Wong Ping: Slow Sex

We don't really know what to say about Chinese illustrator, animator and audio visual director Wong Ping, and his strange animated short 'Slow Sex', other than we like it!

Klasse Recordings - KLS303 EP

Bob 2 (aka Spray Gang) has appeared on the AR blog numerous times for his fantastically irreverent cartoon character themed prints and apparel. However, this is the first time we've been able to post a piece of actual animation from the Sheffield-based graffiti artist and graphic designer.

Combining animated GIFs and 80s inspired paint illustration into a new art-form he has dubbed 'Giffiti', Bob 2 has compiled a selection of hip-hop-esque looping sequences to promote Klasse Recordings' new EP 'KLS303.'

The EP features music from Hermans, Luca Lozano, Foolishman, Florian Blauensteiner, Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg and is available to buy here: Beatport

Felix Sputnik for StripStiQ

AR posted some looping "work-in-progress" re-edits of a sexy striptease animated by Felix Sputnik (real name Michael Schlingmann) back in July.

The sequence was actually animated for a Dutch Furniture designer who manufactures a product called the StripStiQ, which is basically a wooden Christmas tree to hang dirty laundry on... Whilst the idea of grandly displaying you dirty clothes may seem somewhat repugnant, this animated spot makes it positively appealing!

Savages - Marshal Dear

Produced by Beakus and directed/animated by Hungarian born RCA graduate Gergely Wootsch, this incredible music video was created to accompany the Savages' track 'Marshal Dear.'

Wootsch worked with Savages guitarist Gemma Thompson’s original storyboards inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s 1969 novel 'Slaughterhouse Five,' specifically a scene centred around a WWII bomb factory worker, in the development of the videos narrative. Thompson said of the project, ‘This scene would replay in my head and I could imagine it as an animation of the lines flowing into each other, much like early hand-drawn animation created to accentuate a musical score.‘

Handled in a similarly stylised bleak, yet tender, aesthetic to 'The Hungry Corpse' (Gergely's last animated short), Wootsch was the perfect pairing for this refreshingly thought-provoking and visually captivating music video.

Constantinos Chaidalis: Sophomore

Greek designer/director/animator/artist Constantinos Chaidalis has just released 'Sophomore,' a minimalist animated short based on his striking series of collaged images.

Halloween Fancy Dress Fail


As a special Halloween treat here is a random selection of people who've put far too much effort into terrible cartoon themed fancy dress costumes!

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Ian Mark Stewart: The Pumpkin Comic

What a fantastic Halloween treat! Animator Ian Mark Stewart labored for 5 years over countless lost weekends, hollowing out 275 pumpkins to achieve this incredibly smooth stop motion sequence of a Jack-O-Lantern telling terrible pumpkin puns!

James Kwan: Mooon

James Kwan has released his fuzzy, cute, and a little bit eerie, stop motion short 'Mooon' online.

The animated short sees a Muppet-esque spacebaby drift through a felt universe in search of his missing moon friend.

Young: I Didn't Know That Episode 1

Manchester-based creative agency Young specialise in creating brand idents, print, motion graphics, illustration and animation for a variety of clients. Alongside their commercial work they also produce occasional personal projects showcasing their own brand of wacky humour. The latest of which is a series of animated shorts revealing curious celebrity facts. Episode 1 of 'I Didn't Know That' looks at Elton John! Did you know he can solve the Rubik's Cube in just 37 days?!

Night In The Woods

Scott Benson (of the Late Night Work Club and other projects) has teamed up with game designer Alec Holowka (Aquaria, Towerfall) on an indie game titled 'Night In The Woods.'

They launched their Kickstarter project on the 23rd of October and the full $50,000 was pledged in under 26 hours! Now, a few days into the fundraising, they've amassed more than double their initial goal! There is still plenty of time to get behind the project, so head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge a few quid to make this game as fabulous as it possibly can be. If the end result is half as good as this animated teaser, they're certainly on to a winner.

