Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

The brilliant director David Wilson, along with animation agency Blinkink, are back with this beautifully simplistic music video for the new Artic Monkeys song 'Do I Wanna Know?' The video starts with a simple straight line that vibrates in time with the pulsating chords. As the track builds additional lines and colours emerge eventually culminating in booty-shaking, flag wielding, tyre burning motor car race girls!

Rafa Galeano: Inspiration

Spanish motion graphic designer Rafa Galeano animated this tribute to After Effects, the hours spent working at the screen, and the inspiration/vices required to get through the work!

Vial Of Sound - A Lifetime Passed

Ori Toor continues his series of music videos with psychedelic pulsating fluid animation for Vial of Sound (VOS) track 'A Lifetime Passes', taken from their 'Substance Organique Volatile' EP. Pick up a copy of the EP, available in a limited edition of 300 individually screen printed and hand numbered copies, via President Gator records.

Mike Boon Animation Alphabets


Mike Boon likes to create thematic alphabets including this bunch focusing on some animated shows. These are all available as prints and other products via Mike's Society6 online store. Seemingly up for a challenge, why not ask Mike to produce an alphabet for your favourite animated show, he's open to commissions.

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Eoin Duffy: On Departure

We posted the trailer for Eoin Duffy's 'On Departure' in June 2012, a year later the full version of the short is being released online.

The dialogue free short tells its story through clean geometrical shapes and audio visual abstraction, perfectly expressing and encapsulating Eoin's personal emotional experiences centred around the loss of his younger brother Emmet. The film sees a lone traveller making his way through an airport before finally accepting his journey's end, this represents Eoin's journey home, his transition through the 5 stages of grief, all the while drawing parallels to his brother's own journey.

Eoin's restrained and simplistic aesthetic strips the film of any character distractions allowing the audience to melt into the deep tenderness of this audio visual experiment.

Ignatz Johnson Higham: Onion

Ignatz Johnson Higham (yes he is named after the George Herriman comic strip character!) has managed to make something as mundane as chopping an onion into something rather beautiful in this animated sequence. Created as part of his studies at the Royal College of Art, and set to a brief regarding rhythm analysis, 'Onion' was produced using real onions and black ink.

Liam Stevens: MakeMake Forest

Liam Stevens animated this scenic forest sequence as a promo for MakeMake Studios, a multi-disciplinary creative studio focusing on illustration, design and motion, formed by Liam and fellow designer Chris Tozer.

Laura Sicouri: LSD ABC

From director Laura Sicouri comes this animated exploration of the alphabet. Featuring a distinct ’70s retro style, it explores “different worlds and characters... as different as they are crazy.” The accompanying music composed by Kadavre Exquis is taken from a 14-track soundtrack which can be purchased now via Enfance both in digital and vinyl formats.

Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2013


Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2013

Paperback: 256 pages & DVD
Publisher: BNN Inc (26 Apr 2013)
Language: Japanese/English
ISBN-13: 978-4-86100-868-9

Since the publication of their first volume in 2006, BNN's annual collection of the latest Japanese motion graphic talents has become an essential purchase for the AR team. As usual the book showcases the latest projects from 100 plus Japanese motion graphic creatives with work ranging from hand-drawn to CG, character narratives to abstract compositions, animated fragments to feature length movie production and everything in-between. Track it down and buy a copy!

Annecy 2013

Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2013 has now come to an end and as usual, over the course of the event, there were five 'opening' films, conceived, designed and gorgeously animated by the incredibly talented students at Gobelins. We've collected them all here for your enjoyment.

'Sawa' by Camile André, Janis Aussel, Clément Doranlo, Maud Girard and Jong-Hyun Jung-Boix.

'Copernicus' by Elssa Boyer, Anne Courtin, Myriam Fourati, Sarah Simon and Pedro Vergani.

'The Retake' by Maxime Delalande, Nadya Mira, Semiramis Mamata, Laurent Moing and Rayane Raji.

'The Fancy Family' by Debora Cruchon, Eve Ceccarelli, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Batiste Perron and Simon Masse.

'See Saw' by Marlène Beaube, Marion Bulot, Thibaud Gayral, Guitty Mojabi and Raphaëlle Stolz.

Below Game Trailer

Explore, discover and survive in 'Below', the upcoming game from Capy, the co-creators of 'Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP'. This teaser trailer makes it look totally amazing...

Peter Sluszka for Special K

The sheer amount of paper folding and labour involved in creating this stop motion spot for Special K cereal is quite staggering. Directed by Peter Sluszka via New York-based Hornet Inc. takes the trend for papercraft stop motion shorts to a new pinnacle of perfection.

Ed Rec Vol. X - Intro X

Following the HYPETRAK-exclusive megamix compiled by Feadz, Ed Banger Records has officially introduced 'Ed Red Vol. X.' Celebrating the label’s 10-year anniversary, 'Ed Rec Vol. X' features 13 brand new tracks from label heavyweights including Justice, Busy P, So Me, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Feadz, and more. Here, Ed Banger Records presents a short visual accompaniment to the compilation’s first track – Mr. Oizo’s 'Intro X' – featuring artwork by Jean Andre and Yue Wu.

