Takeshi Tsuneashi: Forest

Takeshi Tsuneashi works freelance as DESIGNERS APARTMENT on various commercial projects. Alongside the more corporate aspects of his animation, websites and graphics he creates, he also works on some more personal, narrative driven, animated shorts. 'Forest' is the latest of these films...

Isabela Dos Santos: I

The eighth, an final film, presented in this years Cartoon Brew annual Student Animation Festival is 'I' by Isabela Dos Santos, a student in the CalArts Experimental Animation program.

The short combines the live-action, choreographed movements of dancer, Yanina Orellana encased within animated, hand-drawn, amorphous figure. The interaction of these two elements visualises inner conflict, and poses the question "Who am I?"

Yuck Pop-Up Print Gallery


Yuck Print House have opened a pop-up shop inside the Manchester Craft and Design Centre featuring a selection of prints from a roster of the hippest creative talents around. Amongst the exhibiting artists you'll find work by DR.ME (who kindly contributed to the inaugural issue of the Animated Review 'zine,) but it was the series of five A3 risographed prints by Savwo that really caught our attention.

The five prints, viewed together, look like fragments from a sci-fi comic strip narrative featuring a gnarled version of Mickey Mouse. Individually they take on an even more abstract allure. At just £15.00 a piece you could pick up a couple to construct you own imaginary tale.

Don't worry if you can't make the exhibition, all the prints can be purchased via the Yuck Print House online store!

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Nate Milton: Tank

We posted the teaser trailer for Nate Milton's 'Tank' last year. It's been a long wait, but it's finally up online for us all to enjoy!

'Tank' tells the story of a young amateur naturalist called Malcolm Navel, and his pursuit of a giant salamander.

Joshua Catalano: Parking Lot

Joshua Catalano (aka Laurent Ulvoas) is a motion graphics designer and animator from France. Alongside the commercial work he creates for huge brands like Disney, Nespresso and Samsung (working at Soleil Noir), he likes to express himself through some personal projects with a more avant-garde twist.

'Parking Lot' is the latest in these self-initiated projects and whilst its narrative is fairly abstract and confusing, it doesn't half look great!

Giangrande - Paper Plane

Illustrator, puppet-maker and stop motion animator Gianluca Maruotti has applied a sweetly illustrated paper cut-out animation technique in this music video for Massimo Giangrande.

The style brought back fond memories of animated series from our youth, like 'Ivor The Engine,' 'Noggin The Nog,' and 'Pigeon Street.' It's heart warming to see these traditional techniques, given a contemporary twist and kept alive by a new generation of young exciting animators.

Watch the behind the scenes video, also posted below.

C2C - Delta

French animation studio CRCR can simply do no wrong. Their latest creation, a music video for C2C track 'Delta,' is a prime example of their animating prowess. The video superbly compliments C2C's pseudo-futuristic music in its style and narrative.

Ending on a mysterious cliff-hanger, CRCR leave us yearning for more. We can wait to see what they bring us next.

Wassim Boutaleb: La Folle Journée De Charlie 'Zine


Wassim Boutaleb has made an animated teaser trailer for the release of his 'La Folle Journée De Charlie' 'zine. The 'zine is now available for the modest sum of 3 Euros from Vide Cocagne's online store.

Kaly Live Dub - Allaxis

Wasaru, a music video director based in Lille, France, helmed this animated project for Kaly Live Dub and their track 'Allaxis.'

The video sees a deranged driver on the run from the law, tormented by an imaginary horde of passengers from his past. Look out for Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny and Dr Zoidberg amongst the array of characters.

RichT: Nobody Likes Leonardo 'Zine


Bristol based graffiti artist and illustrator RichT, of the WHAT Collective, has released a 'Nobody Likes Leonardo' 'zine. The A5 24 page fanzine is dedicated to the bossy, boring and blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The pack also contains a postcard and 3 full colour TMNT vinyl stickers... All for just £6.00!!!

The 'zine is limited to just 100 copies, and each is signed on the reverse. Grab a copy from RichT’s online store whilst you still can.

