Jan Svankmajer - Dimensions of Dialogue / Between Film and Fine Art Book

Jan Svankmajer - Dimensions Of Dialogue / Between Film And Fine Art

Paperback: 508 pages
Publisher: Artefakt/Arbor Vitae (Aug 2013)
Language: English
ISBN: 9788074670169
Price: £55.00 (appox.)

'Dimensions of Dialogue' celebrates the world-renowned Czech filmmaker Jan Svankmajer (born 1934), responsible for some of the most memorable and unique animated films ever realised, and who has strongly influenced filmmakers like Tim Burton and The Brothers Quay.

This publication presents Svankmajer not only as a filmmaker but also as an outstanding fine artist, experimenter, poet and a militant surrealist. Through explorative and informative essays, scholars Bertrand Schmitt and Frantiek Dryje illuminate the various aspects of his output, including puppet theatre, Mannerism, Surrealism and his many collaborations with his wife, Eva Svankmajerová (1940–2005), a surrealist painter, filmmaker and ceramicist. This substantial monograph, named after his 1982 film (noted for its brilliant display of “claymation”) includes a number of reproductions of Svankmajer's art work, film stills, photographs from plays and a selection of documentary images from the life of this internationally respected and multitalented artist.