For All To Envy: Crack Kills

This new T-shirt from For All To Envy re-imagines the classic 'Crack Kills' Bootleg Bart Simpson tee, whilst also parodying the infamous Kim Kardasian "Break The Internet" PAPER magazine cover.

The T-shirt is now available to purchase via the For All To Envy online store, priced $32.

Max Halley: Santa Head Spin

Max Halley's spinning Santa head celebrates the fake Father Christmas with his terrible false beard and surly attitude!

Kayoko Nagashima: PICO 2014

Another year, another super-cute seasonal short from Kayoko Nagashima featuring PICO and her polar bear friend...

Felix Sputnik: Mambo Crimbo

Michael Schlingmann aka Felix Sputnik animated a rotating Father Christmas glitter ball for his Christmas card this year.

Leah Shore: Happy Holidays 2014

Year upon year Leah Shore surpasses her last animated holiday greeting with an even more extreme offering.

In 2012 Leah crafted a stop motion stripper and in 2013 we were treated to a disgustingly bloated rabbit consuming copious amounts of fruit cake! This year snippets of porn have been made Christmassy with seasonal animated censorship.

Another festive classic!

Panda Bear - Boys Latin

Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch of Encyclopedia Pictura, a film and animation studio based in San Francisco, directed this phantasmagorical music video for Panda Bear track 'Boys Latin'.

The narrative sees a young women out for a hike along a coastal tide pool. Her encounter with a strange sea anemone triggers a series of events in which she meets a man caught in a similar predicament, and together they start a family... of sorts.

Torill Kove: Redesigning Christmas

In this short vignette directed by Torill Kove, the anxious young protagonist from the Oscar-shortlisted 'Me And My Moulton' looks on as her architect parents re-design Christmas. The tree, presents, and cake are all re-made in simple, clean lines using the principles of good design. But will Santa be able to get through the contemporary chimney on the family’s flat-roofed home?

Eoin Duffy: Christmas Eve

Eoin Duffy's animated Christmas greeting sees Father Christmas shit out a beautifully wrapped gift... It's a genuine Christmas miracle! 

"Enjoy the Christmas crap!" Eoin Duffy

Peter Sluszka: Hermès Noël

Peter Sluszka animated this charming festive short for Parisian luxury accessories brand Hermès, in which a curious clay horse stumbles upon Santa's reindeer in a clearing and an embarrassing pratfall becomes a fortunate career move!

Comics Feeeever!!

Comics Feeeever!! Uncover The Power Of Comics In Art And Design

Publisher: Victionary
Release Date: October 2014
Features: 364 pp, full colour, softcover with slipcase
Language: English
ISBN: 978-988-12228-9-3

Comics is a frenzied world that seems realistic yet unattainable. Creatively woven out of wit, fascination, hope, and lust, this graphic art category progressively develops into a rich, graphic projection of human nature and realities of life. Up in the cosmos, down to hell or far to a future space, these thought-provoking artworks reflect different world views on politics, religious, social norms, good and evil that identify with cultures in the West and the East.

Loaded with cute sexy characters, superheroes and classic childhood toons, 'Comics Feeeever!!' captures how familiar comics, manga, cartoon, anime and pop art icons and vocabularies take on new meanings at the present times by means of street art, lifestyle products, installations, fashion, and advertising campaigns. With 12 interviews next to a inspired showcase, the book reviews extensively the works of 39 artists and designers that celebrate real life heroes, feminism, cultural heritage and the language unique to this theme.

Bipolar Sunshine - Day Dreamer

Animator and directer Tomek Ducki created this superb music video for top Manchester talent Bipolar Sunshine, and the track 'Daydreamer'. The visuals are stylistically paired with the tracks ambient-pop style and singer Adio Marchant's appreciation for 80s inspired colour-palettes and visuals.

The project was heavily influenced by Eastern-European poster design from the 1980's. A combined multitude of techniques... painting, hand-drawn animation, CGI and even swirling Strata-Cut clay animation (created by Gina Thorstensen) was implemented to give life and depth to these dynamic poster-like compositions.

'Daydreamer' is set for release on January 25th, 2015 and available to pre-order via the iTunes Store now.

Laura Marling - Short Movie

It seems to have been an age since Laura Marling released and comprehensively toured her acclaimed fourth album 'Once I Was an Eagle'. After an extended period of reflection, she's back with her fifth studio release... 'Short Movie'.

Accompanying the release is this wonderfully animated music video for the title track, created by London-based studio Art & Graft.

Inspired by Laura Marling's album artwork and the epic, psychedelic landscapes of Jodorowsky, the film follows a galloping horse as it travels through an ever-changing landscape that rolls and fluctuates with the pace of the song.