Manabu Himeda's Animated Music Videos

Japanese musician and animator Manabu Himeda graduated from Tama Art University in 2013 after producing a slew of bizarre and brightly coloured self-initiated music videos.

Here we've collected a small selection of his zaniest offerings...

EXIT 73 Studios: Coin

New York based animation and motion graphics studio EXIT 73 have appeared on the Animated Review a couple of times in the past with their animated seasonal treats. 'Coin' is their latest animated short taking us on a nostalgic journey through yesterdays most memorable video games!

"Donovan Murdock loves his Coin, when stolen from him, he will stop at nothing in this rock 'em sock 'em beat 'em up!"

We're teased with prospect of 'Coin 2' at the end of this episode, but in the meantime we can get our fill of Donovan Murdock with a selection of Coin prints available through the EXIT 73 online store.

Spray Gang: Composite Pink Panther Print


Spray Gang is back on the Animated Review with yet another warped Pink Panther riso-print. 'Composite' amalgamates elements from the Pink Panther and Vaughn Bodē's iconic Cheech Wizard character into a strange new being.

'Composite' is available in a limited edition of 20 signed copies and available now via the Spray Gang online store for just £15!

Kn1ght - Last Moon

Nicolas Pomet is a graphic designer, motion graphics designer and animator based in Paris. His latest project is this suitably garish music video for 'Last Moon' by Kn1ght, an '80s sounding electro outfit from Strasbourg, France.

Dante Zaballa: The Doodle Project

Dante Zaballa had the idea to draft a simple animation of a looping stick-man character for use in a rather unusual collaborative project. The individual stick-man frames of this simple animation were sent out to a variety of animators to use as key point guidelines before fleshing-out the character with their own designs.

The idea was enthusiastically received by the independent animation scene with over 62 Illustrators and 14 musicians from all around working on the project. Dante describes the result a "big collaborative group hug." The full list of contributor can be seen here: The Doodle Project... it's quite an impressive list containing numerous names you may even recognise from the Animated Review.

The resulting piece is a psychedelic explosion of fast paced colour, shape and imagination, taking the viewer through a psychotic portfolio of today's most outstanding creative talents.

Ghostpatrol: Kaneda Print


Ghostpatrol is an artist working and living in Melbourne with a diverse practice that spreads across printmaking, drawing, street art, sculpture and other multimedia experiments.

He describes his work as "creating worlds across mediums exploring ideas of space exploration, cosmic scale and the super future. These visual worlds invite ideas and questions to methods of seeing beyond our own existence scale and atomic configuration, through the concepts of curiosity lead science and quantum physics." With a statement like that it's not surprising amongst his body of work there is a nod to Anime Sci-Fi classic 'Akira.'

This beautifully simplistic illustration of Kaneda was created in homage to 'Akira,' his favourite Anime film from the five available at the local VHS rental store growing up!

'Kaneda' is available as a 19x14cm Gocco print, in a signed, limited edition run of just 30 copies from Ghostpatrol's online store.

Moonbot for Chipotle

Following on from the 'Back To The Start' campaign, created with director/animator Johnny Kelly, American food chain Chipotle continue their entertaining, classy well-rounded animated advertising campaigns with 'The Scarecrow.'

'Scarecrow' was animated by Moonbot Studios, who won an Oscar in 2012 for the best animated short: 'The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.' The film campaign goes hand-in-hand with a free arcade-style game (conceived by CAA Marketing) for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch that encourages players to think about industrial food production and the processed foods that they consume.

Watch both 'The Scarecrow' and 'behind the scenes' videos below:

ICECREAM x SpongeBob T-Shirts


Following up their 'Despicable Me 2' capsule collection, ICECREAM have now produced a line of apparel with 'SpongeBob SquarePants.' Included in the collection are three T-shirts and a crewneck, each bearing the television show’s popular characters done in the streetwear labels signature style.

Aleph - Fourth Way

Gero Doll continues his animated visceral bombardment with this new music video for Aleph and his track 'Fourth Way.'

