Zyklop: SpongeBob Mini Zine

Tobias Jacob, Alexander Schmidt and Tim Romanowsky, collectively know as Zyklop, collaborated with a selection of like-minded artists on this mini-zine tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants.

The limited edition 32 page publication is risographed onto a suitably bright-yellow paper stock, and features a variety of wacky SpongeBob interpretations from eight different artists!

You can email Tim directly to purchase a copy for just €3.00 + shipping: post@timromanowsky.com

Laura Carton: Forest Morning

EMCA graduate Laura Carton made a drawing of a wild forest-boy rescuing a bear from a pit and had an uncontrollable urge to animate the characters she'd created. The result is this sweet animated fragment, titled 'Forest Morning'...

Liz Green - Where The River Don't Flow

Papercraft sculptor and animator Joseph Brett is back with 'Where The River Don't Flow,' his second music video for Liz Green.

Following on from the stunning 'Bad Medicine' MV released back in 2012 (also posted below), Liz agreed to a further collaboration with Joseph before she even knew what he had in mind. The result is a mono-chromatic hand-crafted fairy tale exploring the themes of mortality and legacy... complete with skeletons!

Carlos De Carvalho: Juste de l'eau

"'Juste de l'eau' takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbor after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. Couples meet again after a long separation and hug one another. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city..."

Duck Die Nasty Zine

Matt Crabe (aka Heaven's Favorite Man) and Wizard Skull have collaborated on a new series of darkly perverse illustrations featuring all your favorite cartoon ducks (and other animation icons too) and compiled them into the "sexiest book ever created about ducks."

For just $5.00 ($4.00 if you'd prefer one soiled with beer) you can own a copy of the 'Duck Die Nasty' 'zine. The publication and a selection of the original drawings are available now through Matt's online store.

Play & Listen To GIFs

To launch the Play & Listen to GIFs online collaborative project, Dent de Cuir directed this promo with 80s-retro board game GIF's (curated by Who's Next) and seamlessly set to an exclusive mini-track by SebastiAn.

What's not to like... It's completely brilliant!

Wayne Unten: Insect Aviation

Wayne Unten, an animator at Walt Disney Studios, filmed a short clip of a grasshopper on his iPhone before adapting it into the inspired animated fragment you see below...

Teodoru Badiu: SkullToons

You may have been fooled into thinking these images are of some glossy collectable designer toys, but they are in fact the latest 3D illustrations in Teodoru Badiu's 'SkullToons' series. The characters appear in various poses in both "pretty plastic" and "timber" versions on Teodoru's Behance page.

Megu & Patron - Pari Pari Pa-Ri-

Japanese motion graphics designer and animator Takashi Ohashi directed this playfully psychedelic music video adventure through the electrical workings of some bizarre music-machine...

Kristof Babiski: Myszochujek

Anika Jarzynka, an archivist at the Polish Film Club, unearthed 'Kristof Babiski's 1957 unreleased animated short 'Myszochujek' ('Penis Mouse') acquired the rights, lovingly restored it and recently released the film online.

Considering the film is over fifty years old, its racy narrative is oddly before its time and very contemporary. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was made yesterday!

Wax Nostalgic Cartoon Crayons

Hoang Tran aka Wax Nostalgic carves miniscule replicas of geek-culture icons into Crayola wax crayons! His pieces so far include characters from obvious choices, like 'Star Wars,' 'Doctor Who,' and 'Breaking Bad,' but it's the animation and cartoon references that really caught our eye.

Amongst the sculptures showcased on the Wax Nostalgic Tumblr, you'll also find Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' Studio Ghibli characters including Totoro and Tree Spirits, Bender and Dr. Zoidberg from 'Futurama,' and a whole bunch of 'Adventure Time' characters!

The individual wax crayon carvings can be bought directly from Hoang. They vary in price, based on their complexity and detail, but if you want one expect to pay around £20.00 to £30.00 a piece.

Ryoji Yamada: Waiter

Japanese independent animator Ryoji Yamada has released his latest animated short, titled 'Waiter.'

This strangely surreal piece sees a hard working and harassed barrista drink himself into oblivion...

Mysterious Cities of Gold Season 2 DVD

'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' has returned with a second series after an unbelievable 27 year hiatus! It's already being broadcast in the UK on KIX, with the DVD release due in February.

