Jack Teagle Animation 'Zines

At the recent ELCAF 2013 Festival Jack Teagle unveiled two animation inspired 'zine publications...


The '100% Unofficial Simpsons Comix' is a 24 page collection of 'The Simpsons' comics Jack created to accompany his Simpsons Drawing Club website. The 'zine also includes a never before seen 10 page strip titled 'Bart and the Magic Apple.' Available now through Jacks online store for an incredibly bargainous £3.00, pick up a copy of this 1st print run whilst stocks last!

Also available was this simpler 'Turtles Fighters' publication. Based on the 'Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles' and presented in an unusual 4-page/A3-poster comic format the strip sees three turtle characters dispatch Foot Clan Ninjas with an strange arsenal of weapons. 'Turtles Fighters' is also available through Jacks online store for just £1.00!

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