Aleph aka Ivan Erofeev is a Siberian born, classically trained violinist, who dabbles in hip-hop instrumentals and loves to make computer-generated electronic music influenced by others from his home country and beyond. The result is quite unlike anything we've encountered before, much like Gero's unbelievable visuals! 'Fourth Way' is taken from Aleph's third, and most recent, release through Canadian record label King Deluxe, and is available for download now: www.kingdeluxe.ca/fourth-way

Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see David O'Reilly's 'Walt Disney Head' character rig pulsating and morphing beyond all recognition. David's 'Walt Disney Head' and 'External World' character rigs are all available for download via David's website and freely licensed under the Creative Commons Act.

Masanobu Hiraoka: Land

Japanese animator Masanobu Hiraoka has features a couple of times recently on the Animated Review. His stunning music videos created on behalf of The Abe Chang And The Sea have the same colourful fluid aesthetic as seen in this new piece.

'Land' was created in collaboration with Spanish composer Aimar Molero.

Ian Stevenson: GUCHAGUCHA Mickey Mouse


Ian Stevenson has brought his typical illustrative dark humour to a range of apparel for GUCHAGUCHA, an art collective and clothing label based in Madrid.

One of the designs features a down and out, twisted interpretation of Mickey Mouse apathetically slumped on the floor proclaiming "I am bored of your shit." 

This T-shirt and other designs are limited edition, hand silk screen and available online now!

Check out the equally bizarre interpretation of 'SuperTed' Ian thoughtfully contributed to our very own small press publication: 'Animated Review Issue #01'

Réka Bucsi: Symphony no.42 Trailer

Réka Bucsi has released a short but sweet trailer for 'Symphony no. 42', her graduation film for the Masters degree she is currently studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary.

You can keep up to date with screenings and news here: facebook.com/SymphonyNo42

Alex Horan: Wolf Within

The 7th film in this years Cartoon Brew student animation festival takes a more serious departure compared to the previous 6 contributors. Alex Horan's 'Wolf Within' opens with the line “As a boy in Kansas I was afraid of three things: rattlesnakes, tornados, and my father.” The film is both period piece and family history, based on the relationship between Horan’s father and grandfather, exhibiting a level of maturity and ambition that is rare for a student film maker.

Professor Soap - Far Away

Ryan Mauskopf aka Professor Soap has been up to some serious wiz biz! His latest music video features a lonely sorcerer conjuring a musical companion.

Animated Review 'Zine Issue #01

image name

The launch issue of the Animated Review ‘zine featuring a selection of our favourite artists is now available in a selection of awesome independent stockists around the UK. The 'zine can now be found on the shelves of Analogue Books, Beach London, Colours May Vary, King Of Paint, Lik + Neon, Magma and Orbital Comics!

We've also been featured online via It's Nice That and The Salford Zine Library.

We asked a selection of artists to reinterpret, in the own style, their favourite childhood cartoon character. The enthusiastic response we received helped highlight the importance of these shows, and the fondness with which they are remembered. Maybe some of the illustrations contained within these pages will rekindle some nostalgic memories of your own...

Issue #01 features: 

Ian Stevenson - www.ianstevenson.co.uk 
Mark Edwards of DR.ME - www.dr-me.com 
Nick Alston - www.nickalston.co.uk 
Marcus Oakley - www.marcusoakley.com 
Thea Glad - www.theaglad.co.uk 
Nicolas Ménard - www.nicolasmenard.com 
Malcolm Sutherland - www.animalcolm.com 
Bottle of Smoke - www.bottleofsmoke.co.uk 
Kid Acne - www.kidacne.com 
Robert Löbel - www.robertloebel.com 
Jose Miguel Mendez - www.josemiguelmendez.co.uk 

'Animated Review Issue #01' is available in a limited, numbered edition of just 500 copies.

We are environmentally conscious and print in the UK on FSC-certified and recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Printed by the incredibly lovely people at the Footprint Workers Co-op: www.footprinters.co.uk

Late Night Work Club: Ghost Stories


Since the mysterious Late Night Work Club first appeared on our radar in November last year with its teaser trailer, it's been a long arduous 10 months for the contributing artist culminating in their awe-inspiring 'Ghost Stories' anthology.