Animade: Santa Is Weak

Animade created a mini web-based toy for their festive animation this year. An emaciated Father Christmas has to be fed presents until he returns to his optimum level of belly-stuffed obesity. Be careful, overfeed him and he might just explode!

Visits to feed Santa and save Christmas!

Art & Graft: Happy Christmas!!! Part II

Two years after their debaucherous animated Christmas short, the folks at Art & Graft have finally dragged themselves out of bed and back to work. Check out 'Happy Christmas!!!' part II, the morning after the night before.

Seigensha Flipbook: Strobofly

Seigensha Art Publishing have just unveiled their latest flipbook, the ninth in a collaborative series with illustrator and animator Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo.

The festive release, titled 'Strobofly', features cleverly shaped pages allowing for two independent flying sequences to be viewed. A third viewing options combines these two sequences resulting in a hidden magical climax.

Glassworks: Merry Christmas

This year's Christmas card animation from the team at Glassworks Amsterdam, Barcelona and London, sees a plump robin lording his stash of tasty nuts over a less fortunate flying-turd of a pigeon.

Sarah Klan: Christmas 2014

Sarah Klan's sweetly animated festive short comes with a warning... "Be careful what you wish for this Christmas!"

Marjolaine Perreten: Super Grand

Marjolaine Perreten's super-cute animated short 'Super Grand' tells the story of a kindly giant and the misguided villagers he's trying to help.

Cómodo Screen: TVE Zoetropes

Cómodo Screen, a Barcelona-based creative studio specialising in motion graphics, broadcast design and branding, created three hand-made paper-craft zoetropes for TVE (Televisión Española) the national state-owned public-service television broadcaster in Spain.

The three zoetropes were made entirely from scratch, with thousands of hand-cut pieces of paper, with each resulting ident depicting festive sequences based on Christmas, New Year's Eve and The Three Kings.'

Megu & Patron - Ending Song

The last music video from Japanese motion graphics designer & animator Takashi Ohashi and Megu & Patron was a playful, pixilated interpretation of electronic workings. Their latest collaboration takes a similarly stylised and glitchy exploration into DNA sequencing and genomics.

Dan Britt: Laura Bird Mugs

Laura Bird was commissioned by Anthropologie to make 345 hand-made mugs for the 2014 Holiday Season. As they were being packed away to be shipped, Dan Britt photographed all of them, creating this wonderful stop motion animation depicting the variety and scope of Laura's designs.

Lucas Jubb: Bartman Print

Freelance illustrator & graphic designer Lucas Jubb recently hosted a Simpsons themed quiz at the Belgrave Music Hall And Canteen, giving him the opportunity to draw a bunch of characters including 'Mr. Sparkle' and 'Squishy Bender Bart' to promote the event.

One particular image featuring Bart's superhero alter-ego 'Bartman' is now available as an A3 Risograph print on 170gsm offset cyclus paper via the A Little Summit online store, price at just £15.

Also check out Lucas' 'Simpsons Club Patches', they're amazing!

PES: Submarine Sandwich

With the support of 1114 Kickstarter backers PES floats his latest, tastiest, stop motion masterpiece 'Submarine Sandwich'.

In 'Submarine Sandwich' we see a vintage deli counter stuffed with meat-like sporting ephemera... scarred boxing gloves, worn-out footballs, and tired baseball mitts. These are sliced and diced in a PES-like manner before being assembled into the deli's signature dish, garnished with shredded dollar bills, bicycle reflectors, rings of slinky and googly eyes... Delicious!

Myriam Boyer: Chargement... Flipbooks

At a time of high-speed internet and unbridled consumption of content these 'Chargement...' ('Loading...') flipbooks, from visual media artist Myriam Boyer, are inspired by poor wi-fi connection.

The 200 page, 13cm x 7cm flipbooks are printed in silver & white on black paper stock by L’atelier des livres, a self-publishing company in Aix-en-Provence.

Julien Nantiec & Cyril Izarn: Jungl

Julien Nantiec & Cyril Izarn directed and animated this King Kong inspired promo for 'Jungl', an app which helps you discover new apps tailored to your personal tastes.

Brooklyn-based Kyle Strope produced the superb character designs and other illustrations for the spot. Check out more of his illustration, motion graphics & animation over on his Tumblr, it's all great!

The Opening Sequence Of Sidera

'The Opening Sequence Of Sidera' is the first (of four) animated sequence created by Catfish Deluxe and Yapiko animation for the french movie 'Lou! Journal infime' by Julien Neel.

The purpose of the animated sequences scattered throughout the movie is to materialise the inner world of Lou’s mother. In the novel she’s writing, she tells the adventures of Sidera, her fantasy alter ego...

"Travelling through universe in her spacewhale, Sidera, the mighty amazon, is searching for love. With the help of her loyal friends, Zeltar, Darkforce and Isabelle the Battlepony, she faces many dangers... But her most terrible enemy lurks in the depth of her heart... will Sidera be ready when the time to face her nemesis comes?"

