Job, Joris & Marieke: MUTE

'MUTE' is an animated short about a world populated by people born without a mouth. When a gory accident leads to the discovery they are able to create their own mouth by cutting themselves, this releases an enthusiastic chain reaction among the population…

This grotesque, but undeniably cute, CG short was animated by Netherlands based collective Job, Joris & Marieke (Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, and Marieke Blaauw.) You may recognise the character designs from and earlier Job, Joris & Marieke project, their animated music video for Gers Pardoel shares a similar aesthetic. Whilst the Happy Camper soundtrack for 'MUTE' also comes from another previous music video collaboration. JJM animated a music video for Happy Camper track 'Born With A Bothered Mind' back in 2011.

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