We can think of several Japanese musicians who release consistently great animated videos to accompany their music, Shugo Tokumaru, Manabu Himeda, Yoshiharu Abe and Cuushe all spring to mind as having recently featured on the AR blog.

NETWORKS are the latest band to come to our attention through their fantastic animated collaborations with animator/director Kohei Yoshino, one half of independent animation studio Tank-Top. The NETWORKS hail from Osaka, where they produce their unique style on minimalist dance music. Two of their recent releases have been accompanied by animated visuals by Kohei and we're happy to present them both here...

The track 'Ab-Rah' features a hand-drawn animated sequence created over a series of magnetic sketching toys, which is such a simple but wonderful concept. The second video for 'Ako-Vone' is stylised to look like the simple vector illustrations you'd expect see on in-flight safety instructions, before spiralling to its surreal conclusion.

These music videos are simply fantastic, both for their musical and animated content! We certainly hope to see further collaborations between these artists.

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