Ezra Vine - Celeste

London based freelance designer, director and animator Parallel Teeth (aka Rob Wallace) teamed up with Swedish animator Lowlands (aka Jonatan Jönsson) on this incredible music video, created for Kiwi musician Ezra Vine and his equally stunning US debut single 'Celeste.'

Ezra describes 'Celeste' as "an exploration of confusion as well as optimism, and the often blurred lines between reality and desire," which is wonderfully mirrored by the animated accompaniment of a lost huntsman on a direction-less journey through a majestic landscape.

Kaurismaki - Tricolore Graffiti

Japanese animator Mami Kajiho created this quaint stop motion music video for Kaurismaki and their track 'Tricolore Graffiti.'

Mike V: Disney Princesses VS Capcom


Inspired by the Capcom video games, illustrator Mike V has taken the Disney Princesses and turned them into pixelated street-fighting arcade characters.

If ‘Disney Princesses VS Capcom’ existed as an actual game, we'd be first in line to buy a copy!

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Mehdi Alibeygi: Leonard

Mehdi Alibeygi's latest animated character study features Leonard the self-cannibalising pineapple! It's hilarious!

FAKE: Disney Paintings


Dutch graffiti artist FAKE has released a new series of Disney inspired original paintings, now up for sale via his online store.

The collection includes pieces featuring Bambi, Ariel, Snow White and Tinkerbell, with prices ranging from €200 - €1200!

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Louis Morton: Passer Passer

Louis Morton crafted a densely layer soundscape with atmospheric urban sounds captured in both Los Angeles and Tokyo as a basis for his graduation film 'Passer Passer.'

Morton syncs the audio with his colourful animated loops highlighting the mundane repetitiveness of day-to-day city living. The short takes us a visual journey, from day to night, before it starts all over again the next morning!

'Passer Passer' is the sixth film to be showcased in this years Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival.

Daniel Kanemoto: Nickelodeon 8-Bit Bumps

Daniel M. Kanemoto is a writer, director and animator for Ex Mortis Films, an LA based boutique studio specialising in creative animated content for film, tv and gaming.

One of his latest commercial projects at Ex Mortis is this series of 8-bit inspired bumpers for Nickelodeon, featuring a selection of the networks most popular cartoon series including 'SpongeBob SquarePants', 'Kung Fu Panda', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and more!

Unbox Industries: Sponge Brain


Unbox Industries recently revealed the 'Sponge Brain' - I Touched My Brain, SpongeBob Squarepants inaction figure. Proudly boasting its lack of jointed articulation, this awesome SpongeBob vinyl figure stands 23cm tall holding his glow-in-the-dark brains aloft.

Available direct from Unbox Industries priced at $100 here: www.unboxindustries.info

Carlo Vogele: Wurst Trailer

Carlo Vogele works as a CG animator at Pixar, but stop motion remains his passion and he continues to work on his own animated films during his spare time.

After having already mastered animating with slowly decomposing fish in 'Una Furtiva Lagrima', Vogele has now moved on to sausage and chicken for his new project, titled 'Wurst.'

'Wurst' tells the story of a white sausage who wants to enjoy the sun, sea and surf in peace, but has to contend with the rowdy tanned beach sausages!

Little Band Of Sailors - Little Band Of Sailors

Little Band Of Sailors is a musical collaboration between performance artist Rachel Mason and musician Dmitriy Ivolgin. Rachel improvises the lyrics as she's accompanied by Dimitriy on the bass guitar.

For the track, also entitled 'Little Band Of Sailors,' they enlisted experimental animator Eric Leiser to create the music video. Leiser is an award-winning artist, film-maker, animator, puppeteer, writer, holographer, painter and curator currently working out of LA, New York and London. He has created a multitude of animated/live-action feature films and shorts, as well as works that integrate painting, animation, puppetry, holography, sound and live performance/installation.

Leiser is interested in how animation can transform perceptions, creating a fantastical, spiritual and surreal quality that live-action can't. His style is the perfect accompaniment to Little Band Of Sailors haunting music.

