Tyler Abner: Naughty Or Mice

'Coney Bros' by Tyler Abner

Last Friday saw the opening of Tyler Abner's 'Naughty Or Mice' exhibition at the BLDG gallery in Covington, Kentucky, USA.

BLDG's 'Naughty or Mice' exhibition statement: " Art of Tyler Abner uses comical mice and playful innuendo to coax onlookers into the not-too-distant past of 80s and 90s era skateboarding subculture. From teenagers’ walls to last night’s drunken calls, the mixed media paintings and hand-pulled screen prints recall rebellious nights of Abner’s youth and details the story of growing up. The furry vermin emerge from past memories and they party hard!"

The show featured a variety of mouse themed original paintings and screen prints by artist, illustrator and tattooist Tyler Abner. Amongst the works were several images bearing the likeness of Disney's famous rodent, Mickey Mouse!

To coincide with the show, BLDG have released a series of products on their website, including 3 screen prints depicting Mickey Mouse-esq imagery. The prints are priced at just $15, so grab 'em whilst you still can... BLDG shop.

'Too Much Cheese' by Tyler Abner

'Flash' by Tyler Abner

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