Nicolas Ménard: Somewhere

Originally from Montreal, Nicolas Ménard now resides in London, Where he is currently completing a Masters in Animation at the Royal College of Art. 'Somewhere' is his final RCA first year film, and also marks his first real attempt at creating a narrative driven piece of animation. His previous output combined an illustrative and graphic design aesthetic which he applied, not only to his poetic and conceptual animated works, but to a multitude of printed ephemera too.

'Somewhere' tells the story of an astronaut stranded on a distant planet, whilst his withered and disembodied arm remains on Earth with his partner. Drawing on Nicolas' own experiences of moving to a new country, 'Somewhere' explores the isolation of being separated from home, and the connections that still remain.

Nicolas also kindly contributed an illustration of his favourite childhood cartoon, 'Captain Star,' to the launch issue of the Animated Review 'zine which is available online here: Animated Review Shop, or through a selection of stockists across the UK.

'Captain Star' illustrated by Nicolas Ménard for the Animated Review 'zine.

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