Late Night Work Club: Ghost Stories


Since the mysterious Late Night Work Club first appeared on our radar in November last year with its teaser trailer, it's been a long arduous 10 months for the contributing artist culminating in their awe-inspiring 'Ghost Stories' anthology.

The DIY collective of indie-animators is comprised of Dave Prosser, Charles Huettner, Sean Buckelew, Jake Armstrong, Erin Kilkenny, Caleb Wood, Louise Bagnall, Alex Grigg, Conor Finnegan, Ciaran Duffy, Eamonn O'Neill and Scott Benson. Working late into the night alongside their various day jobs and studies, the group curated this 'mix-tape' of animated shorts with no financial backing, sponsorship or crowdfunding. Crafted purely for the joy of their art-form and with the noble intention of bringing independent animation to a wider audience the LNWC produced something incredibly astonishing. Deservedly the film has been a resounding success since its LA, London and Vimeo premieres over the last few days. It has been watched over 40,000 times on Vimeo and has given these great animators untold exposure.

The 'Uncanny Mystery Pack' (A digital download of 'Ghost Stories' and a pack of prints, comics, badges and other goodies) was released to re-coup some of the groups expenses. All 100 copies sold out within hours! We were lucky enough to bag a copy and we'll be sure to share its contents on the AR blog upon its arrival. If you missed out the DIY-DVD digital download pack is still available:

Hopefully we'll see a lot more for these guys... Long live the Late Night Work Club!

Here is the list of the various shorts in their order of appearance:

'I Will Miss You' by Dave Prosser
'The Jump' by Charles Huettner
'The American Dream' by Sean Buckelew
'Mountain Ash' by Jake Armstrong & Erin Kilkenny
'Rat Trap' by Caleb Wood
'Loose Ends' by Louise Bagnall
'Phantom Limb' by Alex Grigg
'Asshole' by Conor Finnegan
'Ombilda' by Ciaran Duffy
'Post Personal' by Eamonn O’Neill
'Last Lives' by Scott Benson

The sound design and mixing comes from David Kamp, main theme and credits music by SCNTFC.

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