The amazing original series, shown on Children's BBC Television in the 80s, and which ended on the suggestion there would be more, is finally back! It's had a slight cosmetic makeover, and a new orchestration of the original theme, but continues is the same adventurous vein we so fondly remember. Even Bernard Deyries and Jean Chalopin, the original director and writer, are back in charge of the artistic direction and script supervision. With a further two new 26 part seasons to follow we couldn't be more excited!

"Join Esteban, Zia and Tao with some amazing new characters and follow their adventures as they travel to find new cities of gold! After having discovered the first such city in the Americas, he and his friends Zia, Tao and the faithful parrot Kokapetl now journey to China to locate the second. Reunited with his former companions, the old seafarers Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro, the children take to the Golden Condor and fly off to explore the wonders of the East."

Yoriko Mizushiri: Snow Hut Trailer

Yoriko Mizushiri's latest animated gem is having its world premiere at the 2014 Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival. Until then we'll have to repeatedly enjoy this sublime teaser trailer.

Titled 'Snow Hut,' the short is a visual representation of the snowfall she vividly recalls from growing up in her hometown... calm, clean, soft and innocently beautiful!

Ginevra Boni: Avalanche

"On a day like any other, a silent mountain appears as a mirror on the ice. An uncertain character is about to make a discovery that will change his life forever."

Watch 'Avalanche' by Ginevra Boni...

Andy Martin: Illustrated Aliens Project

Freelance animation director and illustrator Andy Martin set himself an epic project at the start of 2013. Challenging himself to create a character/creature/alien each and every day, building to illustrate the populus of a new planet and culminating in a mini animated short at the end of each month.

True to his word each day a new being was spanned into existence and documented on Andy's 'Illustrated Aliens' Tumblr. Sticking to a grand design each month the daily aliens, although individually unique, formed a microcosm of co-habitable life forms. These families of creatures were then applied to wonderfully inventive animated shorts giving us a glimpse into these hilarious, bizarre, and creepy worlds plucked from the recesses of Andy's mind. In addition, the series of planets have been accompanied by a range of brilliant prints, all of which are currently available through the 'Handy Martian' Society6 print shop.

Andy clearly dedicated a great deal of his skill and time to this labour of love... Each passing month the diversity of animation techniques, illustrative styles, inventive character designs, humorous narratives and spot-on execution consistently impressed us.

We missed the start of this project and resisted the temptation each month to post his latest creations one by one. We thought it far more appropriate to celebrated this grand feat with and equally epic post in recognition of this awesome undertaking.

Explore all twelve planets in the Andy Martin solar system...

'Planet One'
"The inhabitants of Planet One get more than they bargained for when they get together for a little sing song."

'Planet Two'
"While spending some time on Planet Two we follow a day in the life of one of it's typical inhabitants... ahh the rat race, a struggle people from all over the cosmos have to deal with."

'Planet Three'
"Dealing with themes of death, rebirth and world ecosystems; the neon inhabitants of Planet Three undertake a journey that is both exhilarating and transformative."

'Planet Four'
"What do the robots do after they have taken over the planet. It turns out the ones on Planet Four find harmony and discuss philosophical matters of enlightenment, beauty and magnificence."

'Planet Five'
"Something is stirring in the waters of Planet Five. From a single cell, one creature evolves into the next and for a fleeting moment the darkest depths of the sea are transformed by a dazzling display of light and colour."

'Planet Six'
"Those silly inhabitants of Planet Six take things too far in this tale of a petty disagreement that escalates beyond all control. All together now… War, HUH! Good God y'all, What is it good for? (absolutely nothin')"

'Planet Seven'
"We pop over to Planet Seven as two of its inhabitants' are having a little catch up. What exciting adventures have they been up to? What fascinating plans do they have for the weekend?… it all gets a bit much for one of them."

'Planet Eight'
"Food can be a dangerous business for the inhabitants of Planet Eight. But with fruit this tasty they just can't help themselves."

'Planet Nine'
"The kids on Planet Nine discover that the mix of superpowers and peer pressure is an accident waiting to happen."

'Planet Ten'
"While reminiscing about times long gone, one of the former residents of Planet Ten has a plan to get back to those heady days. But will his hubris be his undoing?"