The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You

Brooklyn-born artist, film-maker and animator Sophia Bennett Holmes created this pared-down lo-fi music video for The Flamingos, and their track 'I Only Have Eyes For You'.

The animation was created by slicing illustrative line drawings into a flat slab of clay, creating a smeared ghosting effect as the each frame is obliterated by the creation of the next.

UNGA: Fat Bart Print

UNGA from the Broken Fingaz collective has released a micro print edition of his 'Fat Bart' portrait via Fluorescent Smogg. Multidisciplinary art collective Broken Fingaz (Kip, UNGA, Tant and Deso) are regarded as one of the first graffiti crews to emerge from Haifa, Israel, and their name is now at the forefront of contemporary street art.

The 50cm x 70cm signed and numbered three colour screen print (it has glow in the dark eyes!) was produced in a limited edition of just 20 copies! It's available now from Fluorescent Smogg online store priced £75!

Tourist - Illuminate

Nicolas Ménard's animated music video for Tourist’s song 'Illuminate' featuring Years & Years, was visually inspired by two video games and their reliance on one point perspective gameplay: 'X' (Gameboy), and 'Super World Runner' (NES).

"In 1992, a man receives love letters in Korean. Since Google Translate doesn't exist yet, he's left confused. What could this mean?"

Imbue: Kids With Guns...

'Kids With Guns...' is Imbue's latest Disney inspired artwork to be released via online contemporary art gallery Artobox. Based on a NRA firing range paper target, the concentric circle design has been tweaked to depict an outline of the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette.

The 50cm x50cm print is being produced as a hand-pulled screen print on 'Banks Cream' 300gsm cotton rag paper, signed, numbered and priced at £50. Due for release early next week, these are sure to sell out quickly.

Katie Gately - Pivot

Freelance animator/designer/director Louis Morton animated this mesmerisingly atmospheric music video to accompany an except from Katie Gately's electro-acoustic opus 'Pivot'. The full 14 minute track is available via Fat Cat Records now.

Péter Vácz: Satellite Dish

Péter Vácz animated this quirky minute long short based on a children's poem by János Lackfi, and preformed by Hungarian rapper and human beatbox Pista Busa.

Read about the making of 'Satellite Dish' over on Péter's blog.

Olly Reid: Snow Balls Deep

Olly Reid, director of Bristol-based animation company Hot Head Films, made this animated snowman porno titled 'Snow Balls Deep'... Very festive! We love it!!!

Blutch - A.

Independent animator Romain Navier created this celestial music video for fellow Parisian Blutch, and his new track 'A.' taken from the 'Equilibrium EP'.

BRIGADE Clothing: Bart T-shirt

BRIGADE clothing have dedicated their streetwear brand to fostering social awareness. Striving to be the unapologetic voice of those individuals who wake up everyday and fight the good fight, no matter how oppressive the opposition may be. Their apparel really persoinifies their tagline of "All Power To The People."

Their latest T-shirt and pin badge set subverts the blackface minstrel racial stereotype with a striking amalgamation of Mickey Mouse and Bart Simpson. For decades Bootleg Bart shirts made Bart black, where he has been used as a symbol for resistance to apartheid, for Rasta culture, and hip-hop music, he's become a true ambassador for black culture.

Both the 'Bart Tee' (priced $30.00) and the 'BRIGADE Pin Set' set (priced $12.00) are available via the BRIGADE online store now!

Nomade - Desert Night's Dream

Yuyu Haruka (aka Nomade) has release a new track, titled 'Desert Night's Dream. The accompanying animated music video from Ayaka Nakamura is a visual phantasmagoria of magically subtle beauty.

Matt Crabe: Sexy Toons

From the depraved mind of Matt Crabe (aka Heaven's Favorite Man), comes this newly released pair of 'Sexy Toon' prints.

The 11"x14" prints, featuring a lustful female Gumby and SpongeBob indulging in some S&M, are produced as high-quality color digital reproductions on heavy weight card stock. They're available to buy now via the 'Matt Crabe Is Burning In Hell' online store, priced $15.

Eri Yoshikawa: うばたまの夢

Tama Art University student Eri Yoshikawa's animated short 'うばたまの夢' visualises the impressionistic wanderings of a young girls dreams. 

Tronco for Tim Hortons Soup

Canadian restaurant chain Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop are introducing their seasonal soup range with a slickly shot zoetropic advert from Argentine film studio Tronco.

The spot features a series of nine hand-painted soup bowls, each depicting a different aspect of the soups natural production through sweetly animated sequences. Watch the making-of also posted below.

Damien Hirst & Marc Jacobs: Mickey T-Shirt

Back in 2009 Disney invited Damien Hirst to re-appropriate the design of Mickey Mouse, stripping him back to his bare essentials. Hirst’s unique representation of Mickey Mouse, used his trademark spot motif to interpret one of Disney’s best loved characters like we've never seen before.