Kevin Eskew: Dumb Day

Kevin Eskew's 'Dumb Day' is the latest and weirdest addition to this years Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival. Despite the lack of narrative there is plenty of visual humour within this nine-and-a-half-minute piece of scratchy hand-drawn experimental student animation.

Disney X Harrods Princess Dresses


Disney and Harrods will auction off ten Princess-inspired dresses created by some of the world's most famous fashion houses, including Oscar de la Renta, Versace and Elie Saab. The sale will take place in November at Christie's, and will raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

The dresses were first created for Harrods' Christmas window display last year. Each style is a unique interpretation of Disney's best-loved heroines, from Aurora and Belle to Cinderella and Jasmine.

"These exquisite dresses are really one-of-a-kind fashion items from some of the most celebrated and collected designers this century," said Harrods store image director Mark Briggs. "They caused a huge amount of excitement when they were first showcased in the Harrods windows and we're sure fashion aficionados around the world will be thrilled with the opportunity to own something so utterly unique."

Snow White by Oscar De La Renta

Mulan by Missoni

Jasmine by Escada

Rekord 61 - Pereval

Mr. Seven of Loop Out animated this official music video for Rekord 61 (aka Alexander Babaev) track 'Pereval.'

Released via Konstruktive Records in Berlin, the track inspired by "The aesthetics of mountains and the spirit of alpinism... Snow-capped peaks, changeable weather, difficult passes and endless beauty...", is available as a digital download or a limited edition snow white vinyl pressing!

Ana Kim: Bertie And Camera

Ana Kim recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with the gorgeously animated stop motion short 'Bertie And Camera.'

The piece combines fantastically skilfull stop motion (Bertie and the set are mostly woollen and their is very little unintentional play) and simple 2D sequences rendered in chalk pastel.

Lovely stuff!

Trunk Animation: Gelato Go Home

In 'Gelato Go Home,' Trunk Animation's newest short for Channel 4's Random Acts, directors Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney ask what happens to all the ice cream vans when the weather becomes less favourable?

Taking their inspiration from nature documentaries, Japanese animation and 'The Snowman' flight sequence, 'Gelato Go Home' suggests that perhaps the ice cream vendors migrate to warmer climates for the winter. Despite the absurd notion the directors worked hard to give the film a proper sense of geography and logic to make the ice cream vans and their journey as believable as possible.

Animated Review 'Zine Issue #01

image name

This is the inaugural issue of the Animated Review ‘zine. Created to compliment our blog of inspirational animation, the publication highlights some of the great creative talents we have had the pleasure of featuring online.

We asked a selection of artists to reinterpret, in the own style, their favourite childhood cartoon character. The enthusiastic response we received helped highlight the importance of these shows, and the fondness with which they are remembered. Maybe some of the illustrations contained within these pages will rekindle some nostalgic memories of your own...

Issue #01 features:

Ian Stevenson - www.ianstevenson.co.uk
Mark Edwards of DR.ME - www.dr-me.com
Nick Alston - www.nickalston.co.uk
Marcus Oakley - www.marcusoakley.com
Thea Glad - www.theaglad.co.uk
Nicolas Ménard - www.nicolasmenard.com
Malcolm Sutherland - www.animalcolm.com
Bottle of Smoke - www.bottleofsmoke.co.uk
Kid Acne - www.kidacne.com
Robert Löbel - www.robertloebel.com
Jose Miguel Mendez - www.josemiguelmendez.co.uk

'Animated Review Issue #01' is available in a limited, numbered edition of just 500 copies.

We are environmentally conscious and print in the UK on FSC-certified and recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Printed by the incredibly lovely people at the Footprint Workers Co-op: www.footprinters.co.uk

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'Animated Review Issue #01' is available here: ANIMATED REVIEW SHOP

...or through one of our wonderful stockists (Click here for a full list of stockists.)

Screen Novelties: Adventure Time In LEGO

Screen Novelties, the people behind all the great stop motion sequences in 'Chowder,' 'The Marvellous Misadventures Of Flapjack' and the recent 'SpongeBob Squarepants' Christmas special, have recreated the entire 'Adventure Time' opening credits in LEGO. Awesome or what!?