Annie Diment Looney Tunes LEGO


Annie and Ed Diment are a LEGO obsessed couple from Portsmouth, Ed even works professionally with LEGO for Bright Bricks Limited who help promote brands with massive LEGO creations! Whilst the focus of Ed's personal projects is mainly vehicles, it's Annie's 'Looney Tunes' creations that really grabbed our attention...


Metome - Paper Moon

King Deluxe Records continually source great animation talent to craft videos for their roster of musical artist. Their latest release comes courtesy of Japanese production phenomena Metome, who’s new EP 'Phreatic Surface' is out now, and accompanied by Asami Ike’s visuals, who interpreted the song 'Paper Moon' as a blissed-out, zero-gravity night stroll through a zoo. Or something to that effect. Enjoy…

We Show Up On Radar: Hands Up If You Are Lost

Polymath Pictures (founded by film-makers Tom Walsh & Amy Nicholson) have unveiled their puppetry music video for We Show Up On Radar track 'Hands Up If You Are Lost'. The video is entirely based around Muppet-like characters playing their bizarre instruments (including mushroom bongos) in a woodland clearing. It looks like a lost musical number from 'The Dark Crystal'... Totally brilliant!

Onohana: Origami Of Landscape

Created by Onohana for the Anime Sakka Zakka exhibition and set to the music of Whoo, 'Origami Of Landscape' brings to life the abstract landscapes from the animators subconscious.

Ian Stevenson: Suck My Fingers

Ian Stevenson brings his usual twisted sense of humour and fun ice cream van cartoon aesthetic to his latest print 'Suck My Fingers'. The 70x100cm four colour screen print featuring Donald Duck is available in a signed & numbered edition of 10 (although there appears to be more than that on the drying rack behind him) through Ian's online store now!


McLaren's Workshop App

To showcase the new Norman McLaren iPad App, which allows you to create your own animated films as well as watch 51 Norman McLaren films & 11 documentaries about his unique animation techniques, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) asked various independent animators to create short sequences using the program. The promotional shorts include works by David O'Reilly, Patrick Doyon, Don Hertzfeldt, Koji Yamamura, Renaud Hallée and Regina Pessoa.

'I Am Alone And My Head Is On Fire' by David O'Reilly

'Cyclop(e)' by Patrick Doyon

'Day Sleeper' by Don Hertzfeldt

Mickey Mouse In Get A Horse

Billed as the studio's "never-before-seen" animated short Mickey Mouse stars in 'Get A Horse' which has been animated in a retro style to give it the appearance of a classic "lost" short, it even features old recordings of Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey Mouse!

The short is set to premiere at the Annecy Animation Festival (Tuesday, June 11) and Disney are already generating online hype with the release of this modern-vintage poster.


Animade: More Than Just a Hobby

Animators Tom Judd and Ed Barrett aka Animade released their cowboy showdown themed App 'Ready Steady Bang' back in the Autumn of 2011. The games protagonist is obviously a firm favourite of the studio and he's cropped up in various animated scenarios to promote the game. The latest addition to the 'Ready Steady Bang' franchise is 'More Than Just A Hobby' a short film exploring the relationship between the miniature gunslinger and his trusty steed. Hopefully this is the first episode in an ongoing web series.

Wassim Boutaleb: Sauvage #2

Wassim Boutaleb's second episode in his 'Sauvage' series is set in the sky and the creepiness is provided by an eerie bat/gremlin creature...

Studio Ronda: Samba

Studio Ronda's geometric characters prancing around to a Samba soundtrack in and endless loop is fantastically cute and adorably fun. We could watch this forever and not get bored!

Hugo Moreno: Canyon

Hugo Moreno, who worked on the excellent Gobelins short 'Eclipse', is back on AR with a fake trailer for 'Canyon'. Rendered in Moreno's superb choice of colour palette the short's aesthetic resembles the illustrative work of his 'Landscapes' series.

Cartoon Network Summer Ident

Each having been given a 10 second allocation of animation, Alex Grigg, Eamonn O'Neill, Impactist, CRCR, Rubber House and Awesome Inc., came together to create this "exquisite corpse" sequence for Cartoon Network. Tied together by a common four colour palette, the music of Impactist and a selection of current characters the individual sequences have been stitched together to create Cartoon Networks new summer ident. Totally incredible!

Giovanni Braggio: The Secrets Of Animation

For his final project on the 3D character animation, professional course, at The Animation Workshop in Denmark Giovanni Braggio created this useful tutorial for every level that clearly explains the secrets behind great animation. Who knew it was so easy!?

Ruud Bakker: Black & Blue

Ruud Bakker's graduation film from AKV St. Joost 'Black & Blue' questions whether it's bad luck, fate or sheer stupidity that binds these unfortunate characters together.