Bob 2: Crew Pink Panther Print


Bob 2 (aka Spray Gang) has a new Pink Panther inspired print up for grabs via his online store. Price at £25 and limited to just 20 hand signed and numbered copies, 'Crew' is sure to be snapped up quickly!

This particular print is based on Bob 2's 'Cool Cat' GIF walk cycle, which we've also posted below

In other news, Bob 2 is working on his first animated project in a music video collaboration with Klasse Recordings. Have a sneak preview of the project here: Giffiti

Sally Stevens: The Duck And Andy Show

Sally Stevens animated this surreal nonsensical short with a pixelated Ceefax-like crudeness for her studies at the Royal College of Art, London.

The short features Duck, a non-gender-specific duck, and Andy, a non-species-specific animal in a series of bizarre, yet hilarious, sequences of randomness!

We're excited to see if subsequent episodes of 'The Duck And Andy Show' follow, we'll certainly keep an eye out for more!

Pure Bathing Culture - Dream The Dare

Hayley Morris, who animated the multimedia visual extravaganza for Iron And Wine track 'Joy', is back with another stunning musical collaboration.

This is the official music video for Pure Bathing Culture's song 'Dream The Dare' taken from the album, 'Moon Tides.' The film depicts a raven's journey through a colourful wilderness. Similarly to Iron And Wine music video, Hayley combines both stop motion and hand drawn projections to achieve her other worldly almost dream-like aesthetic. Interestingly, whilst Hayley handled the stop motion aspects, fellow animator and Late Night Work Club associate Caleb Wood assisted with the hand drawn projected elements.

Booger Kids Disney T-Shirts


We've just discovered Booger Kids, a streetwear fashion label based in California with an emphasis on "nostalgic graphics bringing back the youthful party spirit in all of us." Which means their collections, inspired by imagery from the 80s and 90s, feature a lot of pizza, burgers, skateboards, beer and weed!

These Mickey Mouse ('Tabacco Ted') and Donald Duck ('Harry Hopps') tributes particularly caught our eye, but amongst their range you'll also discover designs inspired by Goofy, Bart Simpson, Beavis & Butthead, Cookie Monster, Tweety Pie and others!

These T-shirts are available for $30 a piece via the Booger Kids online store. Get shopping!

Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes

Andrew Thomas Huang is an animator, film-maker and artist, who is well know for his multitude of stunningly creative music videos. His video for Björk's 'Mutual Core' is especially beguiling!

His latest offering, for Atoms For Peace track 'Before Your Very Eyes,' mimics the undulating apocalyptic landscapes seen on the AMOK album sleeve designed by Stanley Donwood. It cleverly combines computer generated imagery with stop motion in captivating harmony.


Hannah Jacobs: Dead Dog

Hannah Jacobs is a London based illustrator and animator who is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Animation at the Royal College of Art.

'Dead Dog' recounts the tale of Hannah discovering a dead dog in the field behind her house as a 10 year old girl, this affecting piece poignantly resonates with her typically bleak pencil-sketch animation style.

2x4 for AIGA/NY Midnight Moment

The AIGA/NY invited a select group of New York designers to submit videos for October’s 'Midnight Moment.' 'Midnight Moment' is a co-ordinated effort by the sign operators in Times Square to display synchronised, cutting-edge creative content on electronic billboards and newspaper kiosks throughout Times Square.

2x4, a global design consultancy based in New York City, opted to animate this sequence of mind-bending optical trickery from Ishihara color tests through Mach bands and McCollough effect illusions.

Brian Smee: Dungle Pukeface 2154 AD

CalArts student Brian Smee animated this vibrant dance sequence, titled 'Dungle Pukeface 2154 AD,' with brightly coloured clay pressed against a sheet of glass. It's a remarkably effective process.

Tim Doyle: Out Of Service Print


Tim Doyle's 'Out Of Service' print combines Studio Ghibli's Catbus, from 'My Neighbor Totoro,' and feline Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat!

The 16x20 fine art archival giclee print was produced in a signed and numbered edition of 150 copies. Originally for sale as part of the 'Lil Bub' art show, held at Spoke Art Galley in San Francisco, 'Out Of Service' is now available online via Nakatomi Inc. (direct from Tim) for just $40!