The original artwork was auctioned off in early 2014 raising £902,500 for Kids Company, a charity organisation that focuses on bettering the lives in Britain’s inner-city youth.

Whilst the likelihood of ever owning the original 'Mickey', or even one of the super limited edition signed prints which sold for between £4,000 and £10,000 each, is a virtual impossibility, their is now a change to acquire a slightly more affordable version in the form of a T-shirt.

Hirst's art publishing house, Other Criteria have teamed up with fashion designer, Mar Jacobs to produce this exclusive limited edition design of only 2300 units which is available for adults in either washed black or white, and a kids cut in white. The adult T-shirts retail at £73.00 and the kids T-shirt at £43, with all the proceeds again being donated to Kids Company. The T-shirts will be exclusively available through Marc Jacobs retailer and Other Criteria stores.

"Mickey Mouse represents happiness and the joy of being a kid and I have reduced his shape down to the basic elements of a few simple spots. I hope people love it, because it is still instantly recognisable - Mickey is such a universal and powerful icon." Damien Hirst

Compassion Crew - Master Of The Gentlemanly Art

Simon Landrein continues his series of square framed Lichtenstein-esque pop art animation with a sexually charged music video for the Compassion Crew, and their new track 'Master Of The Gentlemanly Art'.

The 'Masters Of Gentlemanly Art' 12" EP is out now on vinyl-only record label Major Problems, based in Dublin.

In the video a train conductor has a series of suggestive encounters with some buxom female passengers, all illustrated in Simon's distinctive style with lots of negative space, abstract shapes, dots, lines and bold, flat colours... Sexy!

Sijia Ke: Aye

Sijia Ke is an illustrator and animator based in UK and China. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2013, before continuing her studies at the Royal College of Art.

'Aye' is her first project out of the RCA... and it's stunningly wonderful! It abstractly examines low self-esteem, self-loathing and the mental anguish that ensues, all told through beautifully hand-rendered animation in watercolour, charcoal and oil pastel.

"Loneliness occurs when someone is lost in himself. The one will try to find the lost part however the result may be disappointed. When people try to find the lost things to get stronger they may also find stronger powers which force them to abandon themselves even more." Sijia Ke

Simon Larsen - Milkshakes

Frederik Storm asked his friend and musician Simon Larsen if he could use one of his tracks for a fun weekend animation jam project, with fellow animator Sophie Refshauge. Simon agreed and this madcap unofficial music video is the bizarre, but hugely enjoyable result.

Tom Rosenthal - It's Okay

RCA graduate Hannah Jacobs animated this beautiful illustrative music video for folkster Tom Rosenthal, and his latest release 'It's Okay'. The track is taken from his new EP 'The Pleasant Trees', which is available to buy via iTunes now.

Joshua Catalano: POULICROC

'Poulicroc' by Joshua Catalano was created as an imitation music video for 1983 electronic synth-pop track 'Teenager' by Mariah.

Brian Ewing: Simpsons Prints

Galerie F. in Chicago recently presented a solo exhibition by Ohio-based illustrator Brian Ewing. 'Scream With Me' is a collection of new print works by Ewing focusing on horror pop culture. Alongside Nosferatu and Frankenstein there is a series of Bart and Milhouse variants inspired by 'The Simpsons Tree House Of Horror' episodes. They feature a variety of paired designs produced in a mix of brightly coloured, glow in the dark and metallic inks.

The prints are available in 'Classic', 'Skeletal', 'Skeletal Brown', 'Halloween' and 'Hulk Smash' colour-ways for both Bart Simpson and Milhouse VanHouten. The 18" x 24" screen prints were produced in small editions of 75 units, signed and numbered by the artist, and priced $50 via the Galerie F. online store.

PACO - September

Japanese duo Aaco and Shinpei (aka PACO) have recently released an Earth Wind & Fire tribute/covers album! The first single released sees 'September' re-worked in their hyperactive J-Pop style, and accompanied by some equally zany visuals from independent animator Kohei Yoshino.

Kohei has been know to experiment with a variety of techniques, but this latest piece takes simple GC animation devoid of shading, lighting and distinct outlines, and looks purely at colour, shape and movement.

Mori Wa Ikiteiru - Dream Of Kemuriyoru III

Onionskin have just unveiled their epic third and final panoramic barrier grid animation music video for Mori Wa Ikiteiru's triptych track 'Dream Of Kemuriyoru'...

How Dragons Disappear - Pukyboog

TACHYONS+ are a Video Glitch Synth design team that supplies unique and low cost hands-on tools for video artists around the world. They also use their magical machines, often modified from obsolete games consoles, to produce their own wonderfully glitched out pixel art music videos.

