Little Band Of Sailors - Little Band Of Sailors

Little Band Of Sailors is a musical collaboration between performance artist Rachel Mason and musician Dmitriy Ivolgin. Rachel improvises the lyrics as she's accompanied by Dimitriy on the bass guitar.

For the track, also entitled 'Little Band Of Sailors,' they enlisted experimental animator Eric Leiser to create the music video. Leiser is an award-winning artist, film-maker, animator, puppeteer, writer, holographer, painter and curator currently working out of LA, New York and London. He has created a multitude of animated/live-action feature films and shorts, as well as works that integrate painting, animation, puppetry, holography, sound and live performance/installation.

Leiser is interested in how animation can transform perceptions, creating a fantastical, spiritual and surreal quality that live-action can't. His style is the perfect accompaniment to Little Band Of Sailors haunting music.

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