Rami Niemi: Sentraali 0100100

Rami Niemi, whose illustrative style you may recognise from his Monocle and Wired Magazine editorial work, created this wacky animated advert for Finland's Sentraali 0100100 directory assistance.

Benjamin Santiago: SWOON

Benjamin Santiago is a New York based artist, designer and programmer who combines all his creative talents into superb performance projects like 'SWOON.'

Benjamin describes 'SWOON' as "an ode to the boob.. it is an attempt to encompass both the bitter-sweet, embarrassing intensity of physical attraction." The piece is comprised of brightly coloured clay breasts connected to a MaKey Makey kit, which allows Benjamin to tweak and twiddle the "breasts" as input controls to his musical performance. The performance is also accompanied by a strangely appealing backdrop of animated visuals, comprised of pulsating and morphing breasts!

Animated Review 'Zine Issue #01


A quick reminder to pick up a copy of our first print publication...

The Animated Review 'zine Issue #01 is available for just £4.00 from here:

Animated Review Shop

Job, Joris & Marieke: MUTE

'MUTE' is an animated short about a world populated by people born without a mouth. When a gory accident leads to the discovery they are able to create their own mouth by cutting themselves, this releases an enthusiastic chain reaction among the population…

This grotesque, but undeniably cute, CG short was animated by Netherlands based collective Job, Joris & Marieke (Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, and Marieke Blaauw.) You may recognise the character designs from and earlier Job, Joris & Marieke project, their animated music video for Gers Pardoel shares a similar aesthetic. Whilst the Happy Camper soundtrack for 'MUTE' also comes from another previous music video collaboration. JJM animated a music video for Happy Camper track 'Born With A Bothered Mind' back in 2011.

Jake Fried: Down Into Nothing

Looking back at the previous "hand-drawn experimental animations" of Boston based artist and animator Jake Fried, you can clearly see how his work has progressed into more and more detailed and complex compositions, each one an evolutionary step forward from the last.

'Down Into Nothing' is the latest in Fried's continued series of moving paintings, dense with mind-boggling visual imagery, patterns and texture, created with nothing more than ink, gouache, white-out and coffee!

James D Wilson: Hallucinations

We've already posted Charles Huettner's contribution to the Hallucination themed challenge from LoopDeLoop. Here we have another superb trippy contribution animated by James D Wilson featuring a psychoactive toad...

Hajime Kimura: Buoyant Trailer

Japanese animator Hajime Kimura has released a teaser trailer for her painterly animated short 'Buoyant.' It was created with 2400 individual drawing in Photoshop, made using just the brush and smudge tools to give it it's blurry hand-painted aesthetic. We can't wait to see the full short.

Tyler Abner: Naughty Or Mice

'Coney Bros' by Tyler Abner

Last Friday saw the opening of Tyler Abner's 'Naughty Or Mice' exhibition at the BLDG gallery in Covington, Kentucky, USA.

BLDG's 'Naughty or Mice' exhibition statement: " Art of Tyler Abner uses comical mice and playful innuendo to coax onlookers into the not-too-distant past of 80s and 90s era skateboarding subculture. From teenagers’ walls to last night’s drunken calls, the mixed media paintings and hand-pulled screen prints recall rebellious nights of Abner’s youth and details the story of growing up. The furry vermin emerge from past memories and they party hard!"

The show featured a variety of mouse themed original paintings and screen prints by artist, illustrator and tattooist Tyler Abner. Amongst the works were several images bearing the likeness of Disney's famous rodent, Mickey Mouse!

To coincide with the show, BLDG have released a series of products on their website, including 3 screen prints depicting Mickey Mouse-esq imagery. The prints are priced at just $15, so grab 'em whilst you still can... BLDG shop.

'Too Much Cheese' by Tyler Abner

'Flash' by Tyler Abner

Bird Box Studio: Carpark

Bird Box Studio are back again with their latest hilarious animated short, titled 'Carpark.'