Logan Owlbeemoth of TACHYONS+ created this music video for the track 'Pukyboog' by How Dragons Disappear. Using a modified Sega Genesis and a Beavis and Butt-head cartridge, the video sees Beavis and Butt-head headbanging away in front of garishly coloured and pixelated backdrops.

The track will soon be available on cassette via the Detroit Underground label:

Volatile-Vertex: Batman x Adventure Time

Digital artist Volatile-Vortex has created a series of 3D renders mashing together characters from 'Batman' and 'Adventure Time'.

They're brilliant!

Spotted via Streets Of Beige

Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia - Cuando

Spanish musical duo Kiko Veneno & Martín Buscaglia are now collectively known as 'El Pimiento Indomable' ('The Indomitable Pepper'). Recorded sporadically over a two year period, their new self-titled album, was pieced together through Skype sessions, emailed audio files, a brief meeting in Nairobi and a final mix in an LA studio.

'Cuando', the first track released from the album, features an animated music video from Perles & Perles, a small independent animation studio helmed by brothers Esteban & Pedro Perles. The video is pieced together in a similar manner to the albums completion, resulting in a wonderful patchwork of gorgeously surreal snippets.

Hem - Jack The Pine

New York-based folksters Hem recently announced their first single release of 2014...

Stephanie Swart created this stunning animated music video to accompany the song 'The Jack Pine', taken from the album 'Departure and Farewell'.

Isaac King: Sticks And Stones

'Sticks and Stones' by Isaac King is an animated story about a young boy exploring his world, mediated by technology and social media.

"Are we a part of nature, or outside it? Is it "human nature" to be cruel? Through empathy, we learn everything is connected."

Sock Monkey Animated Teaser

GadZOOKS! Indie comic book creator Tony Millionaire and animation artist Matt Danner are hopefully developing a full length feature film based on Millionaire's Sock Monkey character.

Tony first met Matt whilst working on 'The Drinky Crow Show' for Adult Swim. They quickly struck up a friendship and agreed to collaborate on a project adapting the exisiting Sock Monkey graphic stories into a fully rounded long-from narrative, far more suitable for a feature film.

As the story came together, they soon realised that the idea they'd had for a film would also make a great adventure book. Staying true to the original comics and their charming characters, the new book titled 'Sock Monkey Into The Deep Woods' is already available, published by Fantagraphics this October.

Tony and Matt are currently pitching the new script alongside this live action/CGI animation proof-of-concept (based on 'Sock Monkey: The Glass Doorknob') around Hollywood. Hopefully some savvy studio will pick it up and we'll get to see Uncle Gabby brought to the big screen!

"In the film, Uncle Gabby the sock monkey, the stuffed Mr. Crow, and the porcelain doll Inches go on a rescue mission to save their human owner, Ann-Louise, who they fear has been kidnapped by a monster. Along the way, they encounter fanciful creatures including the Trumbernick (the pixie shaman of the forest), a giant sea monster, the Guardsmen of Bear Town, and a flock of flying harpies." - Matt Danner

Iria Lopez: Jamón

Spanish born freelance animator & illustrator Iria Lopez graduated from the MA course in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, in 2012 with this gorgeously hand-drawn animated short, titled 'Jamón'.

'Jamón' ('Ham') abstractly tackles the subject of social acceptance. Drawing directly from her own experiences as a young vegetarian (some of the dialogue is inspired by her own mothers comments at the dinner table) they story is told through José, a lone teenage pig living in a pork-obsessed Spanish town. José is the only pig in his town, but one day a new neighbour moves in, and José is confronted with who he really is and the townsfolk's attitude toward his kind!

Lily Fang: The Thing Under The Tree

Lily Fang's sublimely animated and strangely unnerving RCA 2013 graduation short 'The Thing Under The Tree' is finally available online for everyone to view and enjoy!

"Gabby keeps bothering her older sister Tam to play, so Tam tells a story about a monster that lives in the forest. Whatever you do, she says, you can’t let it see your face..."

Josh Parker: Llama

Josh Parker animated these cute Llama sequences for an unfortunately abandoned children's app. The undisclosed clients opted to go in a different direction with the design... The fools!

We love 'em!

James - All I'm Saying

Swiftly following the spectacular 'Moving On' stop motion from Ainslie Henderson, we're once again compelled to share a James music video.

Our hands are tied! Despite their terribly dull music they've wowed us again with another superbly animated music video, this time accompanying the track 'All I'm Saying'.

Directed and animated by Péter Vácz, the video sees "a man on a quest to find the spirit of a woman to whom he could never say goodbye."

Bootleg Bart: Black Bart Bootleg Toy

Leo at Bootleg Bart has been cataloging the cultural phenomena of knock-off Simpsons T-shirt for over a decade. With a book somewhere already in the pipeline, the Bootleg Bart online shop recently dropped a rather unexpected treat.

