Sam Dunn: Porco Rosso Illustration

Celebrating their fiftieth release Little White Lies magazine took a break from their usual features and review content, and instead assigned 50 guest contributors a year between 1964 and 2013, from which they had to choose a film. Each contributor was also asked to highlight a specific frame or scene from the film that could then be illustrated by a wide array of seriously talented artist.

'Porco Rosso' is the only animated feature film to make it into the issue! London based illustrator Sam Dunn accompanied the piece with a re-imagining of the climactic dogfight scene from the Studio Ghibli classic. Delicately crafted by hand with pen and ink then coloured digitally with many layers of found and forged textures, the image resonates with a traditional hand-crafted warmth. It would look even more stunning produced as a screen print.

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