Alex Horan's Animated Food Fights

Alex Horan's wonderful series of animated food fights pitches classic culinary combo's against one another. Who wins in 'Milk vs. Cookie', 'Spaghetti vs. Meatball' and 'Lemon vs. Lime?'

Keep up to date with the latest "loops of rootinest, tootinist, tummy rumblin' in town" over on Alex's 'Belly Brawl' blog!

Charles Huettner: Hallucinator

Charles Huettner (of the Late Night Work Club) animated this brightly coloured loop for LoopDeLoop's Hallucinations themed challenge. It finally answers the age old question which came first... the chicken, the egg or the giant amorphous pink blob?

Spoiler: It's the giant pink blob!

Neal Fox: Disney Prints

image name
'Sangre De Los Pervertidos' - £150

Neal Fox is a London based artist and Illustrator. He is also a co-founder of ‘Le Gun’, an internationally renowned art collective and print journal.

These three print images are from a series depicting various film-makers and novelist with a renowned disdain for all things Disney. Alejandro Jodorowski (depicted in the image above) called Mickey Mouse a perverter of children, whilst Charles Bukowski (seen in the two images below) referred to Mickey Mouse as “the three-fingered bastard!”

All these prints are still available for purchase through Neal’s online store.

'Journey To The End Of The Night' - £150

'Bukowski Vs The Three Fingered Bastard' - £200

Matthias Hoegg: Upstairs

Matthias Hoegg's animated short 'Upstairs,' is finally up online for us to watch over and over again!

The short was commissioned by Channel 4's film programme Random Acts and produce by Not To Scale in association with Lupus Films.

"How much do we know - or want to know - about the lives of our next door neighbours in urban flats? An inexplicable sound from the flat above leaves Jeff sleepless and anxious to find out the truth about what's really going on upstairs..."

Mondo & Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime


This promotional gimmick from Mondo Gallery is a flash of pure genius!

With the recent DuckTales prints finally getting shipped out to all the lucky customers who managed to bag one (Mondo prints notoriously sell out in minutes,) they're including a piece of Scrooge McDuck's fortune. Mainly comprised of gold coins and gems, one lucky customer will find Scrooge's Number One Lucky Dime!

The fortunate recipient will become the proud owner of this brand new DuckTales original drawing by Anne Benjamin!

ABBY - Monsters

You may remember the superb BirdPen music video AR posted back in May, 2012. This new music video for ABBY track 'Monsters' is instantly recognisable as being from the same director/animator, Pooya Abbasian. They both share a similar monochromatic style and bright-eyed monsters that could inhabit the same mythical world.

Pooya Abbasian describes the narrative behind the music video: "This is the story of Abby, an isolated girl who has been submerged in the world of her own turmoil and paranoia, where the line between reality and nightmare is growing thinner and thinner."

Yakenohara - Relaxin'

Saigo No Shudan ('The Last Resort') is a collective of audio visual artists based in Japan. Founded in 2009 the collective consists of Ayumu Arisaka, Ren Kohata and Oitama. The three met during their studies at the Tokyo National University Of Fine Arts And Music, and since their graduation in 2010 they've mainly worked together on music videos and short films.

We posted their primitive yet strangely appealing music video for PANPAN NO TOU back in May. Now they're back with another MV, this time for DJ and rapper Yakenohara and his track 'Relaxin.' This video combines Saigo No Shudan's simplistic hand-drawn animated characters with wild stop motion sequences of an apartment reorganising itself.

Al Boardman: For The Love Of Mountains

Motion graphics designer Al Boardman created this 2 minute video highlighting stats from mountains around the world, from Everest to Kilimanjaro, on behalf of Visual.ly, the world's largest distribution platform for infographics and data visualisation.

Daniel Bélanger - Je T’aime Comme Tu Es

Montreal-based animator and illustrator Agathe Bray-Bourret directed this superlative hand-drawn animated music video for Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Bélanger. The track is called 'Je T’aime Comme Tu Es' ('I Love You As You Are') and is taken from the album 'Chic De Ville Disponible Sur' released on Audiogram records.