Mondo: Studio Ghibli - Kokyo Kyokushu LP


Mondo have released an official compilation of selected tracks from five Studio Ghibli films ('Princess Mononoke,' 'Spirited Away,' Howl's Moving Castle,' 'The Cat Return's' and 'My Neighbors The Yamadas,') as performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

'Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu' is a limited 2XLP featuring stunning artwork by renowned Mondo artist Tyler Stout, representing each film across the four panels of the gatefold jacket, and the insert. There are three different versions to choose from, each featuring a different cover panel, and two different colour vinyl LPs.

Most Mondo releases sell out instantly! As we write this all three versions are still available for purchase, but act quick they're not going to be around forever. Chose between 'Howl’s Moving Castle' version (Purple & Pink vinyl,) 'Spirited Away' version (Yellow & green vinyl) or 'Princess Mononoke' version (Blue & Red vinyl,) they're all awesome! Sadly, for licensing reasons, the records are only available to residents in the USA and Canada.

Track listing:

1) Chapter One – The Legend Of Ashitaka
2) Chapter Four – Princess Mononoke
3) Chapter Eight – Ashitaka And San
4) The Theme of My Neighbors The Yamadas – Orchestral Version
5) Takashi And Matsuko’s Tango – Sinfonico
6) Always With Me – Orchestral Version
7) A Mysterious World
8) The Moving Castle
9) War War War
10) Cave Of The Mind
11) The Baron
12) Pastorale
13) Haru’s Memories

Tracks 1-3 From Symphonic Suite 'Princess Mononoke'
Tracks 4-5 From 'My Neighbors The Yamadas' – Classical Album
Track 6 From the film 'Spirited Away'
Tracks 7-10 From 'Howl’s Moving Castle' – Image Symphonic Suite
Tracks 11-13 From 'The Cat Returns' – Original Soundtrack Album

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