Teaming up with Manny X Romero at Patrullax, they unveiled a super limited custom action figure, Black Bart With Gold Chain! Booted from an original 1989 Playmates Bart figurine, the 3" tall piece pays homage the the classic 90's Black Bart imagery. Each figure was individually cast in brown resin, hand-painted in neon green & orange clothing, and completed with a chunky gold chain accessory. It also comes packaged in a custom blister pack with a card back board hinting at three other possible releases... Nuclear Bart, Bad Acid Bart and Vandal Bart!

The piece was limited to just 10 units with a very reasonable $50 price tag. Unsurprisingly, it sold out in under 2 hours! You should subscribe to Bootleg Bart newsletter to be in with a remote chance of bagging the next release.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: 3

Following on from the first two short films, Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling are back with a third, now Kickstarter funded, installment of 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.'

The puppets huge online following saw an impressive total pledge of over £100,000, ensuring their return for at least 4 new episodes. Having already covered two important life lessons ,'Creativity' and 'Time', they've now turned their warped, pseudo-educational film-making to explaining the subject of 'Love!'

The new short doesn't disappoint... A new butterfly character teaches the yellow guy all about the complexities of love whilst secretly luring him into his woodland cult. Crafted in their usual mix of live action, stop motion, 2D animation, puppetry and raw meat this latest outing for the creepy trio is a really tasty visual treat, much yummier than a delicious chicken picnic!

Clockwork Orchestra - The Generator Girls

Check out this amazing animated music video featuring monochromatic drumming monkeys, bass playing robo-flamingos and a factory production line crafting girls with brightly coloured hair!

The video was created by Australia-based artist and illustrator Heiko Windisch for 'The Generator Girls' by Clockwork Orchestra, taken from his brand new album 'A Fish For A Heart,' due for release on December 1st 2014 via Soft Bodies Records.

Splendidly Evil Powerpuff Girls 'Zine

'Splendidly Evil' is a 'zine dedicated to the zany and colourful villains in the 'Powerpuff Girls'. It features 39 artists, each with their own spin on the many villains seen in the series, spread over 56 glossy full-colour pages. The submission based publication was organised and curated by Nneka Myers, Arielle Jovellanos, Pablo Leon, Abigail Dela Cruz, Geraldine Rodriguez, Mallory Carlson, and Sara Talmadge, also dubbed the Sinister Seven.

Alongside the Sinister Seven the 'zine also features artwork from the following contributors:

Alexia Tryfon / Alfonso Pardo / Andrea Garcia / Cameron Garland / Charles Tan / Chelsea Kenna / Chrystin Garland / Cole Harrington / Crystal Curtis / Diana Huh / Domareen Fox / Erin Hunting / Gabby Zapata / Janet Sung / Jemuel Bernaldez / Jessica Mao / Joshua C Heinsz / Justin Chan / Krystal Pham / Kyrstin Avello / Laura Price / Lissy Marlin / Matt Doering / Michelle Soong / Miranda Yeo / Rebecca Nelson / Rosemary Travale / Sarah Simes / Teressa Ong / Trevor Finney / Trung Le Nguyen & Yssa Badiola.

L to R - Abigail Dela Cruz, Chrystin Garland, Rosemary Travale & Jemuel Bernaldez.

L to R - Lissy Marlin, Alfonso Pardo, Cole Harrington & Domareen Fox.

In addition to the 'zine a spectacular 11"x17" print illustrated by Carlos Lerma, featuring Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, HIM & Mojo Jojo terrorising the City of Townsville, is also available. 

Splendidly Evil Poster by Carlos Lerma.

Pre-orders are now open via their online store, with shipping expected from the mid/end of November. You can purchase the 'zine alone ($15 USD), the Carlos Lerma Poster alone ($15 USD) or as a Bundle ($25 USD) at

Jacob 2-2 - Construxon Time Again

This animated music video for 'Construxon Time Again' by Jacob 2-2 took us on a huge nostalgia trip...

The superbly animated stop motion, entirely composed of 1980s Fisher-Price building toy 'Construx,' was lovingly crafted by Adam Brown over a year long process. The video depicts two Contrux guys crash landing on an alien planet and battling its robotic inhabitants. With plenty of visual nods to Sci-Fi pop culture like the 'Aliens' exoskeleton suit, the light tunnel from '2001: A Space Odyssey,' and classic arcade games like 'Sinistar' & 'Space Invaders,' 'Construxon Time Again' stirred far fonder memories than 'The LEGO Movie' managed.

'Construxon Time Again' originally appeared on the album 'Herbivore,' and now makes an appearance once again, along with remixes by Muta and Stephen Farris, on Jacob 2-2's new EP 'The Rec.' Available now via King Deluxe Records.

