Ghostpatrol: Kaneda Print


Ghostpatrol is an artist working and living in Melbourne with a diverse practice that spreads across printmaking, drawing, street art, sculpture and other multimedia experiments.

He describes his work as "creating worlds across mediums exploring ideas of space exploration, cosmic scale and the super future. These visual worlds invite ideas and questions to methods of seeing beyond our own existence scale and atomic configuration, through the concepts of curiosity lead science and quantum physics." With a statement like that it's not surprising amongst his body of work there is a nod to Anime Sci-Fi classic 'Akira.'

This beautifully simplistic illustration of Kaneda was created in homage to 'Akira,' his favourite Anime film from the five available at the local VHS rental store growing up!

'Kaneda' is available as a 19x14cm Gocco print, in a signed, limited edition run of just 30 copies from Ghostpatrol's online store.

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