'Planet Eleven'
"Who's the biggest fool, the fool or the followers of the fool? The residents of Planet Eleven face this question while running."

'Planet Twelve'
"Well it seems that this is the end, it's a pretty clear sign when the sky starts to fall in..."

Allison Schulnik: EAGER

You've probably encountered the stunning stop-motion films of Allison Schulnik before. Her fantastic lumpy and smeared clay figures, which unashamedly embrace the limitations and textural uniqueness of the material used, have already starred in a music video for Grizzly Bear and her 2011 short titled 'Mound.'

Allison has returned with more of the same, if slightly more polished and mesmerising than before, in her latest "animation as dance" project 'EAGER.' Sublimely choreographed to the haunting music of LA based composer Aaron M Olson, 'EAGER' was created to accompany an exhibition of Allison Shulnik's body of work including related paintings, drawings, sculpture, and works on paper. The 'EAGER' exhibition I currently on at the ZieherSmith gallery in New York and runs until the 22nd of February, 2014.

Karolina Glusiec: Velocity

Animator Karolina Glusiec has finally released 'Velocity', her 2012 RCA graduation short, online for everyone to enjoy anew.

'Velocity's' poignant narrative focuses on a man's monotonous routine... Everyday seems the same, small changes go by unnoticed until he sketches an image based on a distant memory, "I remember what it used to look like but, I don't remember when it all changed."

The short is rendered in a Lowry-esque bleak and sparsely populated industrial landscapes all illustrated in Karolina's typical, simple yet inventive, pencil on paper illustrative style.

Bob 2: Boob Mickey T-Shirt

Bob 2 has resurrected his 'Boob Mickey' image, in which he throws potato printing out of the window and uses breast printing as a base for this interpretation of a cultural Disney icon, and slapped it on a t-shirt!

For a limited time only you purchase the t-shirt in his online store for a meagre £15.00!

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: 2

Back in 2011 Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling, then of the THIS IS IT collective of illustrators, artists and animators, brought us the fantastically hilarious and down right terrifying 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'.

Luckily for us Blink, in collaboration with Channel 4 and Dazed's 'Visionaries' online video series, help resurrect the characters bringing us a second instalment!
'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: 2' is funnier and more grotesque than ever before...

Sam Meech: Knitted Animation

Sam Meech is a multimedia artist exploring the role of analogue technologies in a digital landscape, and the possible interaction between the two in production, projection and performance. Lately his work has focused on a research project titled 'Knitting Digital', in which hacked electronic knitting machines and specially developed software tools could be used to send digital images and information to be produced as a physical knitted item. Amongst his varied experimentation, Meech developed the concept of knitted animation and the creation of moving image textiles.
Behold Eadweard Muybridge's Horse in Motion recreated in 'Knitted Animation'...

Jordan Bruner: And Then We Were Jumping

Based on a poem by Eve Ensler and directed/animated by Jordan Bruner, 'And Then We Were Jumping' was created for ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE to inspire personal visions of justice for all victims of gender violence. Read Eve's poem and learn more about the project here: www.onebillionrising.org

Smear Portraiture by Martin Wilson

We're pleased to announce the publication of our second 'zine, titled 'Smear Portraiture', produced in collaboration with Henry Press. Following on from Animated Review Issue #01, we bring you this mini 'zine featuring the stunning photography of Martin Wilson.

Martin has continued his photographic series, ‘The Television Set’, with this collection of cartoon characters captured in a state of motion blur. He has photographed iconic Looney Tunes characters in their mutated transitions, creating disfigured snapshots of what should be familiar faces.

Unlike live-action, motion blur has to be created artificially for animation. Smears, blur lines, multiples and other creative gimmicks are all utilised to create the illusion of rapid movement. Often rendering the characters momentarily unrecognisable, for the split second these frames are on the screen, these stills are abstract works of art in their own right.

However these are not simply screen-grabs. To intensify their weirdness these images are captured straight from the television screen adding to the distortion. The TV's refresh rate, the angle of the camera to the screen, and reflections caught upon the glass all contribute to the uniqueness of these photographs. The series of images plays with the concept of re-photography and capturing a still from a moving image, a still which did not exist until that moment, bringing into question the origin and authorship of these images.

- Limited edition hand-made beak booklet
- Hand numbered edition of 30
- 8 print pages plus fold out poster image
- Published by Animated Review & Henry Press
- Price £3.00

Available though both the Animated Review and Henry Press online stores.

