Jessica Ashman: The Cycle

'The Cycle' was animated during Jessica Ashman's first year of study on the Animation MA course at the Royal College of Art. You may recognise her name from her Scottish BAFTA and New Talent BAFTA award winning short film 'Fixing Luka.'

Inspired by the anatomical drawings of Fritz Kahn, Jessica attempts to visualise the inner turmoil of the repetitive process of love and heartbreak. It's a beautifully conceived idea brilliantly crafted and animated as a pseudo-biological educational film.

Whilst the light bulb heart, covered in shards of glass, flickering between a dull glow and bright luminance, and the organised piles of papers in the stomach being blown into disarray are both wonderfully symbolic. We just love the brain machine which takes in spikey hormonal signals and defecates out rationalised neat thoughts until it gets over-loaded and malfunctions.