Bob 2: Animation Inspired Prints


Re-printed from the archive... Bob 2 has reprised three of his classic cartoon-inspired print designs, each in a striking red risographed edition.

The three designs are now available as A3 single-colour risograph prints, limited to a edition of just 10 signed and number copies per design. The prints are for sale via the Spray Gang online store, priced £25.00 a pop!


'Piss Head'

Mori Wa Ikiteiru - Dream Of Kemuriyoru II

Onionskin have created a new panoramic barrier grid animation for the second installment of Mori Wa Ikiteiru's triptych track 'Dream Of Kemuriyoru,' taken from his album 'Good Night.'

Sauce - New Day

Vancouver-based Hip Hop emcee SoS aka Sauce recently unveiled his new release, and the lead track from his new self-titled EP, 'New Day.'

Influenced by the beloved television staple, and a Simpsons themed party Sauce hosted years earlier, Random Pictures director Stephen Gillis decided to take on the challenge of making the first live action Simpsons inspired music video.

The video also features a cast filled with members of Vancouver's thriving underground hip-hop community including:

Homer - Sauce
Disco Stu - Ryan
Marge - Emily
Lenny - DJ C-Lo
Troy McClure - Trevor Mills
Otto/Milhouse - Mr. Archive
Moe/Jimbo Jones - Tyler 2 Times
Barney/Nelson Muntz - Kid Lithium
Sideshow Bob - Simon of Rap Goofz
Frank Grimes - Babie Paul
Mr. Burns - Corvid
Edna Krabappel - Jolene
Dr. Nick - Juneten
Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby - The Bonald
Dr. Marvin Monroe - Devon

Download the album now for FREE at:

Also keep an eye out for our forthcoming 'zine 'Homage To Homer'... a horrific photographic collection of Homer Simpson costumes.

Peter Millard: Bomb

Take a look at Peter Millard's new and explosively colourful animated short, 'Bomb.'

"A container filled with explosive or incendiary material, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a timing, proximity, or remote-control device. I want some breakfast and get on with my day." - Peter Millard

Alan Hampton - Keep It In Your Dreams

Alan Hampton's new track 'Keep It In Your Dreams,' taken from his upcoming album 'Origami For the Fire' available on November 4th from Ash Productions, features a wonderfully animated paper-puppet stop motion music video from Steven Mertens.

Overture: Weird Healing

'Weird Healing' started as a concept for an animated series with a focus on embracing the unknown with openness and a willing to understand. Overture's idea quickly developed into a single animated short, a comic series, a 'zine publication, an exhibition and even a little performance art!

Watch the existing animated episode, which will still hopefully be developed into a full series, here and the 'Weird Healing 'Zine' is available for purchase in the Overture online store now.

"Pim, the positive and all-embracing 'doctor' and Jiji, his old bull of a guide with deep knowledge of plant life and herbal medicine, travel the universes curing ailments with methods unconventional by today's medical standards." - Overture

USA NAILS - Am I A Man Or Not?

'Am I A Man Or Not?' is the first single taken from London-based kraut-punk-noise-rock 4 piece USA Nails' debut album 'Sonic Moist,' released by Smalltown America, Bigoût Records, I Hate My Records and Unwork, on Monday 17th November.

The horrifically grotesque music video features a shockingly good piece of stop motion animation from renowned horror claymation maestro Lee Hardcastle, in which a head slowly decomposes... Lovely!

Imbue: Light Headed

This SpongeBob inspired print by Imbue went up for sale via Artobox with a 'Pay what you like' price. This "art for everyone" approach allowed you to simply decide how much you wanted to pay, enter the amount and press 'Buy Now!' Unsurprisingly the print sold out almost immediately, but it's such a cool image we had to share it anyway.

The ‘Light Headed’ full colour print on 300gsm white recycled paper, sized 29.7cm x 42cm, signed and number in pencil, edition of 50.

"I though this would be a fun idea, I love making art and manipulating images, it's meant to be fun and affordable." - Imbue

Girl Talk & Freeway - Suicide Remix ft. A$AP Ferg

Inspired by her contribution to the Bartkira volume 1. (pages 66-67), Lisa Ramsey directed and animated this bootleg Bart music video for Girl Talk & Freeway track 'Suicide' Remix ft. A$AP Ferg.

The bootleg aesthetic and acrid colour palette lends itself so well to hip-hop... We absolutely love it! 

Stefan Imbesi: Worst 'Zine Ever

From Australian graphic designer Stefan Imbesi comes this superb 14 page 'zine capturing some of the most memorable moments and characters from 'The Simpsons.' If you're a Simpsons enthusiast, 'zine collector or need a new colouring book, the 'Worse 'Zine Ever' is for you.

The 'Worse 'Zine Ever' is available in a limited run of just 50 copies, Black & White Risograph print on 150gsm Envirocare paperstock, priced $10.00 AUD via Stefan's online store.

