Hoakser: Thomas The Unbuffed Tank Engine

Hoakser has built a solid reputation in the UK graffiti scene, with his distinctive characters and classic old school graffiti lettering style, from his base in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

His work also covers a whole variety of commissions, with custom toys being his speciality. His latest creation is 'Thomas The Unbuffed Tank Engine,' a vandalised miniature of one of our favourite childhood cartoon characters. The piece is a one-off custom model and is available now via Hoakser's online store, for just £60! Somebody needs to snap this up quick before we give in to the temptation ourselves.

"In 'Thomas the Tank Engine' land, the buff was never invented. Whilst the Fat Controller slept Thomas was gagged and vandalised by an unknown assailant.. After several attacks, Thomas was taken off the tracks and left to rust..."

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