the intersection of self-pity, entitlement, rape, territoriality, misogyny and fear of women", saw the animator on the receiving end of some rather nasty comments from misogynistic men's rights activists which have all since been removed.

Scott answered some questions, addressed some criticisms and wrote at length about why he was not going to engage in a comment-war over on his blog.

As if this guy wasn't busy enough he's got the Late Night Work Club to think about!

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