Pyramid Vritra - Palace

Director, animator and illustrator Robert Wallace aka Parallel Teeth created this animated promo for the 'Palace' EP, the new release from Stones Throw signee Hal Williams aka Pyramid Vritra.

The concept behind the release was to shift the attention from the beats and to focus on the storytelling in the vocals, each narrative representing a different "room", with the album creating a cohesive "corridor of music." The promo features the tracks 'Palace,' 'Retrograde' and 'Track Three,' all sublimely illustrated with a series of rooms equally steeped in classical architecture and science fiction weirdness.

ZHU - Paradise Awaits

Hungarian animator Tomek Ducki, who recently appeared on the Animated Review with his cutesy and psychedelic music video for 'Unicorn' by Basement Jaxx, is back with another music video crafted in a very different style.

The music video for ZHU's 'Paradise Awaits' features a combination of 2D and CGI animation overpainted in negative, with Tomek hand-painting a few thousands pictures with acrylics, watercolours, crayons and ecoline paint... Stunning!

Isaac Lenkiewicz & Benjamin Wright: Turtles Fighters 'Zine

Illustrators Isaac Lenkiewicz & Benjamin Wright collaborated on this collection of bootleg 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' comics, titled 'Turtles Fighters.'

The 'zine has been sold at several independent publishing fairs this year, including ELCAF, The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair and Safari Festival, but it's now finally available to purchase online. 'Turtles Fighter' is now available through Isaac's online store for just £3.00!

If you like the look of this, you should also check out Benjamin's hand-painted Turtle Fighters Badges and Jack Teagle's 'Turtles Fighters' 'zine too.

Jake Fried: Brain Lapse

'Brain Lapse' is the latest in Jake Fried's mind-bogglingly detailed and mesmeric series of "hand-drawn experimental animations." Unlike the previous installments, 'Brain Lapse' also utilises collaged elements, alongside the ink, gouache, white-out and coffee typically used in their composition.

High quality Giclée mini-prints of stills from Jake Fried's animated shorts can be purchased through his Society6 online store.

BOOM ft. Snoop Dogg - TZK Remix

Spanish DJ due The Zombie Kids enlisted illustrator Sawe and director Tomás Peña to create this brightly-coloured madcap music video for their remix of 'BOOM' ft. Snoop Dogg.

The zany escapade sees a blue-skined youth, a yellowed old man, and a portly pink policeman vying to be the best graffiti artist, supported by a bizarre cast including Snoop, a pink poodle and a twerking pizza slice!

Peter Millard: Fruit Fruit

Peter Millard's 2013 animated ode to fruit is finally online for us all to bask in it's absurd glory... Drink in two of your five-a-day courtesy of 'Fruit Fruit.'

"Lemon cranberry apple banana cucumber orange lime are a selection of fruit fruit."

Bambooman - Clasp

Mark Prendergast animated the new video to accompany Bambooman’s track 'Clasp' using nothing but bouncy balls, everyone’s favourite childhood play thing, and lots and lots of sandpaper to slowly reveal the psychedelic, swirling patterns hidden within.

The video is initially comprised of an animated series of lurid bouncy balls spinning and bouncing in perfect synergy with the musical beat. The amazing visuals really kick in when the sanded-down shots, much like a strata-cut animation, slowly reveal hypnotic pools of swirling colour.

The Bambooman track 'Clasp' is taken from his 'Dulcet EP'. Available on 12" vinyl or as a digital download via Sonic Router records now:

Tyler J. Hutchinson: Die Homer

Tyler J. Hutchinson is an indie comic creator and also runs communal comic jam site 'We Draw Comics.' His latest project, 'Die Homer,' is a brand new comic that answers the question: “What if the 1988 action movie 'Die Hard' was a comic starring Homer Simpson?”

Homer has been cast a John McClane battling German terrorist Hans Gruber and his cronies during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. The supporting cast are played by a variety of iconic characters lifted from comics, cartoons and video games... Including Moomintroll, Sonic The Hedgehog, Angry Birds, Scrooge McDuck, Garfield, Skeletor, Charlie Brown, Goku, D.W, Gonzo and, of course Marge Simpson as Holly Gennero.

Initially released as a 'zine for the SPX Independent Comics & Cartooning Festival last September, the sell out success is now being serialised on Tapastic (, whilst the first 22 pages are already available for digital download on Gumroad for $3.

The first volume of 'Die Homer' concludes with McClane (Homer) dropping Marco's (Skeletor's) corpse onto Sgt. Al Powell's (Charlie Brown's) car, alerting the LAPD! With plenty of the film still left to adapt, we're already eagerly awaiting Die Homer's return in the second volume, which is supposedly going to be unveiled at Thought Bubble this November.