The DIY collective of indie-animators is comprised of Dave Prosser, Charles Huettner, Sean Buckelew, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny, Caleb Wood, Louise Bagnall, Alex Grigg, Conor Finnegan, Ciaran Duffy, Eamonn O'Neill and Scott Benson. Working late into the night alongside their various day jobs and studies, the group curated this 'mix-tape' of animated shorts with no financial backing, sponsorship or crowdfunding. Crafted purely for the joy of their art-form and with the noble intention of bringing independent animation to a wider audience the LNWC produced something incredibly astonishing. Deservedly the film has been a resounding success since its LA, London and Vimeo premieres over the last few days. It has been watched over 40,000 times on Vimeo and has given these great animators untold exposure.

The 'Uncanny Mystery Pack' (A digital download of 'Ghost Stories' and a pack of prints, comics, badges and other goodies) was released to re-coup some of the groups expenses. All 100 copies sold out within hours! We were lucky enough to bag a copy and we'll be sure to share its contents on the AR blog upon its arrival. If you missed out the DIY-DVD digital download pack is still available: www.gumroad.com/lnwc

Hopefully we'll see a lot more for these guys... Long live the Late Night Work Club!

Here is the list of the various shorts in their order of appearance:

'I Will Miss You' by Dave Prosser
'The Jump' by Charles Huettner
'The American Dream' by Sean Buckelew
'Mountain Ash' by Jake Armstrong & Erin Kilkenny
'Rat Trap' by Caleb Wood
'Loose Ends' by Louise Bagnall
'Phantom Limb' by Alex Grigg
'Asshole' by Conor Finnegan
'Ombilda' by Ciaran Duffy
'Post Personal' by Eamonn O’Neill
'Last Lives' by Scott Benson

The sound design and mixing comes from David Kamp, main theme and credits music by SCNTFC.

Annette Jung: LEGO Thriller

Earlier in the year Annette Jung of Berlin based animation collective Talking Animals created a short LEGO stop motion Michael Jackson dance sequence. She has continued the theme into an abridged version of the transformation sequence from Jackson's 'Thriller' video.

Alan Dalby: It's Bending Time Print


Art V Cancer held it's second charity exhibition last Friday in Manchester. The theme was 'Bending Time & Space' and featured a variety of screen prints, giclee prints and one-off pieces of art by an outstanding line-up of international and established artists.

Local artist and illustrator Alan Dalby unveiled his second animation inspired print in aid of Art V Cancer and their charitable fund raising. We posted Alan's 'Kevin' print, featuring the colourful bird from Disney Pixar's 'UP', earlier in the year! His new print, created for the 'Bending Space & Time' exhibition, features Futurama's Bender twisting a girder into the shape of an ampersand forming part of the prints typographic layout.

Limited to just 25 copies each Giclee print is hand signed and numbered by the artist. Priced at just £20 a print these are sure to sell quickly and it's for a good cause, so what are you waiting for? "Put 'er there, pal! ...I meant your wallet."

Head to www.artvcancer.com and buy a copy now!

Vampillia - Endless Summer

Our favourite Japanese music video artisans ONIONSKIN are back with their latest masterpiece. Created for Vampillia, a brutal sounding pop orchestra from Osaka Japan, and their latest single 'Endless Summer.' The video features the illustrations of Ono Hana on a 4 minute long nightmarish rampage!

Hover Studio & Animade: Babbit

Hover Studio collaborated with their Sister company Animade on the crazily addictive web browser based game 'Babbit.'

You play by moving Babbit up and down using your keyboard so he can eat as many of the Farmer's carrots as possible! However, the farmer has left dynamite in the filed which you need to avoid lest Babbit meets a grizzly end.

Click here to have a go: www.hoverstud.io/babbit

UMETOYS: Beauty & The Beast Print


Richard Page is a freelance creative with over 20 years industry experience working with typography, photography and illustration, from branding to prototyping and everything in between. He works on a multitude of personal projects under the name UMETOYS releasing collectable vinyl toys and gorgeous prints.

Recently he re-launched his online UME Printshop with a 2013 edition of his homage to Disney's 'Beauty & The Beast.' The print is available for £15.00 as a limited run, high quality, A3, 200gsm, matte, signed and numbered edition.

To pick one up head over to the UMETOYS store.