Allison Schulnik: EAGER

You've probably encountered the stunning stop-motion films of Allison Schulnik before. Her fantastic lumpy and smeared clay figures, which unashamedly embrace the limitations and textural uniqueness of the material used, have already starred in a music video for Grizzly Bear and her 2011 short titled 'Mound.'

Allison has returned with more of the same, if slightly more polished and mesmerising than before, in her latest "animation as dance" project 'EAGER.' Sublimely choreographed to the haunting music of LA based composer Aaron M Olson, 'EAGER' was created to accompany an exhibition of Allison Shulnik's body of work including related paintings, drawings, sculpture, and works on paper. The 'EAGER' exhibition I currently on at the ZieherSmith gallery in New York and runs until the 22nd of February, 2014.

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