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Joe Bichard: Dead...

'Dead...' by RCA first year Animation MA student Joe Bichard is worryingly dark, but undeniably hilarious!

Inspired to tackle the subject of grief and bereavement after a friend's father died, it's refreshing to see it realised in such a surreal, exuberantly colourful and humorous manner, unlike the bleak and sorrowful approach so often seen in student shorts of this ilk.

We can't wait to see which aspect of mortality Joe bases his next animated short on.

Animography Monthly by JR. Canest

Animography, the online typefoundry for all your animated typography needs, have launched 'Animography Monthly' a recurring animation showcase exploring the use of their animated typefaces.

The first installment is kicked off by motion graphic designer & animator JR. Canest. His animation utilises the 'Isotype' by Ryan Locke (available for download on www.animography.net) and was inspired by "the weird and awesome blessing of being a dad."

Oliver Sin: New World

Freelance animator Oliver Sin rings in the New Year by releasing a lusciously colourful personal project he worked on in his spare time throughout 2013.
'New World' transcends most animated short narratives encapsulating the Big Bang through to man's exploration of space and everything in-between in under two minutes!

BUCK for British Gas and Hive

Nothing sells next generation thermostat control like a menagerie of cavorting critters, from rollerblading elephants to jogging llamas!

In this animated ad campaign for British Gas' Hive Active Heating system, BUCK teamed up with CHI & Partners to bring a little happiness to heating your home.

Marine Duchet: Cyclope

Marine Duchet of the Octopus Collective has released her animated short 'Cyclope' online for us all to enjoy! This is the first short produced by the collective and you can help support their future projects by heading over to www.cyclopemovie.blogspot.co.uk and purchase a copy of 'Cyclope' on DVD.

"A door opens onto a world, haunted by flying fishes, buried chimaeras and deep fancies."

The Quay Brothers' Universum Book

The Quay Brothers' Universum

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: EYE Film Institute (distributed by NAi Publishing)
Language: English
ISBN: 9789462081277
Price: £18.50

Published by The EYE film institute in Amsterdam, in conjunction with their extensive solo exhibition of the work of the Quay Brothers, this monograph book presents the experimental and extraordinary oeuvre of these surrealist film-makers.

Arranged as an inventory of their various references and sources of inspiration, special focus is given to their animated short films, with numerous illustrations, an extensive essay by Suzanne Buchan and an introduction by exhibition curator Jaap Guldemond.

Harry Slinger-Thompson: Resolutions

How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?

Freelance animator Harry Slinger-Thompson highlights three individuals caving to the particular vices in a meagre 10 seconds!

Animawork Flipbooks

We just stumbled upon these superb wintry flipbooks created by Russian animation house Animawork. They're part of a larger range which is currently available trough various Russian bookshops, but don't seem to be available for online purchase.

'Olenator' illustrated by Ivan Korolev

'Deer' illustrated by Anna Bernal

Caleb Wood: Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop

Caleb Wood's animated short 'Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop' was created with support from “Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2012-2013”, part of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs "International Invitation Program for Animation Artists 2013".

"A mind in the city looks inward, and escapes into the rabbit's domain."

Jim Le Fevre & Ramp Ceramics: Crafts Council

Experimental Zoetrope animator Jim Le Fevre has appeared several times on the Animated Review with his innovative 'phonotrope' technique, but none of his previous projects have been a gorgeously crafted and desirable objet d'art we wished we owned!

The Craft Council brought Jim's animation skills together with film-maker Mike Paterson and RAMP (Roop & Al Make Pots), the Devon-based porcelain and earthenware studio of Rupert and Alice Johnstone, to create this hand-painted pot with a decorative motif that comes to life though animations as it spins on the potter's wheel!

The film was made to promote the work of the Crafts Council and a new exhibition coming up in January called 'Reel to Real' exploring different film/animation/craft collaborations and objests. Crafts Council are a registered charity whose goal is to "make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft". Its donation page is at www.craftscouncil.org.uk/donate.

Peter Millard: Fruit Fruit Trailer

Just like an Innocent Smoothie... Drink in two of your five-a-day courtesy of Peter Millard and his teaser trailer for the forthcoming animated short 'Fruit Fruit.'