Threadless Simpsons T-shirts


To celebrate 25 years of 'The Simpsons', Threadless have asked T-shirt designers to create some Simpsons-related work. Hundreds of designs have already been submitted, spanning a huge variety of concepts and illustrative styles. Our favourites are definitely those that replicate actual tee's seen in the show ranging from Homer's flowery muumuu to Bart's "down with homework" tee!

Voting is still ongoing... the most popular designs actually go to print, so go vote and get these bad boys made real!

'Muumuu' design by speedyjvw.

'2 Dollars off!' design by sanryoga.

'Down With Homework' design by arzie13.

The Abe Chang And The Sea - ONE AND THREE FOUR

Following on from the vivid 'SUN SET SUN' music video we posted a couple of months back, comes this new animated MV from director Masanobu Hiraoka. Again, this is a collaboration with musician Yoshiharu Abe and his solo project The Abe Chang And The Sea.

This also marks another collaboration towards the RGB series of EP's Abe is releasing. Whilst 'SUN SET SUN' was from 'R' the first EP, 'ONE AND THREE FOUR' is taken from 'G' the second EP. We're already looking forward to their third collaboration on the 'B' EP!

We'll keep you posted.

Dash Goldstein: Petya and Wolf

Dash Goldstein is an animator, illustrator and graphic designer from Israel. Her graduation short from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, is a gorgeous watercolour animated adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf.'

Edie: God King

New Project!

Edie is an aspiring freelance illustrator and animator. 'God King' is his latest and cutest animated personal project.

Johnny Kelly for Coca-Cola

Directed by Johnny Kelly, this spot for Coca-Cola is intent on attracting health-aware consumers and part of a new campaign that sings the praises of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The brief for the advert was to show how movement was key to the happiest moments in a man's life. "We commissioned model-making experts Anarchy to create a set of moving animatronic puppets that can run, jump, dance and throw babies in real time," explains Kelly.

Comme des Garçons Disney Apparel


Comme des Garçons SHIRT are releasing a capsule collection of apparel featuring a Disney Mickey Mouse motif printed throughout.

The 100% cotton T-shirt (available in grey and white) features a single Mickey Mouse construction sketch with a note about the shape of his nose, whilst the shirt features an all over Disney motif print.

All three pieces are now available from Norse Store, T-shirts are £65.00 a pop and the shirt is a staggering £290.00!

Natan Moura: Sun Of A Beach

The fourth film to be showcased in this years Cartoon Brew Student Film Festival is, Sheridan College graduate, Natan Moura's 'Sun Of A Beach.' The beautifully simple short sees a playful sun try to make friends with the beach-goers, but only scares them away with his intense heat!

Acme Disney D23 Prints

'Redheads' by Amy Mebberson (250 piece signed edition, $50.00)

Acme, the official licensee for original and fine art for Disney, The Simpsons, Twentieth Century Fox, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Power Rangers and more... will have these three new Disney silk screen editions debuting at the D23 Expo. D23 runs from the 9th to the 11th of this month at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California with the prints up for sale via the Dream Store during the show. Don't worry though, if you're not attending D23, the prints will be available online via Dark Ink from the 16th of August.

'Disney Afternoon' by James Silvani (250 piece signed edition, $50.00)

'Ducktales' by Dave Perillo (250 piece signed edition, $50.00)

Simon Partington: Slumberless Trailer

'Slumberless' is a short stop motion film that is due to be completed Autumn 2013. Directed and animated by Simon Partington, 'Slumberless' tells the tale of a sleep-deprived man whose usual dull night is interrupted by an incredible visitor. Take a gander at this sublime teaser trailer, it's brilliant!

Barbara Bakos: Lady With The Long Hair

We posted the teaser trailer for Barbara Bakos' animated short 'Lady With The Long Hair' last September! We've has to wait nearly a full year for its official online release, finally debuting as part of this year Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival.

Mike Pelletier: Parametric Expression

Amsterdam-based digital artist Mike Pelletier describes his nightmarish distorted GCI freak show 'Parametric Expression as "a series of ambient video loops exploring quantified emotion.” It's pretty disturbing!